Family members

First Generation

  • John Abbott (born 1931; died 2006) - Son of Robert & Grandson of Evan
  • Ivan Abbott - John's brother

Second Generation

Third Generation

Family tree

Brent Davis
Dina Mergeron
John Abbott
Jill Foster
Luan Volien
Jack Abbott
Diane Jenkins
Ashley Abbott
Victor Newman
Billy Abbott
Chloe Mitchell
Brad Carlton
Traci Abbott
Keemo Volien Abbott
Kyle Jenkins Abbott
Abigail Newman
Cordelia Abbott
Colleen Carlton


John Abbott (born 1931; died 2006)
  m. Dina Maiden name Unknown [divorced]
    c. Jack Abbott (born 1956)
      a. Luan Volien (deceased)
        c. Keemo Volien Abbott
      m. Patty Williams [1982-1983; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      a. Jill Foster
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage) {Possibly John's}
      m. Lindsay Wells [1985; invalid]
      m. Nikki Reed [1990-1994; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
        c. John Abbott III (stillborn; 1993)
      m. Luan Volien [1995-1996; widowed]
      o. Diane Jenkins (artificial insemination)
        c. Kyle Jenkins Abbott (born 2001; changed to 2000)
      m. Phyllis Summers [2001-2003; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      m. Sharon Collins [2007-2009; divorced]
      m. Patty Williams [2010; invalid] (Patty poses as Dr. Emily Peterson)     
    c. Traci Abbott (born 1963)
      m. Danny Romalotti [1984-1985; annulled]
      m. Brad Carlton [1986-1989; divorced]
      m. Brad Carlton [1991-1992; divorced]
        c. Colleen Carlton (born 1992; changed to 1986; died 2009)
      m. Steve Connolly [1993-[present]
    a. Brent Davis (deceased)
      c. Ashley Abbott (born 1961; raised as John's daughter)
        m. Steven Lassiter [1988; widowed]
        a. Victor Newman
          c. Unnamed child (abortion; 1987)
        m. Victor Newman [1990-1993; divorced]
        m. Blade Bladeson [1994-1995; widowed]
        m. Cole Howard [1998-2000; divorced]
        o. Victor Newman (stole Victor's sperm)
          c. Abigail Newman (born 2000; changed to 1988) {adopted by Brad}
        m. Brad Carlton [2000-2006; divorced]
          c. Robert Bradley Carlton (stillborn; 2003)
        m. Victor Newman [2009-2010; divorced]
          c. Faith Colleen Newman (stillborn; 2009)
        m. Tucker McCall [2011-present] (separated)
  m. Jill Foster [1982-1986; divorced]
  m. Jessica Blair [1988-1989; divorced]
  m. Jill Foster [1993-1995; divorced]
    c. Billy Abbott (born 1993; changed 1983)
      m. Mackenzie Browning [2003; annulled]
      a. Chloe Mitchell
        c. Cordelia Abbott (born 2009)
      m. Chloe Mitchell [2009; divorced]
      m. Victoria Newman [2010; invalid]
      m. Victoria Newman [2010-present]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
  m. Gloria Fisher [2004-2005; invalid]
  m. Gloria Fisher [2006; invalid]

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