Andy (Michael Fox), the final second footman at Downton.

Andy Parker (called Andrew upstairs) is a character on the UK-US produced series, Downton Abbey. He is played by actor Michael Fox.

The one who snared Daisy's heart

Andy (called Andrew upstairs) was the final second footman for the Crawley family. He first encounters the family in London, when they attend Lady Rose MacClare's wedding to Atticus Aldridge. He is taken advantage of by the scheming Gladys Denker, when she takes him to a place called the Velvet Violin. It takes Thomas Barrow to thwart the ridiculousness of Denker and causes her to be forced to pay for three nights of drinking!

When a Della'Francesca painting was sold for a great price at Southeby's, Andy was hired as a footman, to help give Joseph Molesley someone to help him.

Andy would catch the eye of Daisy Mason, the assistant cook. He would gain her interest when he decided that, as well as being a footman, he would also help Daisy's father in-law, Mr. Mason, at his farm.

Despite being born and raised in the city, he loved being in the country and wanted to work on the farm. He couldn't read though. He would get help in this from at first, Thomas, then from Mr. Dawes. the headmaster of Downton's school.

When Daisy cut her hair for Lady Edith Pelham's wedding, he laughed at her first attempt, which earned him a scolding from Mrs. Beryl Patmore, who was quite protective of Daisy. After Anna Smith Bates gave her a new becoming hairstyle, Andy was taken by her, and took a lock of her recently cut hair as a keepsake.

Daisy would see a lot of him, as she would be moving to the farm with her father in-law. Andy and Daisy clearly became a couple. It was presumed that Andy and Daisy would eventually marry. While Andy would work on the farm, Daisy would still work at the Abbey as the new head cook, after Mrs. Patmore retired to her B&B.

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