The Chancellor family is one of the core legacy families from the CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Over the years, the family has mostly been represented by Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster (a. k. a. Jill Fenmore), the two wives of the late Phillip Chancellor II. Katherine and Jill's ongoing feud has been one of the plots of the series since 1973. After years of fighting, Jill and Katherin form a bond and Kay has served as a mother figure to Jill, and a grandmother to her children.

Family members

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

  • Dylan Hellstrom (born June 21, 2011) - J. T. & Mackenzie's son

Family trees

Gary Reynolds
Arthur Hendricks
Katherine Chancellor
Phillip Chancellor II
Jill Fenmore
Brock Reynolds
Amanda Browning
Tucker McCall
Harmony Hamilton
Phillip Chancellor III
Nina Webster
Last name Unknown
Mackenzie Browning
J. T. Hellstrom
Devon Hamilton
Chance Chancellor
Ronan Malloy
Dylan Hellstrom
Katherine Chancellor (born 1928)
  m. Gary Reynolds [dissolved]
    c. Brock Reynolds
      m. Jill Foster [1974; annulled]
      a. Amanda Browning 
        c. Mackenzie Browning (born 1983)
          m. Billy Abbott [2003; annulled]
          a. J. T. Hellstrom
            c. Unnamed child (miscarriage) 
          m. J. T. Hellstrom [2010-present]
            c. Dylan Hellstrom (born 2011)
  a. Arthur Hendricks
    c. Tucker McCall (born 1950)
      a. Yolanda Hamilton
        c. Devon Hamilton (born 1988)
      m. Ashley Abbott [2011-present; separated]
  m. Phillip Chancellor II [1961-1975; widowed]
    m. Jill Foster [1975; invalid]
      c. Phillip Chancellor III (born 1976; retconned to 1969)
        a. Nina Webster
          c. Chance Chancellor (born 1988)
        m. Nina Webster [1989-2009; divorced]
  m. Derek Thurston [1978-1981; divorced]
  m. Rex Sterling [1988-1990; divorced]
  m. Rex Sterling [1992-1994; widowed]
  m. Patrick Murphy [2009-present]


Unknown woman
Neil Fenmore
Joanna Manning
John Abbott
Jill Foster
Phillip Chancellor II
Scott Grainger, Sr.
Lauren Fenmore
Michael Baldwin
Chloe Mitchell
Billy Abbott
Phillip Chancellor III
Nina Webster
Scott Grainger, Jr.
Fenmore Michael Baldwin
Delia Abbott
Chance Chancellor


Colin Atkinson
Genevieve Atkinson
Caleb Atkinson
Lily Winters
Cane Ashby
Samantha Atkinson
Charlie Ashby
Mattie Ashby

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