Caleb Morley is a fictional vampire portrayed by actor Michael Easton on the ABC soap opera Port Charles which aired from 1997 to 2003. Although Michael Easton first made his appearance on Port Charles in 2001 as the character Father Michael Morley, a priest, in the story arc entitled "Time in a Bottle," Easton shortly afterwards also began assuming the role of Father Michael Morley's sinister alter-ego, Caleb.

In contrast to more traditional vampire depictions, the character Caleb Morley was presented as a passionate, deeply conflicted man obsessed with a woman, Livvie ("Olivia") Locke (portrayed by actress Kelly Monaco), who resembled his murdered fiancée Olivia. Though malevolent and seductive, Caleb was also shown to be loving and vulnerable. So compelling and popular was Michael Easton's portrayal of Caleb Morley that after the character was killed off at the end of "Tainted Love," he reappeared in the next story arc, "Tempted." When Caleb was killed again at the end of "Tempted," (December 2001) he eventually returned in 2002 during the story arc "Naked Eyes," this time in the guise of rock star "Stephen Clay." Caleb Morley, a.k.a. Stephen Clay remained a fan favorite and primary character throughout the subsequent story arcs ("Surrender," "Desire," and "The Gift") until the cancellation of Port Charles in October 2003. Michael Easton moved on to One Life to Live, where he currently plays the role of John McBain.

Reruns of Port Charles continue to be shown on the cable TV channel SoapNet.

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