Abby Haver
General Hospital
Portrayed by Andrea Bogart
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Duration 2010-11
First appearance October 5, 2010
Last appearance December 2, 2011
Gender Female
Alias Candy (the stripper)
Date of death December 13, 2011
Occupation Executive Assistant at ELQ
College student
Former stripper
Residence 827 Emerson, Apt 3C
Port Charles, New York

Abigail "Abby" Martha Haver[1] is a fictional character from the original ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital. The character has been portrayed by Andrea Bogart on a recurring basis, since October 5, 2010.

Character History

Abby Haver is first introduced as a friend of Sam McCall's as Candy, a stripper. When Michael Corinthos tells his uncle, Jason Morgan that he doesn't have any experience with a girl, Sam decides to call Abby. Michael pushes Abby away when he feels they are moving too fast. Despite a disastrous first "date" they continue run into one another. The two later bump into one another at Kelly's Diner, while Michael is with his cousin, Molly. Abby admits that she does like Michael and would really like to see him again. Abby later encourages Michael to enjoy his years in high school. She opens up about when she was in an abusive relationship and Michael almost opens up about Michael in prison, but he changes his mind.


  1. ^ Abby's middle name is stated on-screen by Michael February 2, 2011.