Billie Reed
Lisa Rinna as Billie Reed
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Lisa Rinna
Courtney and Erica Chasen (1994; flashbacks)
Heather Lauren Olson (1994; flashbacks)
Krista Allen
Julie Pinson
Created by Sheri Anderson
Duration 1992–1995, 1996–2000, 2002–2003, 2004–2008, 2012—
First appearance September 21, 1992
Family Roberts
Gender Female
Date of birth August 29, 1972 (1972-08-29) (age 44)

Billie Holiday Reed


Though her birth name is unknown, Billie is born on August 29, 1972 to Curtis Brown and Dr. Kate Winograd. When Billie is 2 years, Curtis leaves town with her and her brother, Austin and fakes their deaths after learning of Kate's affair with Dr. Bill Horton. When she is 12 years old, Curtis forces Billie to take drugs and he then molest her. This happens over and over again for and Curtis threatens to hurt Austin if she ever tries to run away. When Austin is old enough, Billie runs away for good and by that time has become addicted to the drugs. She becomes a porn star to fund her addiction.


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