Amanda Cryer was a character on the series, The Haves and the Have Nots. She was played for the show's first two seasons by actress Jaclyn Betham, until her character killed herself.

Amanda Cryer
Jaclyn Betham as Amanda Cryer
The Haves and the Have Nots
Duration 2012-2014
Family Cryer


Amanda was the younger of the two children of Jim and Katheryn Cryer. She was introduced as a college student who also has changed her majors like she changes her clothes.  Underneath her open and friendly, if not a bit naive facade, she was a very unhappy young woman. 

She has had her share of mental health issues, which she is under a psychiatrist's care for, but to look at her, you wouldn't think she has the mental issues she does.

Much of her unhappiness (she also had some issues with cutting herself, a symptom of her mental issues) came from being witness to her brother being molested by both a soccer coach, and presumably by a priest. 

When we first meet Amanda, she becomes friends with Candace Young who it is revealed was one of her father's many mistresses (she is referred to as Nine by her mother, Katheryn) and it is by Candace that she attempts to sue her parents for her inheritance from her maternal grandfather.

However, her mental problems have become more and more pronounced, especially after she was raped by her law professor.  She becomes unhinged after this, and purchases a gun and is intent on harming her parents, herself, or even her erstwhile friend, Candace.

Amanda also became enamored of a man named Quincy, who turned out to be the ex-boyfriend of her friend, Candace. He brought down the dinner party that her parents had thrown when it was revealed that Jim, her father, had been sleeping with Candace. Amanda was appalled and it served to only unhinge her even more. At the end of the Second Season, Amanda was seen in the throes of a nervous breakdown, running up and down the halls of the Cryer mansion, singing Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.

It was later revealed that she killed herself with a gunshot, when one of the family's housekeepers, Hanna Young, the mother of her best friend, Candace, discovered her deceased body in her room. At first it was thought that she had been murdered, but the officer had messed it up, and it was later confirmed by the medical examiner that she HAD committed suicide.

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