The Bradys are a working class Irish-American Catholic family living in the fictional town of Salem on the soap opera Days of our Lives. First introduced in the early 1980s, the Bradys have become one of the central families on the show, second only to the Hortons. The Bradys are traditionally a family of police officers, although occupations range from doctors to lawyers to business men. In addition to being the family of principal Days characters such as Roman, Kayla, Bo and Sami, the family is also well known for its violent and long-standing feud with the DiMera family.


First generation

  • Patrick Aloysius Brady (deceased)
  • Nora Molly Brady (deceased)

Second generation

  • Peter Brady (deceased)

Third generation

  • Colleen Brady (deceased 2008)
  • Eric Brady (deceased)
  • Shawn Brady (born October 17, deceased 2008)
  • Caroline Brady
  • Molly Murphy (deceased)

Fourth generation

Fifth generation

Sixth generation

  • William Robert Horton (November 16, 1995; changed to 1992)
  • Claire Brady (September 27, 2005; changed to 2003)
  • John Roman DiMera (October 23, 2007; changed to 2005)
  • Alice Caroline Horton (October 23, 2007; changed to 2005)
  • Sydney Anne DiMera (January 29, 2009; changed to 2008)

Family trees


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance or Marriage
  • Solid = Children
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead
Patrick Brady
Nora Brady
Peter "Pete" Brady
Unknown Woman
Francis Murphy
Molly Murphy
Eric Brady
Santo DiMera
Colleen Brady
Victor Kiriakis
Caroline Brady
Shawn Brady
Trent Robbins (Max's Bio Dad
Unknown Woman
Henri Von Leuschner (Frankie's Bio Dad)
Colin Murphy
Kate Roberts
Anna DiMera
Roman Brady
Marlena Black
John Black
Hope Brady
Bo Brady
Billie Reed
Shane Donovan
Kimberly Brady
Steve "Patch" Johnson
Kayla Johnson
Max Brady
Frankie Brady
Carly Manning
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Austin Reed
Carrie Reed
Eric Brady
Lucas Horton
Sami Brady
E.J. DiMera
Belle Brady
Shawn-Douglas Brady
Ciara Brady
Zack Brady
Chelsea Brady
Andrew Donovan
Jeannie Donovan
Joseph "Joe" Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
Will Horton
Alice Allie Caroline Horton
John Johnny Roman DiMera
Sydney Anne DiMera
Claire Brady


Patrick Brady (deceased)
m. Nora Brady (deceased)
 c. Peter Brady (deceased)
   m. Unnamed woman (deceased)
      c. Colleen Brady (died 2008)
        a. Santo DiMera (deceased)
          c. Ryan Brady (deceased)
      c. Shawn Brady (died 2008)
        m. Caroline Brady (dissolved in 2008)
          c. Roman Brady (born 1954)
            m. Anna Fredericks (divorced) [197?–82]
              c. Carrie Brady (born 1978)
                m. Austin Reed (divorced) [1997–99]
                m. Austin Reed (married) [2006–present]
            m. Marlena Evans (divorced) [1983–94]
              c. Eric Brady (born 1984; twin)
              c. Sami Brady (born 1984; twin)
                a. Lucas Horton
                  c. Will Horton (born 1995)
                    a. Gabi Hernandez
                      c. Arianna Horton (born 2013)
                    m. Sonny Kiriakis (married) [2014-present]
                m. Austin Reed (annulled) [1997]
                m. Brandon Walker (annulled) [2003–05]
                r. EJ DiMera
                  c. Johnny DiMera (born 2007; twin)
                m. Lucas Horton (divorced) [2007]
                  c. Allie Horton (born 2007; twin)
                m. EJ DiMera (annulled) [2007–08]
                  c. Sydney DiMera (born 2009)
                m. Rafe Hernandez (divorced) [2010–12]
            m. Kate Roberts (divorced) [2003–05]
              c. Rex Brady (born 1988; twin)
                a. Mimi Lockhart
                  c. Unnamed child (abortion) [2004]
              c. Cassie Brady (born 1988; twin)
          c. Kimberly Brady (born 1956)
            a. Shane Donovan
              c. Andrew Donovan IV (born 1986)
            m. Shane Donovan (divorced) [1987–90]
              c. Theresa Donovan (born 1990)
          c. Kayla Brady (born 1960)
            m. Jack Deveraux (divorced) [1987–88] 
            m. Steve Johnson (invalid) [1988–89]
              c. Stephanie Johnson (born 1990)
            m. Steve Johnson (divorced) [1990–2012]
              c. Joey Johnson (born 2008)
          c. Bo Brady is the biological son of Victor Kiriakis. {see Kiriakis}
          c. Frankie Brady {adopted}
            m. Jennifer Horton (invalid) [2006]
          c. Max Brady {adopted}
      c. Eric Brady I (deceased)
      c. Molly Brady
        m. Francis Murphy (deceased)
          c. Colin Murphy (born 1969; died 2004)