The cast of the short-lived prime-time soap, Berrenger's.

Berrenger's is a prime time soap that lasted only one season on the NBC television network. Created by Diana Gould, Berrenger's focused on the lives of the powerful and prestigious Berrenger family who owned and operated a large Manhattan Department store called (of course) Berrenger's.


Wealthy and ruthless widower, Simon Berrenger is the owner of Berrenger's, a fashionable and high-end department store in Manhattan. (Exterior shots took place at the real-life flagship store of Barneys in New York)

He had three children from his late wife, Sarah. Paul, his oldest son, an executive at the store; Billy, the more likable (similar to Bobby Ewing of Dallas) younger son, also an executive; and his daughter, Barbara, a former party girl who was trying to pick her life up after all her partying days.

Babs, as she was called, had a daughter, Melody Hughes, who was married to the store's comptroller, Todd Hughes. Paul was unhappily married to the troublemaking Gloria Brahms, and they had a son named David. The conniving Gloria had a staunch ally in Simon, although he TOO could be annoyed by his daughter in-law. Billy was unmarried. Babs was seeing a young man named John Higgins who was using the needy Babs.

Others at the store include Stacey Russell, a former salesgirl who got a promotion as a boutique manager in the premiere episode; her friend and roommate, Cammie Springer, a sales girl; their other roommate, model Laurel Hayes, who charmed Simon; Julio Morales, also going by Julian Morelle, a Hispanic entrepreneur who was working with Babs Berrenger in a new business venture; and Merchandising vice president, Shane Bradley, who was in love with the unhappily married Paul.

Also involved was mob member, Danny Krucek, who, it was suspected, was the illegitimate son of Simon, which would have made him a legit claimant to his share of the Berrenger business. Unfortunately, the series only ran for one season, with two other episodes never aired.


This show marked one of the rare television series appearances of actress Yvette Mimieux (she played pivotal character, Shane Bradley). Other familiar faces from TV included Jonelle Allen; Art Hindle; veteran actor Sam Wanamaker; Ben Murphy; Jeff Conaway; and Jack Scalia among others.


  • Stacey Russell ... Jonelle Allen
  • Laurel Hayes ... Laura Ashton
  • Melody Hughes ... Claudia Christian
  • John Higgins ... Jeff Conaway
  • Max Kaufman ... Alan Feinstein
  • Todd Hughes ... Art Hindle
  • Cammie Springer ... Leslie Hope
  • Gloria Berrenger ... Andrea Marcovicci
  • Shane Bradley ... Yvette Mimieux
  • Barbara "Babs" Berrenger ... Anita Morris
  • Paul Berrenger ... Ben Murphy
  • Rinaldi ... Cesar Romero
  • Danny Krucek ... Jack Scalia
  • Billy Berrenger ... Robin Strand
  • Julio Morales ... Eddie Velez
  • Simon Berrenger ... Sam Wanamaker

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