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Asa Buchanan
Philip Carey as Asa Buchanan
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Philip Carey
Created by Gordon Russel
Sam Hall
Duration 1980-2008
First appearance January 1980
Last appearance December 29, 2008
Gender Male
Alias Asa Jeb Stuart Buchanan (full name)
Jeb Stuart
Date of birth October 31, 1924[1]
Date of death August 16, 2007 (aged 82)[1]
Occupation Founder of Buchanan Enterprises
Residence Buchanan Mansion
Llanview, Pennsylvania

Asa Buchanan

Character History


  1. ^ a b Asa's tombstone was shown August 23, 2011 which reads "Asa Buchanan — October 31, 1924—August 23 (dated obscured, happend on-screen August 16, 2007]".

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