Chuck (Jay Johnson) with his aggravating dummy, Bob with his step-brother, Jodie (Billy Crystal) and his stepmother, Mary Campbell (Cathryn Damon)

Chuck Campbell (always seen with his dummy, Bob) is a character on the 1970s prime-time serialized situation comedy, Soap. He was played by comedian/ventriloquist, Jay Johnson.

A boy and his dummy

Chuck was the younger of Burt Campbell's two sons from his first marriage (his older brother was the late Peter Campbell, the randy tennis pro). He was given his dummy, which he called Bob, when he was a young boy. He took him everywhere, even the Army, where he entertained the troops.

Bob is the outlet of Chuck's continual frustration with the world around him. Whereas Chuck is meek and polite (and absolutely attached to Bob), Bob is very much antagonistic to nearly everyone he came into contact with.

The families did not like the idea of a dummy being treated like a human, and many times, people would talk to Bob and then they finally realized that they were talking to a dummy. Only Jessica Tate, Chuck's aunt by marriage, would see Bob as a real person, and that was because she herself was quite daffy!

Bob would be so aggravating where many of the characters (notably, Burt, Danny, Jodie and Benson) wanted dearly to see physical damage done to him.

He was threatened to be made into Lincoln Logs; made into a pepper mill; turned into kindling; turned into sawdust; even being threatened to be put through a wood chipper; and at various times, he was strangled, thrown out of a window, and was even put in a freezer.

At one point, Barney Gerber (Harold Gould), a heart patient who shared a hospital room with Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal), after hearing one too many insults from the obnoxious Bob would wish that the dummy would get a terminal case of termites!

Whatever happened to Chuck and Bob after the show ended was not sure.