This is a list of child characters from the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live.


Bree Brennan

Samantha & Jessica Schaffhauser; Carly & Sam Wolfe; Stephanie Schmahl

Bree Victoria Brennan (born Brennan Buchanan) is the daughter of Jessica Buchanan and the late Nash Brennan. Bree was born on May 1, 2006.[1] Jessica met Nash in 2005 while struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder and under the influence of an alternate personality, Tess Smith. When Jessica becomes pregnant, she is not sure if Nash or her fiancé Antonio Vega is the father. When the baby is born, a DNA test confirms that Nash is the baby's father, and the baby is named Brennan "Bree" Buchanan.

Jessica and Nash quickly bond over their child and eventually marry on July 12, 2007,[2] but he later dies on June 5, 2008 after falling from the balcony of the Palace Hotel.[3]

After Nash's death, Jessica discovers she is pregnant. Grief-stricken, Jessica's alter, Tess, re-emerges, seeking revenge on Jessica's sister Natalie and her husband, Jared Banks, who Tess blames for Nash's death. Driven by revenge, Tess neglects her pregnancy and she gives birth to a stillborn baby, Chloe. This produces another alter, Bess Lord, who switches Jessica's baby with Jessica's cousin Starr's newborn Hope Manning.

When the truth is finally revealed, Tess takes Bree and Hope to West Virginia to see Nash's parents. Eventually Jessica regains control and returns Hope to her real parents.

In 2010, Bree bonds with her mother's boyfriend, Brody Lovett and asks him to be her father. She is thrilled when Brody and Jessica become engaged and Jessica becomes pregnant. On January 11, 2011, Bree's little brother Ryder is born.

Ryder Ford

Matthew & Nichoals Urbanowicz,Cory & Dominic

Ryder Asa Ford (born Ryder Lovett) is the son Jessica Brennan and the late Robert Ford. Ryder was born on January 11, 2011. He was originally believed to be the son of Brody Lovett. His godparents are Joey Buchanan and Kelly Cramer. On the day of Jessica's wedding to Brody, Vimal Patel revealed that he changed the paternity results, on orders from Jessica's father Clint, and that Robert Ford was Ryder's real father.

On January 10, 2012, the day before Ryder's first birthday, his father, Bobby dies after rescuing Jessica from Mitch Laurence.

Liam McBain

Christian & Gavin McGinley

Liam Asa McBain is the son of Natalie Buchanan and John McBain. Liam was born on January 11, 2011. Shortly after the baby's birth, a deranged Marty Saybrooke kidnaps the baby, locking herself in a hospital room and threatens to harm him. John soon rescues the baby and returns him to Natalie. His god parents are Rex Balsom and Gigi Morasco. On the day of their wedding, Natalie reveals to John, Jessica and Brody that John is not Liam's father, but Brody is.

It is eventually revealed that Marty changed the paternity results, and that John is indeed Liam's father. John and Natalie finally reunite.

Hope Manning

Madeline, Molly & Tess Sullivan

Hope Manning Thornhart (born Hope Manning McBain) is the daughter of Cole Thornhart and Starr Manning. Hoep was born on November 6, 2008. Starr arranges for the child to be adopted by Marcie McBain. Angered by Starr's decision, Starr's father Todd blackmails her doctor into faking the child's death so that he can raise the baby himself.

When the baby is born, Todd has a change of heart and calls off the plan. However, Starr's cousin Jessica, under the influence of her alter, Bess, switches Hope with Jessica's own stillborn daughter, Chloe. Months later, Jessica finally remembers what happened, and tearfully returns Hope to Starr and Cole on June 5, 2009. The teenage parents have a brief reunion with Hope before they hand her over to a grateful Marcie and her husband Michael. A few days later, after overhearing Starr expressing her regrets about giving up her daughter, Marcie returns Hope to Starr and Cole.

In September 2009, Cole is working undercover for the police; his cover is compromised, and Starr and Hope are kidnapped by Russian mobsters on orders from Mayor Lowell. They are rescued by Brody Lovett. In October 2010, Starr and Hope are kidnapped by Elijah Clarke. They manage to escape, only to be kidnapped by Hannah O'Connor. Eventually they escape her as well, but their reunion with Cole is short-lived as Cole is sent to prison for killing Elijah.

In January 2012, Cole escapes from prison, and with the help of Starr's father, flees to California with Starr and Hope.

In February 2012, Cole, Starr and Hope are on their way back to Llanview when they get stuck in Port Charles, New York. Moments after Cole proposes to Starr, their car is struck and run off the road. While Starr manages to get free, Cole and Hope remain trapped in the car as it rolls over a cliff and explodes.

Sam Manning

Kyle & Zachary Kirchmann; Daniel & Zachary Frisch; Jacob & Luke Clodfelter; Patrick J Gibbons

Samuel "Sam" Manning (born Todd Manning Jr., aka Tommy McBain) is the son of Victor Lord Jr and Margaret Cochran, adopted by Blair Cramer. Sam is born on February 5, 2006.

In August 2011, the Manning family learns that Sam's father is not really Todd Manning, but his twin brother Victor Lord Jr. Victor had been living as Todd for the last eight years while the real Todd was held captive by their mother. Victor is later murdered by Todd who blames Victor for "stealing" his life.

In January 2012, it is revealed that Sam's father is really alive and being held captive by Alison Perkins. His family has no idea.


Chloe Brennan

Chloe Victoria Brennan is the daughter of Jessica Brennan and the late Nash Brennan, stillborn on November 6, 2008.[4] Brought on by Nash's death on June 5, 2008,[3] Jessica is under the influence of her alternate personality "Tess" during childbirth. The trauma of the baby's death brings out a third personality, who calls herself "Bess."[5] Starr Manning gives birth to her daughter Hope on the same day;[5] to protect Jessica's sanity, Bess switches the babies,[6] and Jessica reemerges not realizing that her newborn daughter is not in fact hers.[7] Chloe is buried and mourned as Hope Manning McBain.[8][9] The secret of the switch comes out in May 2009; Jessica finally remembers what happened,[10] and tearfully returns Hope on June 5, 2009.[11] Jessica and the family re-bury Chloe on June 17, 2009 as Chloe Victoria Brennan.[12]

Kevin Buchanan Jr.

Gabriel McBain

Sierra Morasco

Megan Rappaport

Erin Torpey (July 21-July 22, 2008)[13][14]

Megan Victoria Buchanan-Rappaport is the daughter of Will Rappaport and Jessica Buchanan. Conceived during a brief fling between Will and Jessica, Megan is stillborn in 1999 after Dorian Lord accidentally hits a pregnant Jessica with her car. A devastated Jessica ultimately forgives a repentant Dorian.

On July 21 and July 22, 2008, the spirit of an adult Megan visits Jessica's mother Victoria Lord Davidson, who is critically injured in a car crash.[13][14][15]

Megan Riley

C. J. Roberts

C. J. Roberts
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Tyler Noyes (other child actors)
Created by Peggy O'Shea
Duration 1988, 1990-1991, 1992-1997
Family Buchanan family
Lord family
Gender Male
Date of birth April 3, 1981 (1981-04-03) (age 36)[16]
Occupation U. S. Navy seal
Residence Currently unknown

Clinton James "C. J." Roberts is a fictional character from the original daytime soap opera, One Life to Live. The is born on-screen in April 1987 and has only ever been portrayed by child actors. Child actor, Tyler Noyes is most notable for his portrayal of C. J. from 1992 to 1997.

Character History

Cord Roberts happily marries social climber and heiress, Tina Lord in April 1986. In 1987, Cord's mother, Maria Roberts doesn't approve of the relationship and convinces Max Holden to take Tina to Argentina where she soon discovers she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Cord marries Kate Sanders. Cord follows Tina to Argentina where Max & Tina have gotten mixed up with crime lord, Carlo Hesser and his drug ring. Carlo sends Tina over a waterfall in a raft; Tina and her unborn child are presumed dead. Tina survived and met up with Gabrielle Medina, Max's former lover and convinces her that she [Tina] and Max are now married. Gabrielle gives her and Max's new born son to Tina so they can raise him. Tina returns to Llanview with baby Al named after Cord's late step-father. Maria soon learns about Al's true identity and blackmails Tina into divorcing Cord in July 1987.

In 1988, it is learned that Tina's real son didn't die when she went over the falls, but he was actually alive and being cared for in the Argentinean jungle under the name "Milgro". Max's enemies would later kidnap the infant and place him in an Italian convent; Tina must pose as nun to get him back. Cord and Tina would later name him Clinton James, after Cord's biological father, Clint Buchanan. After Tina and Cord's divorce in January 1990, C. J. and Tina move to San Diego.

In February 1991, C. J. becomes a big brother after the birth of his sister, Sarah Victoria. When Cord is presumed dead in 1992, C. J. and Sarah become attached to their mother's new boyfriend, Cain Rogan. Cord returns in 1993 suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, but after much intrigue Tina marries Cain in 1994 and leaves town, leaving Cord to raise the kids. She soon returns and in July 1994 and rededicates her life to raising C. J. and Sarah.

Convicted rapist Todd Manning escapes from prison, but saves the lives of C. J., Sarah and their cousin Jessica Buchanan. A man named David Vickers comes to town, claiming to be Tina's long lost brother; soon Tina joins forces with imposter David to swindle the massive inheritance from her and Viki's real brother: Todd Manning. Ultimately, Tina moves to Baltimore with C.J. and Sarah in June 1996, the three returning briefly in 1997 to say good bye to Cord as he leaves for London.

In February 2003, Sarah now going by the nickname "Flash" comes to town searching for her brother, C. J. whom she has lost touch with. Sarah reveals that Tina's parenting forced C. J. and Sarah to run away from home. It is soon discovered that C. J. has joined the U. S. Navy and was deploying into the Indian Ocean. Later that year, Al Holden, the baby that C. J. was switched with as a child dies at the age of 22, which would put their birth year at 1981.

C. J. has not appeared on-screen since 1997, but he has been spoken. His last known residence is on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Brendan Thornhart

Jamie Vega


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