Benny Young is a character on the series, the Haves and the Have Nots. He is played by Tyler Lepley.
Benny Young
The Haves and the Have Nots
Family Young

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Tyler Lepley as Benny Young


The oldest of Hanna Young's two adult children, Benny is more moral, upright and honest than his sister Candace. He is a hard-working young man who owns his own towing service in Savannah, Georgia.  He is a great help to his mother, who works hard as a housekeeper for the wealthy Cryer family. 

In the first season, Benny was injured in a hit and run accident which left him nearly brain dead (which also killed a six year old girl named Lizzie).  At first, it was thought he would not survive (the accident was committed by Wyatt Cryer, the son of corrupt judge, Jim Cryer), but once he was moved from the woefully inadequate County Hospital to a more specialized private hospital (this was done by his mother's best friend, Katheryn Cryer although Hanna had been arrested and jailed on false charges that she had moved him from the county hospital herself by the evil Judge Cryer), he came out of his coma, and is now up and about and home again. 

Benny has a good relationship with his sister, Candace, although her mother has nothing but animosity towards her for her bad life choices. He also wants to get to know his birth father, Tony, although he too is on the receiving end of animosity from Hanna.  Sometimes, his mother can become a bit too judgmental, which does annoy Benny, but nonetheless, he takes his job of man of the house very seriously, and he is quite level-headed.

Although he is level-headed, he too is human. He currently is dating Veronica Harrington, which has angered his mother, but he also was instrumental in rescuing his nephew, Q, from his degenerate father and his family, and Hanna is now fighting for custody of her grandson.

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