He is a character on One Life to Live and All My Children. He is the only son that Babe and J.R. Chandler had together. He was started to be raised by Kelly Cramer and Kevin Buchanan on One Life to Live before his parents knew he was alive. Babe kidnapped her son while he was in Kelly and her husband's care. JR and Babe got their son back in January 2005 and has been with him. He shares the same birthday as Miranda Montgomery.

He has seen his mother and father reunited so many times and then recently just lost his mother in October 2008 after she saved his life and died from her injures from the tornado. Little Adam and his father are currently living in Pine Vallery because of Krystal wanting to be with her grandbaby. David returned and is seeking reveange on his father.


  • Born March 14, 2004

Family Members



  • None


Uncles and Aunts

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