Carly Tenney Snyder
Carly Tenney
Maura West as Carly Snyder
As the World Turns
Portrayed by Maura West
Created by Richard Culliton
Duration 1995–96, 1997–2010
First appearance March 1995
Last appearance September 17, 2010
Gender Female
Date of birth July 10, 1972 (1972-07-10) (age 45)
Occupation Partner in Midnight Sun vodka
Creator of Get Real Fashions
Part owner of Metro
Interior decorator (former owner of CTS Designs)
Designer and partner in BRO
Designer for Monte Carlo (formerly BRO)
Ladies room attendant
Secretary to Hal Munson at the OPD
Partner in Get Real Fashions
Residence 123 Elm Street
Milltown, IL 60325

Carly Tenney Snyder(formerly Lowe, Munson, Dixon, Snyder, and Snyder) is an fictional character on the CBS Soap opera As the World Turns. She was portrayed by actress Maura West from March 1995 to May 1996, then from September 10, 1997 until the series finale on September 17, 2010.


Being part of the late Douglas Marland's creations that never materialized due to his death, the headwriters who took over after his death(and were part of Marland's writing team) created the character of Carly in 1995. Created as the bad girl hell bent on revenge to the saintly character of Rosanna Cabot. The character would become a fan favorite. With Maura's return in 1997, the writers gave the character more demension and paired the character with new character Jack Snyder. their coupling would become very popular and they became one of As the World Turns's top supercouple.


Carly Tenney was born on July 10, 1972 to Ray Tenney and Sheila Washburn in Mussleshell, Montana. While she was a toddler, Sheila would abandon Carly and her marriage to Ray to run off with wealthy industrialist Alexander Cabot, who she later married. Sheila and Alexander would have a daughter named Rosanna, and after his divorced from Sheila, Carly's father Ray would marry Sheila's sister Lee, who would help raise Carly.

Raising Carly would prove difficult. Wanting her real mother, Carly never bonded with Lee and made trouble for her whenever she could. Carly's furthur troubled childhood would be marred by her father's neglect and his alcohol problem. She became a very wild child and became known throughout town as the wild girl or neighbourhood tramp. One of the things that bothered Carly was that while she was living poor in the middle of nowhere, her mother and sister was living the good life with every advantage handed to them. Carly would grow up still wild, with an bitter chip on her shoulder. A talented artist, Carly dreamed of the day when she would leave Montana and live the good life living her dream. Carly would see her chance after reading a newspaper informing Alexander Cabot's death. Now seeing her chance to finally get the life that she deserve, Carly would leave Montana and headed straight to Oakdale to meet her sister Rosanna.



Carly arrived in Oakdale the night of Alexander's funeral. Introducing herself as a long-lost cousin to the family, she was immediately welcomed by Rosanna. After meeting everyone and offering to stay awhile to help Rosanna, Carly went to a bar where she met Mike Kasnoff. They hit it off well and had a one night stand. The next day, Carly realized that Rosanna actually stayed in nearby Luther's Corners at the Snyder Farm. Horrid that she had to stay at yet another farm, Carly begin to work her way into getting away from the farm and getting a place in Oakdale. Carly took a job as a waitress in town and befriended Julie Wendell Snyder, who was having marital problems with Caleb Snyder who lived at the Snyder Farm. Carly begin flirting with Caleb to make it seem that he was coming on to her, knowing he would feel guilty as he was a good decent man. Also, around this time Carly learned that Alexander gave his entire fortune and company to Rosanna. Feeling like she deserved some of the money as being Rosanna's family, Carly talked Rosanna into accepting the company and money as Rosanna didn't want it. Soon, Julie would catch on to Carly's scheme with Caleb and also learned of her plans for Rosanna. Carly responded with sending Julie a one way bus ticket back to Julie's hometown Seattle, Caleb and Julie reunited and moved to Seattle. With Julie out of the way, Carly continued her scheme against Rosanna which went to full speed when she learned the guy she had a one night stand with, Mike, was Rosanna's fiance, and also when Rosanna confessed to Carly that she knew they were sisters as Sheila told her everything before she died. Carly begin to seduce Mike and they slept together a second time. On the day of Rosanna and Mike's wedding, Carly let it be known that she and Mike had slept together. Rosanna called off the wedding. Although Rosanna and Mike tried get back together, followed by an argument, Mike went to Carly's place and they slept together once again. Not long after that, Carly learned she was pregnant, who used her condition to get closer to Mike. Rosanna, jealous of Mike and Carly's baby, told Carly to name her price and she would buy the baby. Carly refused to buy off her child and Rosanna offered Carly millions of dollars to leave town. Carly seeing this as an oppurtunity, arranged it that Mike would walk in when Rosanna handed her the money. It worked and Mike broke up with Rosanna. That same night, Mike and Rosanna was having dinner, and Carly came looking for them. After arguing viciously with Carly, Rosanna finally had enough and walked away. However, Carly would grab Rosanna's arm, and Rosanna jerked it away. Tragically, when Rosanna jerked her arm, Carly lost her balance and fell in the water. She was rushed to the hospital where she miscarried her baby, which was a girl, whom she named Nora after Mike's mother. Both affected by the baby's death, Rosanna would leave town and after having a talk with Lisa Grimaldi, Carly would leave also for Hong Kong. Lisa gave Carly some money an gave her some recommendations to some fashion houses over there where Carly could find work.

Almost two years later, Carly, now back at her family home in Montana, would get a call from her cousin Molly Conlan. Molly now lived in Oakdale and wanted Carly to help her get her long lost love Holden Snyder away from his true love Lily Walsh. Carly agreed but told Molly she had to pay her to do it, so Carly told Holden that she had some horses she would like to sell and that he could come to her ranch to see them. In truth, there hasn't been any horses on the ranch since Carly's father's death a few months earlier. Holden, Molly, and Holden's cousin Jack Snyder, took the trip to Montana to see the horses. Carly became reaquainted with Holden, and started having small talk with Molly when the boys wasn't looking around. After learning from Molly that Jack came along to bust Molly, Carly begin to seduce him to get him off Molly's back. However, Jack became suspicious of Carly as well, since Carly would always made excuses when Holden asked to see the horses. Also around this time, Carly would get a letter from Rosanna, it seem as soon as the sisters went thier seperate ways, Rosanna told Carly that she would give her 50 million dollars if she had a baby, provided that she was married and the father not be Mike!! The letter also stated that she had by the end of 1998 to have the baby or the deal was off. Soon Holden and Jack would catch on to Carly and Molly's scheme as well as thier family connection to one another. By now, heavily attracted to Jack, who felt the same, Carly decided to follow the trio back to Oakdale so she can work on getting Rosanna's money.

Back in Oakdale, Carly got a job at the police station and became chummy with police chief Hal Munson. Her hopes with starting a relationship and marriage with Jack were dashed as her spurned her advances. Even though he felt the same way she did, his family warned him about being involved with Carly, who remembered her tricks and schemes a few years prior. Giving up on him, Carly begin to seduce Hal and they soon started dating. While trying to help Jack catch the arsonist Teague, Carly and Jack got stranded at a cabin and almost made love. When they was rescued, Jack had to be rushed to the hospital because of his serious injuries. With Jack in the hospital, Carly realized that she loved Jack, but Jack once again spurned her advances as he realized she was still dating Hal. Jack would leave for Chicago and bring home a new girlfriend Julia Lindsey. Although jealous of Jack and Julia, Carly had no time to dwell on Jack as she had nine more months to have a baby. She instantly married Hal, and got Dr.John Dixon to artifically inseminate her so she can get pregnant. Soon she learned she was pregnant but her marriage to Hal began to crumble as his daughter Nikki Munson became suspicious of Carly as well as several other Oakdale residents. Soon Hal would learn about Carly's deal with Rosanna and left Carly to be back with his ex-wife Barbara Ryan. Carly then learned that the sperm John inseminate her with was not Hal's but John's!! To ensure she would still get the money, Carly quickly divorced Hal and married John. Soon after Carly would give birth to a son, named Parker after John's mother's maiden name, and Carly was awarded her fifty million dollars. 

Carly and John soon divorced and not long after, Carly would learn that Molly switched the tests to make John the father, meaning Hal was really Parker's father after all. Soon Brad Snyder, Jack's brother found out about it and blackmailed her into marriage. Carly let it be known that she didn't love Brad and she only agree to marry him to keep her fortune. While married to Brad, Carly came very close to having a one night stand with the man she never stopped loving, Jack. Carly decided to divorce Brad and pursue Jack, she offered Brad five million dollars to agree to a divorce. At Hal and Barbara's engagement party, a vengeful Brad showed up with Parker and broke the news that Parker was Hal's not John's son. Rosanna immediately pulled the plug on the money, Jack recoiled in digust and Carly was shunned by everyone in Oakdale. A penniless Carly gave Parker to Hal and Barbara because she was homeless, but couldn't stay away and kept showing up at their house. At Hal's urging, Lisa gave Carly a menial job with basement digs. Carly and Barbara soon came to an understanding about Carly's visitation with Parker. After losing everything, Carly was determined to get her life back and started working at Java. To her surprise, Jack befriended her and soon forgave her deception. After a minor argument, Jack bet Carly that she couldn't go one month without telling a lie. Carly accept the bet on the condition that if she won, he'd give thier relationship another chance.

During this time, Carly found one million dollars at her doorstep. Knowing the money was left by Carter(the man who held Carly hostage), Carly was tempted to keep the money. However she did the right thing and turned the money over to the police. Shortly after, to her surprise, Carly was awarded the one million dollars for Carter's capture. Carly put the money to good use by re-starting her design business. On Christmas, Jack announced to Carly that she won the bet and he rewarded her with an marriage proposal and a new house. For once, it seemed Carly's life was perfect. But, sadly, Carly's perfect life would come to and end. Soon after becoming engaged, Carly started receiving threats from a man named Phillips who knew her in Hong Kong. Afraid that Jack would learn some unsavory secret from her past, Carly kept the threats to herself. Phillips told her that he was sent from thier employer to retrieve her at any cost. Phillips warned Carly that if she refused to return to her Hong Kong employer, Jack and Parker would get hurt. Afraid for their lives, Carly sadly told Jack she couldn't marry him, abandoned him, and left Oakdale with Phillips.

Months later, it soon became known known that Carly was being held captive by Winston Lowe, her husband!! While living in Hong Kong, Carly made some bad business deals with the fashion companies Lisa recommended her to. Heavily in debt and facing prison time, Carly turned to Winston for help, who paid them off with the exchange they get married. Carly agreed to it, but soon regretted it when she learned Winston was dangerous and became obsessive. Carly saw her chance to escape when she got a telegram from Lee stating Ray was very sick and near death, so Carly escaped Winston and went back to Montana to take care of a dying Ray. Which means that her marriages to Hal, John, and Brad were invalid.

Now back in Hong Kong and in Winston's clutches, Carly tried desperately to contact Jack to rescue her but to no avail. However, she would finally found salvation in one of Winston's business associates Craig Montgomery, a former Oakdale resident. Though she made a deal with Craig to help her escape Winston, Winston himself would die of an heart attack, so Carly stole Craig's plane tickets to fly back to Oakdale. She made it just in time, as Parker was seriously injured in car accident and was on death's corner, Carly's arrival help Parker improved and recover from his injuries. Now back, Carly finally told Jack and everyone the truth about her and Winston, and why she left Oakdale months ago. Jack refused to forgive her and Hal refused to give her back Parker. Carly took Hal to court when she learned that Hal's daughter Jennifer Munson and her boyfriend Bryant Montgomery caused the accident and won back custody of Parker. Also around this time, Carly learned she inherited a horse from Winston named Flashdance, much to her chagrin. However, she learned that Flashdance was a prized horse worth a million dollars and she happily accepted the horse. Soon Carly would spurned advances from Craig who wanted to be in Carly's life both professional and personal, and she had to deal with Julia who was becoming unhinged. Carly and Jack would find thier way back to one another when they learn it was Julia who tipped Winston on Carly's whereabouts and learned she killed Carly's horse out of jealousy. Jack had Julia committed to a mental institution and Carly and Jack got back together.


Although Carly and Jack was back together, there was still trouble in the relationship as Craig was still pursuing her and Julia was determined to not give Jack a divorce. Though she tried to stay away from Craig, Carly couldn't deny thier chemistry and made excuses to see him even though Jack didn't approve. However all of her fears came true when Jack saw proof that Carly and Craig kissed on Craig's wedding day. That same day, Carly was kidnapped by a demented Julia. Julia planned to kill Carly so that she and Jack can be together. Luckily, Jack was able to resuce her  . But this time, Carly was hurt by Jack's sanctimonious attitude when he saw the picture of her and Criag. Believing that her and Jack will never work, she broke off thier engagement.

In order to go on with her life, Carly reluctantly accepted a job desigining BRO. At the same time that Carly was struggling to convince Paul Ryan to let her publicly acknowledge that she was designing for BRO, she and Criag grew closer over the death of his son. Though she cared for Criag, she didn't love him and when she was offered a job in Paris she took it. However, unknown to everybody, Carly had vanished. She ended up in a strange spa in Europe where she was drugged by the steam. Though she ended up being with fellow Oakdale residents Emily Stewart and Rose D'Angelo, by the time they got there, Carly was too drugged to realize they were there. Though the other women tried to protect her, they were unsuccessful and she was mysteriously taken to "the next level". Months later, Carly was granted permission to call Jack and told him to get on with his life as it was too late for her. Nearly four months after she disappeared, Carly was mysteriously released by James Stenbeck and was traded for Barbara Ryan. Although elated to be reunited with her family, there was just one problem, Carly looked decades older!! Disgusted by her appearance, Carly was reluctant to let Jack(her rescuer) in her life, and refused to see Craig at all. He did not even flinch when he saw her for the first time since her return, he held her and loved her unconditionally and she felt it. Though afraid that she would be disfigured for life, the doctor who held Carly captive was captured and "persuaded" by Jack to undo the damage he did to Carly. Her face restored, Carly settled down for a life with Jack.

However, Carly had to deal with the return of Rosanna. She came back to town to get temporary custody of Parker after hearing that Carly and Hal was kidnapped by James. Carly was livid and didn't think Rosanna did it out for her kindness, but for a way to insert her way into Carly's life and to mess with her since she felt Rosanna never forgave her about her affair with Mike. Even though Rosanna protested that she had changed, during an argument, her true colors came out to the open when she insulted Carly, and went after Criag to make Carly jealous. Their bitter feud had begun again. Also at this time, Carly was shocked by a another return, her old lover Mike, who was now dating a recently widowed Molly. The feud with Rosanna escalated when Criag manipulated her into accepting a position with BRO, the arrangement also didn't sit well with Jack. Fighting with Rosanna and arguing with Jack began to take its toll on Carly. After an arguement with Jack, who called off the wedding, Carly fell into the arms of another man, her old lover Mike. Immediately the two felt guilty about what they done and kept it a secret. That same day, Jack returned and made up with Carly. Carly married Jack only to find out she was pregnant. Knowing the child was either Jack's or Mike's, Carly tried to keep quiet about her indescretion with Mike. Unfortunately, both Jack and Molly found out about it(thanks to Rosanna) and wrote Carly out of thier lives. During the course of Carly's pregnancy, Molly eventually forgave Carly, and Jack softend up as he realized that the child could be his an d agreed to help Carly with her pregnancy. To that end, when Carly was ordered to avoid stress in order to have a safe delivery, Jack demanded that she stop all work at Monte Carlo. Not long after, Jack suspected that Carly ripped off Barbara's designs and blew up at her. Believing that she and Jack would never work, Carly ran off to Montana. To her surprise, Jack eventually followed her and declared his love for her and his willingness to raise her child. Soon after, Jack delivered Carly's baby, Sage, and promised no matter what, he'd be the girl's father. Days later, after learning they was officially divorced, the pair married in a simple ceremony in Mussleshell. In addition with marrying Jack, Carly reconciled with Molly and suprisingly Rosanna, who came to bring Parker to Montana. She even named Rosanna as Sage's godmother. Carly's happiness was complete when it was learned that Sage was indeed Jack's child.

Several months later, Carly found herself being pulled into the Ryan family fiasco when Paul offered her a job at BRO-with the assertion that she be heading Barbara's company. Although uncertain as to whether she wanted to be in the fallout of the takeover, Carly couldn't help but be intrigued by this amazing oppurtunity and accepted the offer. However, things would get confusing very quickly. Although warned to keep quiet about her working for BRO(since Barbara didn't know it), Carly told Jack and Rosanna. But by this point, Rosanna had severed her ties with her friend Paul since she learned that he was indirectly responsible for losing her adopted child. Forced to choose between working for Paul or having Rosanna in her life, Carly chose Rosanna. It was then that a shocked Carly would recieve a job offer by Barbara herself. Wary of Barbara's motives, Carly went to Paul who was as shocked as she was, yet believed his mother's offer as sincere. So, with Rosanna's unexpected encouragement, Carly became partner at BRO. Although professionally secure, Carly's personal life would be in turmoil a few months later. After helping Molly from a mobster named Starziak who feared she would testified against him, Jack(against Carly's wishes since she was afraid something would happen) offered Molly to stay with them since she had nowhere to go and feared for her life. Molly's fears seemed grounded when Starziak found her at the Snyders and went after her. Fortunately, Jack and Carly made it home in time and Jack was able to subdue Starziak. However, the frightening ordeal left Molly hysterical and she demanded that Jack take him away. Though proper procedure was to wait for police backup, to appease an hysterical Molly, Jack took the criminal away himself. Sadly, he never returned and his car was found in the river. Starziak was also found....dead!!

Although Carly was trying to hold out hope that he was alive, a search revealed nothing and the police declared him dead. Although Carly was trying to move on with her life, Parker kept insisting that Jack was alive and they had to find him. Parker's hope was contagious and while helping him to get through Jack's death by encouraging to look for Jack(by sending out a message in a bottle for Jack to find), Carly ended up believing it herself. The one day, Parker insisted that they had to go to a water park not far from town. Humoring him, Carly and the kids went to the park but found nothing. That same night, Carly went back to the park on a hunch and found the blurred picture of a man she thought was Jack. Certain that Jack was out there somewhere, Carly did some more digging, to Hal's consternation since he felt Carly was damaging Parker by not letting him face Jack's death. But Carly refused to give up and hired an investigator to find Jack. Although it seemed hopeless, Carly had one small lead-a dark haired woman at the water park with a small child named J.J. was at the water park with the man in the blurred photo. Finally, after Jack was declared dead for months, Hal got a call from the police about a Jack Snyder!! Although it was simply a man who'd stolen Jack's wallet, it lead to an important lead that Jack was alive when the wallet was stolen! While Hal tried to find information from the police, Carly followed her own lead, but throughout the weeks the search seemed fruitless. Finally, Parker(who'd been having psychic flashes throughout all of this)told Carly that it was too late and then collapsed. Fearing what this was doing to her son, Carly decided to give up the search.

All that changed when Carly learned that the dark haired woman from the water park had been in her house wanting to tell her something. That same day, Parker found a pen in the trash, which must have been left by the dark haired woman, a pen from St. Genevieve's Hospital. Now with a solid lead, Carly and Rosanna did some searching and found out the woman's identity-Julia Morrisey Larrabee. However, when she went to Julia's home, she was told that she left suddenly with her son and husband, who had to be Jack. With the clock ticking, Carly and Rosanna went searching for Julia and Jack. Although they was thrown off course since Julia had told people she was heading to Tennessee, Carly soon figured out she was heading elsewhere and with some information from some truckers at a rest stop, she deducted that Jack and Julia was headed for Louisville, Kentucky. Hitching a ride from a trucker, Carly searched at every hotel on route for Jack but to no avail. Finally, at dawn's light she got a clue from Parker, Jack was at the White Horse. Having just passed a hotel named the White Horse, Carly knew where Jack was and finally after been declared dead for months, Jack and Carly finally saw each other face to face. Unfortunately, Jack had no memory of Carly at all. Although she tried to jog his memory by showing him a family picture and telling him about thier past, he still could not remember anything. Not feeling anything for the woman in front of him, Jack only wanted to return to Julia and was shocked when Carly told him that Julia had known who he was, that she had been to thier house in Oakdale. Not knowing who to believe, but not liking Carly's confrontational attitude toward Julia, Jack told Carly he'd meet her in Oakdale after he talked to Julia.

Unfortunately for Carly, things didn't go smoothly. Although Jack did come back to Oakdale, he brought Julia and her son J.J with him. This development didn't sit too well with Carly and she had several run ins with Julia, whom Carly accused of exploiting Jack's vulnerable state to keep him close. Carly's antagonism toward Julia only alienated herself from Jack. Knowing that Jack considered Julia as his real wife, Carly went to court and had Jack declared incompetent and had him placed in her custody. However, though Jack was now back home, he was colder than ever to Carly. After weeks of Jack being hostile, Carly tried to make him remember by tricking him into going to Montana. There she discussed thier past and started reciting thier wedding vows. Suddenly, Jack started remembering too and his entire memory came flooding back!! However, even though his memory was back, Jack still had a problem-he cared for both women. As Jack struggled with his choise, in the end Carly decided to make it easy for him and signed divorce papers. However, to her delight, Jack had already made his decision and tored them up. Months later, Julia was tragically murdered by her ex-husband Les, and Jack and Carly was awared guardianship of J.J.

A few months later, Carly started having nightmares of a woman screaming at her demanding to know what she done to her child. Convinced that it was an traumatic childhood memory, Carly did some digging through her father's things and found a photo of him with a dark haired woman. The odd thing was that the photo's were taken near Mabel's in Oakdale. Confused since her father never mentioned living there, Carly asked around but no one remembered her father or the dark haired woman he was with. Several weeks later, Carly was shocked to see the woman talking to Jack. The woman, Iris Dumbroski, simply told her that she dated Carly's father when Carly was younger. Meanwhile, tragedy struck when Rosanna was run off the road by Craig and fell into a coma. At the time of the accident, Rosanna had made plans to adopt a baby from a teenaged unwed mother. With Rosanna incompacitated, she decided to raise her sister's baby, whom she named Rory. Unfortunately, the mother, Gwen Norbeck, decided to sue Carly since she didn't know or trust Carly. A week later, at the trial, Iris told Carly the secret she been hiding, she had given birth to Ray Tenney's child and Carly, in a childhood pique of jealousy, murdered her newborn baby.

Since Carly was underage, the records were sealed. When Carly relayed the story to Jack, he was forced to admit that he'd not only seen the juvenile records-he destroyed them. Shaken, Carly refused to believe that she caused a baby's death since she had no memory of it. All she remembered was a small baby and Iris screaming that she killed it. Back in the present, Iris blackmailed Carly in exchanged for her silence-believing that no judge would give her custody of a child if the truth was known. Carly gave Iris $10,000 and told her to never bother her again. In the meantime, the custody battle seemed to be in Gwen's favor with her getting visitation rights. Desperate to make sure she didn't lose Rory, Carly set out to make Gwen look like she was an unfit mother by arranging her to drink tainted water during an outing so that Gwen would fall asleep while watching the baby. Not long after, Carly was shocked to learn that Iris was Gwen's mother. Painting herself as the perfect mother, Iris petitioned the court to let Gwen have temporary custody of the baby while under her care. After a few weeks, when Iris accused Will Munson(who was seeing Gwen) of poisoning her, the teens went off to New York City. Carly and Jack went to NYC to locate them. Finally they found them on the steps of NYU. Carly and Gwen were on the top stairs while Jack, Will, and Iris on the bottom steps. Gwen was holding the baby carriage and when she and Carly got into a fight over Rory, Gwen lost her balance. The carriage went over first and Jack caught the carriage saving Rory. Unfortunately, Gwen felled down the stairs and at that moment Carly had a memory flash to the night Iris's baby died. She suddenly remembered that the baby wasn't a boy but a girl!! Carly suddenly put two and two together and learned that Iris set Carly up to get her and her baby away from the Tenney's. That meant that Gwen was her half-sister!!

Despite the revelation, Carly refused to acknowlege any sisterly bond and was still determined to keep Gwen away from her baby. In the end though, both women ended up losing when another major revelation came out-Rory was not Gwen's baby, he was Jennifer Munson's. Unknown to everyone, Craig had switched so that everyone would believe that Jen's baby had died. When the truth was finally discovered, Rory was given to Jennifer, and saddend by Gwen's lost(since it reminded her of her miscarriage to Nora), Carly truly bonded with her sister.

In the meantime, Jack was suspended when it was discovered that he manipulated the water vendor's testimony about Carly hiring him to drug Gwen's water during the custody battle. With Jack suspended, Mike's cousin Nick Kasnoff, arrived to take his place. Nick made no secret in being interested in the very-married Carly, to her disgust. Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that Nick was made a hero when he prevented a bomb going off at WOAK on the same day Jack was shot trying to apprehend the perpetrator. Carly made no secret of her distaste for Nick, accusing him of stealing her husband's thunder. Jack didn't seem to have much respect for Nick either since he believe the younger cop took reckless risks. Later, Jack was cleared by Internal Affairs and was reinstated. Unfortunately for him, with Nick's arrival, his old position was no longer available and was forced to work part-time. Although Jack tried to accept the situation, Carly was seethed. Although Carly made no secret of her dislike for Nick, he knew his presence affected her in the primal sense and he shamelessley flirted with her at every turn. Then both Nick and Jack were assigned to crack a gambling operation, with Nick as lead detective. Hoping to help Jack get the information to crack the case, Carly(without Jack's knowledge) took a job at the club they were investigating. Things became complicated when Nick spotted Carly working at the Galaxy Club as a waitress. She quickly spun a story about them needing money since Jack wasn't working full-time and begged him to keep her job a secret from Jack. Despite a few close calls, and several run-ins with Jack, the secret remained safe. Finally, several weeks later, Nick discovered the phone number of the guy he was investigating in Carly's possession. Putting two and two together, he realized that Carly lied to him: she wasn't there because she needed the money, she was there to funnel information from his case to Jack. Though Nick thought Jack put her up to this, and even threatend to take his badge, Carly pleaded with him not to and convinced him that Jack knew nothing, it was all her idea.

Angry and hurt that he had been played, Nick agreed to keep quiet as long as she stayed out of his investigation. Things got worse, when in another attempt to get Nick out of the investigation, Carly set him up to drugged and be found with an hooker. Unfortunately, the plan backfired with Nick getting stabbed by the man he was investigating, Antoly. Nick was breifly suspected of being a dirty cop. After the dust cleared and he was vindicated, Carly asked Nick to forgive her for the set up, but he refused and declared he could send her to prison!! Later, however, Nick decided to let Carly walk-for her kid's sake. Unfortunately, Jack soon learned the entire story and feeling betrayed, he left Carly. In the meantime, Mike was caught in trouble of his own when he discovered a skeleton in the basement of the Snyder Home(his old home). The body belonged to a woman he briefly knew named Maya Gould and since he was the last person to see her alive, he became the prime suspect. However, Carly and Katie Peretti started wondering if it was Nick, not Mike, was the killer. It turned out the ladies were right. Realizing he was about to be found out, Nick took both women hostage. Luckily, Mike and Jack found them. Realizing he almost lost her, Jack reunited with Carly.

Unfortunately, Jack was forced to admit that he couldn't fully trust her or thier marriage. Angry, Carly threw him out and warned him that she might not wait around for him this time. Soon after, a wealthy Simon Frasier returned to town and decided to set up roots by buying an old hotel. Hoping to have it renovated, Simon overheard fledging interior designer Carly trying to secure a loan. When she was rejected, Simon appraoched her about working for him. Although she was wary, since Simon's reputation as a con artist preceded him, Carly decided she needed the money and took him up on his offer. As the weeks went by, Carly and Simon became more and more intrigued with each other. Despite disapproval from Jack and Katie, Carly and Simon became intimate. Meanwhile, Simon's funding fell through and he was forced to go to a loan shark for money. When the loan shark put pressure on Simon to pay, he and Carly decided to pull an elaborate jewel heist on Vienna Hyatt. Though they were successful, Katie(with whom Simon had a one night stand) became suspicious and blew the whistle on the pair. Carly and Simon the went on the run to evade the police.

Five months later, Carly returned to town in secret. After lurking around for weeks waiting for Simon to take care of thier problem, Carly finally revealed herself to Jack. Carly informed Jack that she and Simon were through; she wanted to come back for her kids. At the same time, the jewels of Leonia was returned(thanks to Simon) and the prince decided not to press charges. However, Jack was less forgiving and warned Carly that OPD still had her on charges. He then told her that it might not be a good idea to see the kids since she might end up serving jail time. Carly talked him into seeing the kids and he let them see her at the police station. Though Parker was wary about seeing his mother, J.J. pleaded with Jack to help Carly get released. For his kid's sake-Jack took pity on Carly and told her he could get the DA to drop the charges if she claimed that Simon coerced her. Carly balked about lying at first, but then agreed to gain her freedom. Shortly after, Carly was shocked to discover that Brad was back in town. Even more shocking was Brad's revelation that Jack was now dating Katie. Katie's involvement with Jack made Carly see red. As Jack and Carly dealt with how her return affected the kids-especially Parker who was acting out-Katie warned Jack that Carly was plotting to win him back. Jack assured Katie that he would not fall for Carly's tricks. At the same time, Parker dropped his defenses and finally forgave his mother for leaving. In the meantime, Carly accepted Brad's invitation to go on to a gala with him, recognizing that he had feelings for Katie and he wanted to make her jealous. Brad obviously knew that Carly wanted Jack as well and the two worked to each other's advantage. Later, that same night that Carly made a move on Jack, Jack found out about Brad's scheme to to ruin things with him and Katie by leading her to believe that Jack was going to propose. Deciding it wasn't a bad idea, Jack did end up asking Katie to marry him. Though he and Carly did bond when they went to Idaho to rescue an kidnapped J.J., Jack ultimately chose to be with Katie. Not only that, he decided to marry her ASAP. At the same, it seemed as if Brad was now on Katie's side, not hers.

At about this time, Carly was suffering from fainting spells and was disturbed to learn she was dying of an neurological disease. Soon after, Brad walked in on collasped Carly and learned her secret when he rushed her to the hospital. Though Carly swore Brad to secrecy, he admitted the truth to Jack on his wedding day. Jack rushed to the hospital to see Carly and strove to make Carly's final days as comfortable as possible. Later, Carly learned she was misdiagnosed, she wasn't dying after all. Though she planned on telling him, she was so flattered by the attention he'd been given her that she kept it a secret. Carly milked her "illness" for all it's worth. It didn't take long for Brad to find out the truth from her doctor and he insisted that Jack had a right to know the truth. However, Carly convinced him to keep her secret and got Jack to accompany her to Montana. While exchanging fond memories, Carly asked Jack to make love to her one last time, Jack agreed. When he returned home, Jack found out he couldn't lie to Katie and confessed. Though he tried to explain the lovemaking was merely a way to say goodbye, a disturbed Katie immediately sought an annulment. At the same time, Carly told Brad about her scheme to get Jack to marry her again. Again, Brad objected but Carly convinced him to keep quiet. After all, with Jack gone, Brad could get closer to Katie. Brad reluctanly kept quiet. Soon after, things went a step furthur when Jack asked Carly to marry him.

Though Brad and Lily Walsh, continually beg Carly to tell the truth, Carly refused since everything Jack had done proved to her that he still loves her. Though she gave him an out by stating by she didn't want him to marry her by obligation, Jack insisted that he wanted to be with her and pushed for a quick wedding. Finally, on the day of the wedding, standing at the altar, Carly confessed to Jack and everyone in attendance that she was misdiagnosed. Jack was elated at the news, until Rosanna let it slip about Carly mentioning some good news weeks earlier. It suddenly became clear that Carly had known about it for weeks. Upset, Jack walked out on Carly and went straight to Katie. Later, Carly tried to convince Jack that she did it out of love, but he angrily denounced her.

Soon, it became painfully obvious that Jack was never going to return to her. In fact, Jack spent the next several weeks looking down on her and blaming her for losing Katie. In addition, he still begrudged her time with the children. As Carly was hoping to pick up the pieces of her life, an old acquaintance popped into her life—Kit Fowler, the woman whose house J.J. was held hostage in the previous summer. However, Kit was not involved in the kidnapping and explained to Carly that her involvement was a result of her drinking. Kit claimed that she was on the wagon and went to her to make amends. Kit stated that she was looking to get her life straight by buying Metro’s. Knowing what it was like to mess up royally, Carly accepted her apology and gave her a place to stay. Not only that, she gave Kit her settlement check (as a result of being misdiagnosed) so they could go into business together. This, of course, did nothing to endear her to Jack who refused to let the kids even come to the house while Kit was there. Things became even more tense between her and Jack when Kit’s boyfriend, Sam, arrived. Carly opened her home to Sam which Jack objected too since Sam was a felon. Though Jack continually berated Carly, she protested that there was good in Kit and Sam. Hating that Jack was miserable, and taking it out on her, Carly even tried to get Katie to take him back which only made matters worse. At the same time, she and Kit worked feverishly to get Metro opened by New Year’s Eve. She even decided to donate a portion of the profits to the Oakdale Police Dept. Unfortunately, on New Year’s Eve, Kit was suddenly arrested and transferred to Utah on an outstanding charge. Carly worried about how she could do this alone, but Sam stuck by her and assured her that everything would be fine. Though Carly thought the opening would be a bust when the band she booked didn’t show up (since she forgot to confirm), Sam saved the day by stepping in. Not only was the opening a hit, but Jack was actually impressed. From that point on, Jack’s anger dissipated and she actually regained some of his respect.

Meanwhile, Parker made no secret of his dislike of Sam. Though Parker tried, for weeks, to warn his parents that Sam was a bad man, no one believed him. Desperate to get rid of Sam, Parker robbed Metro and set it up to look as if Sam was responsible. Unfortunately, Parker was exposed very quickly. As the weeks went by, Parker was more and more certain that Sam was a threat but no one believed him. As far as they knew, he was a just a ventriloquist who staged shows with his puppet, Cowboy Jack. Parker’s attitude toward Sam worried both Carly and Jack and they banded together to help their son. .Carly and Jack had Parker resume therapy due to his behavior. Parker’s attitude was especially troubling for Carly since she felt that Sam was a good guy. She also believed that he was committed to Kit, which is why she was shocked when Sam told her that Kit sent him a Dear John letter. When Carly tried to console Sam, he made a pass at her which she rebuffed. Later, Kit came back to town and, sensing some flirtation between Sam and Carly, asked Carly point blank if she and Sam were an item. Carly denied it and, to protect Sam, withheld the fact that he’d kissed her. Then one night, Kit was forced to go to Chicago to find a band when, according to Sam, the band scheduled to play at Metro suddenly cancelled. However, after a getting a call from the band, Carly was shocked to learn that Sam cancelled the gig himself. Sam admitted it and confessed to Carly that he was in love with her. Unnerved by his proclamation, Carly angrily ordered him to get out. However, Sam talked her into letting him finish his drink while she did paperwork. At the same time, Parker and Jack went to a hockey game using tickets that mysteriously came from nowhere. Jack suspected they were from Parker’s hockey coach but Parker wasn’t so sure. Convinced that Carly was in trouble, Parker asked Jack to call her. Carly told Jack she was glad he called but Parker grabbed the phone from Jack before she could elaborate. Not wanting to worry Parker, Carly told him that she was fine. Soon after, as she was telling Sam to get out, he tried to rape her.

Fortunately Parker went to Metro just in time and shot Sam with the gun he brought from the Snyder farm. In shock, Parker ran out. Carly chased after him and, although Parker wanted to run, Carly convinced him that they had to call Jack. Later, the pair went to Metro with Jack and by this time Sam was dead. Parker was quickly arrested and, when it was learned that he went to Metro with the gun, the DA called the murder premeditated and charged him as an adult. The fact that Sam had been shot twice did not seem to help. Though Carly insisted that Parker only fired one shot, Margo’s questioning so unsettled Parker that he couldn’t remember how many shots he fired. Carly and Jack worked together to find a way to clear Parker. To do that, Carly had to be certain about what happened that night. Carly got Jack to return to the scene of the crime and reenact what happened. It worked—Carly remembered with absolute certainty that Parker only fired one shot. That meant that someone must have come into the bar when Carly and Parker left and finished Sam off. Jack had the perfect suspect—Kit. Remembering that Kit had been jealous of her and Sam, Carly realized he could be right and the two came up with a plan to trap Kit into confessing. Jack’s plan was for them to gaslight Kit by drugging her slightly and then startling her by bringing Cowboy Jack to life. Unfortunately, that plan backfired as did another effort to try to get Henry to get her to confess.

Out of options, Carly decided to use herself as bait by flatly telling Kit that she knew Kit killed Sam. Though Jack objected to her putting herself in danger, he agreed since time was running out. Later, Kit called Carly and asked her to meet her at a prop shop in Chicago. Without telling Jack, Carly left to meet with Kit and was almost attacked for her trouble. Luckily, Jack went looking for Carly and found out where she was since her and Kit’s conversation was on the answering machine. The pair was now convinced that Kit was their killer. Suddenly, Cowboy Jack dummies kept appearing all over the Snyder house and even in Carly’s car. Finding out the dummies were made in the same shop that Kit lured Carly to, Jack and Carly returned to the shop to look for Kit. There they unexpectedly ran into Brad and Katie who were looking for Henry who had been kidnapped. Things came to a head when Kit found Brad and held him at gunpoint. At the point, Jack come up behind to snare Kit. Unfortunately, Kit had attacked Katie earlier and when Katie stumbled upon the scene she distracted Jack. Jack was shot and Carly grabbed his gun to apprehend Kit. When Kit began firing at Carly, Carly had no choice but to fire back and killed Kit. Jack was rushed to the hospital where his condition remained serious but not critical.

Meanwhile, Parker’s trial date was drawing perilously near. Carly was determined to clear Parker’s name and decided to search for clues herself that would prove that Kit was in Oakdale the night of Sam’s murder. Luckily, Carly's determination paid off when she showed Kit's picture to a homeless woman who recognized her. Later, while showing Carly the coat that Kit had given her, the woman, Ruby, found a receipt in the pocket--a receipt that proved that Kit was in Oakdale the night of Sam's murder. Well, not quite since whatever Kit paid for, she paid for in cash so there was no proof that the receipt came from Kit. Determined to clear Parker, both Carly and Jack tracked down Ruby and convinced her to testify on their son’s behalf. Though he was originally found guilty, the verdict was overturned when Ruby testified that Kit told her that she had killed Sam.

During the course of all of this, Jack and Carly had drawn closer, which Carly took as a good sign. Unfortunately, Jack was adamant that they just did not work as a couple and, no matter how hard she tried, Carly could not change his mind. Jack was convinced that they worked better as friends. Things finally came to a head on the night of Katie’s engagement party to Brad. That night, Jack wanted to be with Carly. With trepidation, Carly told Jack to only kiss her if he meant it. In response, Jack kissed Carly and the pair made love. The next morning, Jack broke Carly’s heart by telling her that nothing had changed. Though Carly tried to argue that they had a foundation upon which to rebuild their relationship, Jack insisted that their problems were too deep and stated that their lovemaking was just that—sex. Jack’s rejection cut Carly to the core and she angrily tore into Jack. Jack lashed out in retaliation and, soon, the pair found themselves back to arguing at every turn. Suddenly, Carly found a surprising friend in Holden. Since he and Lily, Carly’s best friend, had been battling marital problems for years, he understood Carly’s dejection and provided support. Soon, fate kept throwing them together and Carly found herself really valuing Holden’s friendship, especially since Lily had gone on an extended visit to her mother. When Lily returned, Carly was confident that she and Holden would reunite. However, as the weeks went by, it became apparent that both Carly and Holden were becoming attracted to each other. Recognizing that it was wrong, each tried to put a stop to it, but the pull was too strong and they couldn’t stop thinking about each other.

Finally, came the day that the kids were set to go to camp. Though Lily was set to go with Holden, she was forced to back out and suggested that Carly and Holden go together. After they dropped off the kids, the pair almost shared a kiss. Rattled, Carly tried to distance herself from Holden and get him and Lily together. However, Holden couldn’t focus on Lily because he was too hung up on Carly. Finally, Holden kissed Carly. At that point, Carly tried to convince Holden that he and Lily had to go away and work on their marriage. She argued that their attraction was born out of mutual rejection and would subside if they were apart. However, fate intervened when Holden and Carly found themselves at the summer camp at the same time. Stranded due to a storm, the two were forced to share a cabin. There, the pair gave in to their desires and passionately made love. Afterwards, the pair tried to put their tryst behind them, with Carly ultimately agreeing to go on a date with Mike’s boss, Neal. Though Neal found Carly very attractive, she could not get Holden out of her system. Finally, in desperation, Carly agreed to go with Neal to Paris. Unfortunately, Carly’s new friendship with Neal made Holden jealousy and, when he learned their plans, he travelled to New York where the pair was staying for the day. There, Holden confessed his deep feelings for Carly and offered to end his marriage for her. The two made love again and the next day, back in Oakdale, Holden confessed all to Lily.

Incensed at his betrayal, Lily lashed out at Holden. When Holden told Carly what he’d done, she went to speak to Lily. Unfortunately, at that moment, Lily was returning home and the sight of Carly filled her with such rage that she almost ran her down! Luckily for Carly, Lily swerved away at the last minute. The next day, Lily told everyone, including Jack, what she’d done and why she did it. Extremely guilty for the pain that she’d caused, Carly resolved to push away her feelings and stay away from Holden, though Holden continued to chase after her.

In the meantime, Jack surprised Carly by marrying Janet. Not long after Craig returned to town and proposed that he and Carly go into business together—marketing vodka. As the weeks went on, Carly started to succumb to the stress and her life and began drinking. Adding to Carly’s stress was Parker who ran off to get married in an attempt to seize his trust fund. When the judge allowed the underage teens to marry, Craig stepped in and offered to act as trustee of the fund so that Parker wouldn’t spend it irresponsibly. Meanwhile, Craig’s feelings for Carly had grown. In an attempt to provide her with some stability, Craig proposed marriage. At the same time, a healthy Rosanna returned to Oakdale.. While staying at Carly’s, Rosanna found several bottles of vodka hidden in the house. Already suspicious of Carly’s behavior, Rosanna confronted Carly about her drinking problem and agreed not to say anything to Craig until after the wedding. However, on the day of the wedding, Carly had a change of heart and decided that she needed to get help for her addiction.

When Carly returned from rehab, she realized the truth and blasted both Craig and Rosanna for their betrayal. Fortunately, it didn’t take Carly long to realize that she never loved Craig anyway and she forgave her sister. That wasn’t all that happened. The day that Carly returned, she was saddened to learn that Brad had accidentally been killed in a hostage crisis. Even more shocking was the fact that Jack fired the shot. Unable to deal with his mistake, Jack abruptly left Oakdale. Worried, Carly followed. When Jack failed to find redemption, he went on a drinking binge, which abruptly ended when Carly saddled up to the bar for a shot of whiskey. With Carly’s encouragement, Jack returned home. However, he couldn’t find it in him to stay with Janet and stayed at Carly’s instead. Soon, Jack professed his love to Carly and decided to leave Janet. However, when Jack learned that Liberty had been diagnosed with cancer, he changed his mind and resumed his marriage. Soon after, Carly saw Janet kissing Dusty and tricked Janet’s sister into confirming Janet and Dusty's affair. Meanwhile, Janet was desperate for a way to help Liberty and convinced Jack that they had to conceive a child together in the hopes that the child’s bone marrow would save Liberty. Learning of Janet’s plan, Carly told Jack about Janet and Dusty’s affair. Jack decided that he couldn’t have a baby with Janet after all and returned to Carly. Not long after, Janet discovered she was pregnant.

Though Jack was still determined to stay with Carly, he was unwilling to cede his role as the father of Janet’s unborn child to Dusty. As the months went by, Carly found it difficult to deal with Jack’s involvement in Janet’s pregnancy. Also causing friction was Carly’s involvement in Parker’s legal matters. However, in the end, the pair stuck together and Jack ultimately proposed marriage—declaring that it would work this time. Immediately after the wedding, Jack learned that Parker planned to attend the police academy. Though Jack objected, everyone else, including Carly, supported the idea. Meanwhile, Janet had her son who turned out to be Dusty’s, not Jack’s after all. Though Jack was disappointed, he was elated when Carly shared the news that she was pregnant.



  • The character of Carly was modeled after Julie Wendell Snyder, their maiden names even rhymed with one another, Julie Kinney and Carly Tenney
  • The unseen characters of Peter and Lauren Cabot were first introduced as Carly's half-siblings also, they were Sheila and Alexander's younger children, thus the reason Rosanna was rewarded Alexander's fortune and company, however, during the Cady McClain Rosanna years. The characters were retconned as Rosanna's older half-siblings from Alexander's first marriage, thus no relation to Carly.
  • Carly's father and Molly's mother were siblings.


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