Adam Torres

Grace "Gracie" Torres is a new sophomore introduced as a main character in Degrassi season 1. She is a Female-to-Male transgender (FTM), and renamed herself as Adam because she identifies as a male. Adam is a very loyal friend to both Clare and Eli, though he can be ticked off at being the "third-wheel". Adam is portrayed by Canadian actress Jordan Todosey, who is not trans in real life. Much of Adam's stories revolve around his identity. Adam is good friends with Dave Turner, Bianca DeSousa, Alli Bhandari and Jenna Middleton.

Degrassi season 1:

Adam transfers to Degrassi as a sophomore. He quickly befriends fellow new kid Eli Goldsworthy, and Clare Edwards, who is in Adam's grade and is dating Eli.

Degrassi season 2:

Adam returns after spring break '09 to finish up his tenth grade year.

Adam S11


  • Fiona Coyne:
  • Start Up: When Love Takes Over
  • Break Up: Chasing Pavements
  • Reason: Adam and Fiona had trouble connecting because Fiona was often drunk, but Adam discovered that Fiona is lesbian, and was just using him for his female anatomy.

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