Chole Brennan (buried as Hope Manning McBain) is the character on One Life to Live. She was only played by an doll on November 6, 2008 for her death and birth.

Character history/Baby Switch

Jessica Brennan learned that she was pregnant with her husband's second daughter in June 2008. After Nash was in accident with Jared Banks for causing him their home, Jessica revealed to her dying husband that they were going to be parents. Jessica allowed her alter Tess Smith out for the whole entrie pregnancy after Nash's death to gain revenage for it. Tess went into premature labor on November 6, 2008. Tess gave birth to the stillborn daughter and was shocked that the baby had died and creating a new alter making the switch with Hope Manning who was born on the same day.

Jessica and Hope bonded as mother and daughter. Jessica was shocked to learn the truth about her daughter's birth and it was reveal by Blair Cramer and Natalie Buchanan that Chole is not Jessica's daughter but Starr's Hope. Jessica returned the baby to her biological mother. Jessica is now dealing with the death of her daughter.



Uncles and Aunts


  • Mitch Laurence (biological maternal grandfather)
  • Viki Lord (biological maternal grandmother)
  • Clint Buchanan (adoptive maternal grandfather)
  • Phil Brennan (paternal grandfather)
  • Cindy Brennan (paternal grandmother)

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