Anya MacPherson

Anya Marie MacPherson is a main character from the Canadian soap opera, Degrassi: TNG and its spin-off, Degrassi.

Degrassi: TNG Season 7:

Anya transfers to Degrassi after Lakehurst Secondary School burns down in winter 2006. She begins her second semester as a sophomore. Even though she isn't a regular character, she still plays a major role.


Anya following Holly J. in season 7.

Degrassi: TNG Season 8:

Anya enters 11th grade at Degrassi.

Anya having dinner

Anya having dinner with the Bhandari family in season 8.

Degrassi: TNG Season 9:

Anya returns after winter break to complete 11th grade.

Anya at party

Anya at Spinner's bandslam in Season 9.

Degrassi Season 1:

Anya comes back well rested after the summer to start her senior year at Degrassi.

Degrassi Season 2: 

Anya returns after spring break to complete 12th grade. She will likely start a relationship with Dr. Chris when she turns 18, and it is rumored that Anya will struggle with cocaine.



Sav Bhandari:

  • Start Up: Hungry Eyes
  • Break Up: With or Without You (because Sav didn't invite Anya to the Bhandari family dinner)

Second Relationship:

  • Start Up: With or Without You
  • Break Up: With or Without You (because Sav has double standards and Anya thinks Sav believes she isn't good enough for him)

Third Relationship:

  • Start Up: Causing a Commotion
  • Break Up: Broken PROMises, Why Can't This Be Love? (because Anya lied about taking birth control after they had unprotected sex.)

Fourth Relationship:

  • Start Up: Breakaway
  • Break Up: Breakaway (because Sav still didn't stand up to his parents about dating Anya, and she realized he hasn't changed.)

Sav and Anya, a huge powercouple, have dated and broken up more times than anyone else in the Degrassi franchise.

Owen Milligan:

  • Start Up: Idioteque

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