Rebecca Balding as conniving Carol David with her new boyfriend (Ted Shackelford) after she humiliated her ex-paramour, Jodie Dallas.

CAROL DAVID was a character on the serialized situation comedy, Soap. She was played by actress Rebecca Balding.

Conniving attorney

Carol worked as an attorney alongside famed attorney E. Ronald Mallu (Eugene Roche). She had worked with him during the murder trial of Jessica Tate. During that trial, she met Jessica's nephew, Jodie Dallas, and wanted to bed him, despite his being gay.

Despite the trial, Carol would continually try to bed Jodie. She would eventually succeed, and she announced that she was pregnant with his child. Jodie, knowing that he had to do the right thing by Carol and for the baby's sake, proposed to her and wanted to marry her.

However, the selfish Carol would jilt him at the altar, which broke his heart. She would eventually give birth to a daughter named Wendy.

Jodie fell in love with Wendy and because of that, he would curtail his dating (as well as being gay) and devoted his energy to raising his daughter.

Carol would not give up in her scheming. She would hook up with a rodeo cowboy (played by a pre-Knots Landing Ted Shackelford) and the two connivers sued Jodie for custody of the baby. Despite their conniving, even with attorney F. Peter Haversham, and Carol manipulating her mother, Lurleen (Peggy Pope) to commit perjury, Jodie would eventually win custody of baby Wendy. 

A furious Carol vowed vengeance. She would do so when she and her rodeo cowboy friend (she was a rodeo groupie, always wanting to be with rodeo cowboys) would kidnap Wendy.  Jodie would hire a private investigator, Maggie Chandler (Barbara Rhodes) and the two would go on a near around-the-world chase for the kidnappers.  They would eventually succeed in getting Wendy back from Carol and her rodeo cowboy paramour. 

After the retrieval of Wendy, Carol was never spoken of or to again. It was presumed that she was sent off to jail for custodial interference, although it was never revealed if Jodie (who would have been justified in doing so) pressed charges against her for that crime. 

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