Clare Edwards

Clare Edwards is from the soap opera, Degrassi, and is the younger sister of Darcy and is an observant Christian. She is a junior in high school. She was dating Eli Goldsworthy, though she also dated K.C. Guthrie last year. In Degrassi: The Next Generation, she was a main character from seasons 8-9, and recurring from seasons 6-7. In her first appearances, she was frequently seen reminding her sister of the rules and nosing around in her computer, though when Adams, and internet predator, tried to kidnap Darcy, she called the police, which lead to his arrest. She also showed concern for her sister after Darcy was raped. Currently, in Degrassi Season 1, she is a sophomore at the school, and has gotten an extreme makeover and attitude change. She is often thought of as the new heroine of the show, and many fans consider her the "new Emma". Most of Clare's storylines revolve around love, self-identity and Christianity. Clare is best friends with Adam Torres and Alli Bhandari, and good friends with KC Guthrie, Connor Deslauriers and Jenna Middleton. Clare is currently dating Eli Goldsworthy for a second time. She is played by Canadian actress Aislinn Paul.

Degrassi: TNG Season 8

Clare signs on to the show as a main character, having transferred from her private Christian school to Degrassi as a freshman. Clare quickly befriends Connor Deslauriers and Alli Bhandari, but also shows romantic interest in new student K.C. Guthrie.

In Uptown Girl, Clare arrives, still wearing her private school uniform. She talks to Darcy about school, and Darcy tells her to get some real clothes. Clare trips, and K.C. picks up her books, gives them to her, and grins. Darcy says that if she wore clothes like her, K.C. might talk to her. Clare says that she is here for school, not relationships. Clare looked down on many people, most notably skaterboy K.C, who is also new to Degrassi. She was confused as to why he was in the gifted program, as he did not appear intelligent. Clare talks to K.C., both crushing on each other. He questions why she always appears in a uniform, as if she were the best in academics. He also tells Clare that she cares about what people think of her. Clare denies this, and is told by K.C. to perform a talent at the "Welcome Back" mini-talent show. She begins reciting verses from the Bible, but is booed off the stage. She is sad, and taunted by her friends and peers. K.C. apologizes, saying that Alli and the others were joking around. Clare admits that she cares about what people think of her after K.C. says it is natural. She tells him that she must be the "smart sister" because Darcy gets all of the attention from the boys. K.C. tells her that she is "so much more than the smart one", and she smiles.

The old clare
In Fight the Power, Clare's older sister Darcy, is leaving to comlete her senior year in Kenya while volunteering. Even though she was supposed to only spend one semester there, she did not appear in season 9. But Clare gives goodbye presents form Darcy to all of her friends, including Jane. She and Alli also tell Jane that she is their hero for being the only girl on the football team.

In Man With 2 Hearts, Clare, Alli and K.C. go over to Connor's to study. While she takes a bathroom break with Alli, and K.C. grabs a snack, they sneak into Snake and Spike's room, where they find a vibrator for Spike to use. Alli looks at it, and then puts it in Clare's bag when Spike comes in, telling them that she would have been curious in a teacher's house too. They examine it more closely at school the next day in the bathroom, but it gets set off when it falls. Jane discovers it, asking who it belongs to. Both girls deny that they own it, and ask if Jane has one. She says that she has different models, and that it is normal for people to touch themselves. Alli returns it to Clare's bag. Later, in math class, Connor is walking when his foot accidentally hits the bag. The vibrator goes off, and Mr. Armstrong thinks that it is Clare's phone. She tells him that she doesn't have a cell, and he discovers the vibrator, bringing her to the principal's office. The principal calls her mother, and talks to her. He then confiscates the vibrator when Clare's mom wants to chat with her. Clare denies that she has been sleeping with people, but her mom doesn't believe her. Later, at the house, Clare's mom apologizes, saying that Darcy's rape from seasons prior made her worry. Clare says that she has questions, and the two begin to chat. Rumors spread around the school, and Holly J. teases Clare, asking what Jesus would say. Clare uses her knowledge to diss the virgin, which causes everyone to laugh.

In Lost in Love, Clare is asked by both Connor and K.C. to the Sweetheart Dance. The two boys begin arguing over her, and she rejects them both. Then, she chooses K.C., which saddens Connor. When Connor pressures her into going in front of eveyrbody, she agrees to attend the dance with him. However, she feels uncomfortable with him on the dance floor and leaves, only to bump into K.C.. The two dance for a minute, enjoying each other's company. But Connor sees them dancing, and yells at Clare. He leaves, angry, and Clare follows, comforting him. She later reappears by the punch bowl, telling K.C. she can't go out with anybody just yet. He accepts her answer, knowing that he'll have his time one day.

In Causing a Commotion, Clare is surprised by Connor, who is acting strangely. Clare is seen dressing differently as well. She is also upset by Principal Shephard, and how he treats the jocks and cheerleaders better than the nerds of Degrassi. She begins to protest, but gets everyone in trouble. Alli gets mad at her, and everybody discourages her from protesting. At detention, Mr. Perino gets a phone call, and Connor starts tapping his pencil, even though Alli tells him to stop. Connor halts briefly, but begins again. Alli gets annoyed and tells him to stop. She then goes up and takes his pencil. When she refuses to give it back, he spits at her, and she breaks the pencil. Connor rises up and pushes Alli, causing everyone to gasp. Mr. Perino returns to send Connor to the office. Clare follows, telling Alli off for acting so dumb. She overhears Snake telling Connor to apologize, but Connor refuses to give in and runs away. Snake tells The Shep to wait until the "results" are in, but The Shep says that he is a loose cannon and that he would expel Connor anyway. K.C. arrives, saying that he and Alli are friends with Connor as well, but that he is acting up and that Clare can't keep defending him. Clare tells him that Connor has always been picked on, and that he needs frineds. She goes to Snake's house to visit him, and is surprised to see that he is leaving. She is also surprised to see that all of his clothes are the same. Connor, thinking that Clare, too, has turned against him, tells her to leave, and begins throwing his clothes around his room. Clare leaves and tells K.C. and Alli about her experience the next day at school. Snake informs her that Connor has Asperger's, and this shocks her. Later, K.C. and Alli are filming The Shep's Principal of the Year Award speech, when Clare barges in, telling the former Lakehurst principal that Connor should remain at Degrassi, even if he does has a mental disability. The Shep tells her that he needs to finish his speech, and that Degrassi would be better without a "weirdo" like him. Clare says that he only cares about popular kids, and he tells her to back off. She retorts by calling him a bad principal, and he tells her that she's a "little bitch". The trio of freshmen look at each other in surprise as the principal leaves, saying that he'll do the speech live at the assembly. Alli tells Clare that she could be expelled for her actions, but Clare says that she doesn't care if The Shep is still Degrassi's principal after winter break. K.C. says that they can show the school what he is really like, as he recorded the conversation. When the assembly begins, K.C. gives to tape to the projector people, and Alli and Clare take a seat. The video is played, much to the principal's dismay, and Snake and the Superintendant of schools are shocked. People, including Jane, protest him being the principal, tearing down the flyers of him. Clare tells the Superintendant the whole story as she watches in pride at the schoolwide protest. Later, she goes back to her private school uniform, and K.C. says that he likes it, though Alli is disappointed. Snake tells the three that Connor wants to see them, as he can remain at the school, and they begin asking him about Asperger's and comforting him. Snake is also revealed to be the acting principal until The Shep returns from sensitivity training. The four freshmen wish that he was fired, but understand how it is hard for that to happen.

In Heat of the Moment, Alli wants to start cyberbullying Holly J. to "defeat" her after she gets tired of her bullying, which even ruined her relationship with Johnny. Clare discourages Alli, telling her to ignore the bullying, as that is always what Clare does.

In Jane Says, Clare decides to get a makeover from Alli when getting rid of Darcy's old clothing. Clare uses her older sister's clothes, and gets rid of her uniform. However, Alli's parents find out about her wearing normal clothes to school, and they make her wear something more modest. When Clare begins to get boy attention, Alli gets jealous and tries to convince her to return to her old ways. Alli has a chat with K.C. about how Clare is perfect: straight A's and pretty. But K.C.. tells Alli that just because Clare got a makeover doesn't mean that Alli is ugly. Alli kisses K.C., then apologizes to both him and Clare. And after flirting with Johnny a lot throughout this episode, she begins another relationship with him, implying that the kiss was meaningless. Clare reconciles with Alli later.

In Touch of Gray, Clare discovers the truth about K.C.'s past. She finds it difficult to accept, and even though her and K.C. argue, she still cares for him.

In Heart of Glass, Clare is seen with Alli, telling her that sex is dangerous and that she shouldn't do it because she is only a "niner" (the Degrassi term for a ninth grader). Later, when Alli doesn't listen and dumps Johnny because of her insecurity, Clare tries to comfort and support Alli. Alli later gets back with Johnny.

In Danger Zone, Alli and Connor tire of Clare and K.C.'s arguing, and Connor decides to secretly invite both of them over to his house for a playdate. He locks them both in the basement, but K.C. escapes. She asks Connor why he is acting so weird, and he says that K.C. likes her. Clare tells him to lock them in a room again, which Connor does. After they are locked up in a closet, Clare tells a surprised K.C. that this was her idea, not Connor's. She says that they always fight because they are afraid that they might...and she tries to kiss him, but he turns away. She nearly cries and tries to get out, but K.C. kisses her, and they begin their relationship publicly.

Degrassi: TNG Season 9

Clare's makeover
In Just Can't Get Enough, Clare befriends the new girl, Jenna Middleton, as she begins her second semester as a grade nine student. Her and Alli were happy to be together again at first, but then Alli feels like Jenna is a backstabber and will threaten their friendship. Clare ignores Alli's feelings and invites Jenna and Alli to her house for TV and Homework night. Jenna and Alli become friends eventually, but Clare and Alli get nervous when Jenna says that she was a boyfriend stealer at her old school, and that she thinks that K.C. is cute. But Jenna promises her "Clare-Bear" not to ruin her relationship with K.C..

In Shoot to Thrill, Clare tells Alli that Johnny is not a good person. However, Alli says that she and Johnny belong together, despite Johnny being embarassed of dating a little niner. Clare is proven right when Johnny sends Bruce the Moose naked photos of her, which both Snake and Ms. Hatzilakos (who returned and replaced The Shep) find out about. Alli dumps Johnny in the end.

In You Be Illin', Clare tells Alli that Johnny deserves to be punished. When Alli learns that Johnny has an STD, she tells Jenna not to inform Clare, and that they must get back at Johnny. Although Alli is safe for now, she decides with Jenna to make Johnny announce over a loudspeaker that he has an STD, but he instead says that he likes Alli. Clare was willing to help them with this prank when she found out the truth of the matter.

In Heart Like Mine, Clare grows jealous of Jenna flirting with K.C.. After a basketball game, he hugs Jenna before Clare, and only hugs Clare in a cute way. Clare tells him to kiss her, but he does so only on her cheek. Her jealousy intensifies when Jenna and K.C. hangout at a car-wash, and Kyle (Jenna's half-brother) ,says that she mentions K.C. alot at home. Jenna and K.C. continue to play in the water, and Clare yells out that Jenna's buttcrack is showing. K.C. gets mad at her for embarassing her friend, and being jealous. He talks to Coach Carson, and the coach says that he should go out with Jenna instead. Then, K.C. goes to Clare's house, saying that he is dumping her because all they do is argue and make each other mad. When Clare asks how long he has liked Jenna, he says that he has for a while, but can't hide his feelings for her anymore. Clare looks sad, and she and Alli constantly display and annoyed and angry attitude to Jenna and K.C., their former friends. Later on in the episode, Clare sees K.C. in distress. Not realizing that he may be in legal trouble with the coach, she asks what is wrong. He says that he is sorry for everything. He then walks away nervously.

In Holiday Road, Clare and Alli ask Emma how college is, but she tells them that it sucks, which they are surprised about.

In Start Me Up, Clare is struggling in her English class with writing. Declan later tells Clare about his trips around the world and his taste in music. Finding him very interesting, Clare decides to replace her boring tales in English class with his stories, saying that she went to all of the places where Declan has lived in the past. She gets quite the audience. Later, Clare and Alli try to get into the new club, Above the Dot. Declan arrives, and Alli accidentally reveals what Clare did. Declan doesn't seem to mind too much, but Clare gets upset. The next day, Alli and Clare rush to the girls' washroom (what the Canadians call a bathroom) and Clare tries to be interesting by putting on a lacy bra. Alli holds her books, and drops a notebook. It contains a new story from Clare, revealing what happened in the Jenna-K.C. incident. Alli tells Clare that it is really good, and that she should read it in English, but Clare says that it isn't finished. She needs to write the part where the girl (Clare) wins the boy (K.C.) back.

In Innocent When You Dream, Clare begins having dreams about being in a vampire romance with Declan after reading a dark romance series about vampires. Declan is just about to bite her in the neck when she wakes up, sweating and panting. She then opens her book and starts reading it. The next day at Degrassi, Clare informs Alli about her dreams. When Chantay is late for play practice, Declan tells Clare to help him rehearse, as he and Chantay play the romantic part in it. She gets nervous, and does her best to be Chantay's character. Feeling like a pervert, Clare takes Declan's sweatshirt, which Alli sees. Alli tells her that she is maturing. In MI class, Alli spots Clare writing fan-fictions of the vampire books, and tries to get her feelings out by writing a romance with a girl and a boy named Declan. She takes the screenname "Madame Degrassi", and soon the fan-fic is all our and popular in the school. Even Holly J. finds them interesting. Later, Clare tells Declan that she found his sweatshirt after having even more dreams about him. Connor hosts a party the next day, and Alli picks Clare and Wesley out of a basket for 7 minutes in heaven. Clare doesn't want to make out with Wesley, even though he is crushing on her. But she imagines that she is biting Declan, and she gives him a hickey on the neck. At The Dot, Wesley asks her if she wants to go out with him, but she declines. He says that she gave hima hickey, and he thought that they should go out. Alli asks what is wrong, and Clare says that she feels like a slut, and doesn't want to be like Alli. Alli, insulted, leaves, saying that the "judgy Clare" has returned. Clare just says that she in principle. She stops reading the vampire books as well, believing that they are influencing her to give up her religious Christian values. The next day, Clare shows Declan the props for the play, and she kisses him on the neck. He is surprised, and realizes that she is Madame Degrassi. Clare runs away, embarassed, and apologizes to Alli. Later, Holly J. talks to her, saying that she is forgiven and that she needs to continue writing the fan-fics, because her and Declan really enjoy them.

In In Your Eyes, Clare misses her friendship with K.C. and Jenna. When K.C. needs help studying for a math exam, she offers to help him. She sort of flirts with him, but he reminds her that he has a girlfriend, to which Clare says that she was just being a friend. When she continues to study with him in The Dot, Jenna comes in and kisses K.C.. Clare gets really jealous, and leaves, realizing that Jenna is trying to push her away from him. Jenna suggests to K.C. that he use her, since they are friends again. She says that because he feels insecure about the test, he should cheat off of her. He tells her, and she is hesitant at first, but lets him during the test. When Clare discovers that Jenna suggested this, she leaves, very upset that she fell for the trick and was used. K.C. comes to her in The Dot, saying that he was sorry, and that all of his problems are because of Jenna and the former Coach Carson. Clare says that he is pathetic. She tells him that he can never take the blame on himself, and that she'll see him after summer break. K.C. later comes clean to the math teacher, and is sent to the office. He receives a C, but tells nobody that Clare was involved.

In Degrassi: The Heat Is On (known in Canada as The Rest of My Life: Degrassi Takes Manhattan), Clare nervously says hi to Declan, implying that she is still crushing on him. He says hi, and Holly J. feels threatened. Declan tells Holly J. that he loves her and there's nothing to worry about.

Degrassi Season 1:

Clare returns this year with a cute new makeover and a new attitude. Last semester tought her that she has to look after herself, which means that she has to ignore problems like Jenna and get over K.C., and focus on new friends, like Adam, and find new romance, like new junior Eli. Although she is excited to see old friends like Alli, Dave, Wesley and Connor, all of these people go their own ways and find their own cliques. Her middle name was revealed to be Diana.

Fitz and Clare talking in the Edwards Household.

Clare Boiling Point

Clare's new look for Degrassi Season 1

In What a Girl Wants, Clare has retained her glasses and her newfound style in clothes, but has cropped her hair and put it in a side-bun. She is excited to see Alli again after the long summer break, and is in the #3 spot for Dave's "Hottest Girl at Degrassi" list. When Alli is number 42 on the list, she makes a loser list and puts Dave on the number one spot. Clare tells Alli that she is wrong for doing so, as Dave has been embarassed, and her being 42 on the list doesn't affect her in any way. She is just being very sensitive.

In Breakaway, Clare informs Alli that she is getting laser eye surgery so that she doesn't have to wear glasses anymore. Both of them are overjoyed, but Jenna eavesdrops and misinterprets them. She thinks that Clare is getting a boobjob, and she tells K.C., who admits that he has been watching her makeover with interest, though he tells a nervous Jenna that he only likes her. In gym class, Jenna hears Clare talking to Connor, Dave, Wesley and K.C. about how all of these girls keep trying to change their bodies to look like supermodels. K.C. had already told the guys the rumor that Jenna informed him about, and Jenna walked towards her, saying that she is a hypocrite and that she knows her secret. Class starts before Clare can question her, and she talks to Jenna later. Jenna begs Clare not to change her body, saying that she is pretty enough and is too young. Jenna is really nervous that K.C. will go out with Clare again if she gets bigger boobs. Clare is surprised, saying that Jenna should mind her own business now that she stole K.C. from her. Clare comes to school the next day, not understanding what everybody is talking about. She shows Alli her new look, but Wesley wants to touch them later, asking a whole bunch of questions about the surgery. She wonders why he wants to touch her tender eyes, but let him, telling him to be careful. He touches her boobs, and she yells at him, throwing his hands off her. Wesley gets embarassed, explains everything, and runs away. Clare and Alli come up with a brilliant scheme to get back at Jenna. She goes into gym class, asking if Jenna notices anything different. Jenna sees that her boobs have been enhanced, and that Clare is doing this to get K.C. back. Jenna tells her that this is an unnecessary move and that she is becoming a slut. Clare pulls socks out of her bra, and tells Jenna the truth. She says that if she wanted K.C. back, she doesn't need large boobs to get him. Alli laughs as Jenna looks embarassed, and a smiling K.C. looks at Clare, who waves. Jenna offers to tell everybody the truth, but Clare lets them think what they want. At the end of the day, Clare sayas that since nobody notices, maybe she should put her glasses back on. Alli tries to grab the glasses, but they get thrown into the street, and run over by a hearse called Morty. Eli, a new 11th grade student, stops the car and picks up the glasses saying that they are broken. He tells Clare that her eyes are pretty. Clare, flattered, says that she'll see him around, and he says "yes, you will". Clare throws out the glasses, exchanging proud glances with Alli.

Clare confronting Jenna

Clare and Jenna facing off.

In 99 Problems, Clare is discussing where to sit at lunch. Alli sees Jenna and wants to be popular. She tries out for the Powersquad, but is embarassed of her practice. Clare encourages her to create her own club is she wants more friends and control, and Alli does so to "destroy" the Powersquad. Clare tells her not to write that on the poster.

In Better Off Alone, Eli and Clare team up in English for the semester. Clare, who had been having writers' block, was assigned with Eli, who she had met before. He bothered her at first because of her obvious crush on him, and Clare tries to tell Alli, but Alli ignores Clare. But later, when he reviews her paper and they decide that it's not finished, Eli and Clare skip class to work on it. They rush out the door as the bell rings. While sitting on a bench, Elijah tells Clare (much like K.C. did the previous year) that she cares too much what people think, as she won't write about her parents' marital problems. He tells her to scream in the middle of the crowd to prove that she doesn't care, which she does. Clare tells Eli that it is his turn, but he declines, saying that it isn't his style. The two begin play-fighting, looking into each other's eyes. When Eli holds Clare's wrists, Clare sits on the bench, leaving Eli standing by the pole, and they look awkwardly at each other. Later that day, Eli sends Clare a message on her e-mail asking if she wants to hang out. Clare declines because her parents are fighting and she wants to help her mom with something at Church. The next day, Clare asks her mom on the drive to school why they are fighting, and Clare's mom tells her that it is because her dad is always working and that this is nothing for her to worry about. Eli tells her that he missed her, and jokingly asked if she declined because she was watching Twilight. Clare, still mumbling about what her mom told her, is asked by Eli what happened. As Clare opens up, Eli tells her that she should talk to her parents about all of this, but Clare tells him that she's tried and they won't listen. In English, Ms .Dawes threatens detention because they skipped class. Eli and Clare tell her that this is because they went to work on the paer, so the teacher makes Clare read her's, despite it being personall. Clare begins reading, but almost cries, so Ms. Dawes makes her stop. The teacher makes Eli tell her his opinion, and he states that Clare should read her writing at the showcase that night. Clare protests, saying that it is a personal paper, but the teacher signs her up anyway. Clare tells Eli that her mom is coming to the showcase, and he says that that is good, because she will be forced to listen. But at the showcase, Clare gets cold feet and leaves. Clare tells her mom at home that she got nervous, and Mrs. Edwards remarks that this is not like her. Clare gives her mom the paper to read, and convinces her mom to speak with Mr. Edwards about what is going on. As her parents chat, Clare goes outside, surprised to find Eli. She asks why he is here, and he tells her that he wants a warmer greeting, so she greets him properly. Eli tells her that he is fine with her keeping her paper a secret, but Clare says that she told her mom after all. Eli smirks a little and gives her headphones as a joke, in case her parents argue, or if she wants to ignore him. He apologizes for interfering and says that he will stop, but Clare says that it is OK if he does it sometimes. However, she will still do what she wants. Clare grins when Eli says " I wouldn't expect anything less" and drives away.

In Try Honesty, Clare and Eli leave class and see Fitz throw Adam into a locker, asking if he has figured out what Adam is looking at yet. Adam says that he can't figure out the smell, and Fitz tries to break his nose. Eli gets in his way, taunting him about his stench and and looks. The fight is broken up and Eli says to Clare and Adam that he won't be Fitz's victim. Clare, as usual, tells him to ignore the bullying. Later, Eli tells Clare that ignoring Fitz would be unsatisfying, but Clare tells him that it is pointless to get violent. Eli argues that it is a matter of opinion, and Clare says that he doesn't have to impress her, but can do what he wants. Eli smugly asks what makes her think that he is trying to impress her, and she smiles. Eli says that he'll smooth things over, and Clare happily says that she knew he was smart. Eli makes a snide remark when Fitz interrupts them, and Fitz tells him he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. Eli offers a truce if Fitz apologizes for damaging his car. Fitz begins to but kicks Eli in his private parts. Clare tries to help a fallen Eli and Fitz says that he apologized. As Fitz leaves, Eli tells Clare that it would be a good idea to punch him, but Clare says that it would make things even worse. Later, Fitz interrupts Eli and Clare when he punches Eli lightly on the arm. Clare seems pleased that they've reached a truce, but Eli confuses her when he says that he is gonna finish what Fitz began. Clare tells Adam that someone needs to stop Eli from doing something bad, but Adam tells her to stay out of it because he has a big plan in store for Fitz. Clare leaves, and later touches Eli's chin, noticing his split lip. Clare asks what happened, and Eli says that the police broke up a fight, and that Fitz was arrested for having the name of an arsonist on his fake ID. Clare leaves, upset about the fact that Fitz was set up by Eli. Eli tells her that Fitz will be OK when they find out his true identity, and that the worst that will happen is that he'll have to go to court for fake ID possession. Clare tells Eli that Fitz will be so angry, and then the bully walks up behind them. Clare hides behind Eli, and Fitz compliments Eli on the trick he pulled. Eli tells Fitz that he hoped he learned his lesson; the fake ID was only for novelty purposes. Fitz tells Eli that it is unfortunate that he is a slow learner and bumps into him as he leaves. Clare asks Eli is the two are at war, and Eli responds that he is right where he wants to be: inside Fitz's head.

In My Body is a Cage (Stronger), Clare is criticizing Eli's English work, saying that "Clara Edwin" is a floozy and to re-write his story. Then, she bumps into Adam, whose tampons fall to the floor. When Owen and Fitz walk by, Adam tells her to pick up her "gross feminine" stuff, and Clare goes along with it. Adam overhears her telling Eli what happened earlier, and he comes out of the closet as a female-to-male transgender. Clare asks if he is sure that he isn't simply a lesbian, or a masculine girl, to which Adam says that he is sure. Clare and Eli both accept and support Adam. The next day, Clare and Eli are sitting at a bench and see Adam being walked down the hall by a teacher, kids laughing at him. Adam tells his friends that his family still hasn't accepted him, and that he has to go back to being "Grace" when his grandma visits. Clare tells him that this will all blow over soon when the "next school scandal comes to a boil". After class, "Gracie" is sitting at a lunch table all alone, lighting a hair clip under the table and pressing it to her arm. Clare spots this, and "Gracie" stops, covering her scars. She tells Clare that if she is Gracie then everything is easier for everybody else. Clare points out that if she isn't happy that way, she doesn't have to be Gracie, and that everyone has to change, not Adam. Clare escorts Adam inside and later attends a bonfire with Adam's family and Eli. Drew burns Adam's old girl clothes and later, Adam decides to keep a picture of Gracie holding a book, saying that it is the same person.

Clare comforts Eli

Clare promises Eli that she'll always be there for him.

In Still Fighting It, Clare is assigned to work with Adam and Eli on a group project for English class: to modernize Romeo and Juliet. Clare informs Adam that she wants to kiss Eli, taking the next step. After school by the lunch benches outside, Eli and Clare are taped by Adam performing the death scene, where Clare and Eli share their first kiss. Clare wants to film it again, but Eli sees that Adam is a bit annoyed and tells her that they've got it. Clare, the enxt day, gets to her desk, happy. She asks Eli if he wants to hang out later, but he ignores her. Confused, she asks Adam if she smells bad or something. Clare replays the footage and asks her teacher, the former art teacher Mrs. Dawes, why Romeo is being "hot and cold". Her teacher, knowing that Clare is referring to Eli, tells her that the characters died because of a lack of communication. Clare decides to talk to Eli. When he is fixing his hearse "Morty", she tells him that they need to have a chat because they like each other, but he only apologizes for leading her on. Clare is surprised and sad, and then leaves. Later, Eli skips English and seems to be avoiding Clare. Clare is upset and confused, so she changes the ending of Romeo and Juliet to where Juliet gives up on Romeo and lives. She then asks Adam to question Eli. Adam talks to Eli later on, but only tells Clare Eli's address. Clare rides her bike over to his house and questions him on why he is rejecting his feelings for her. Eli refuses to tell her, saying that being apart is best for them. Clare refuses to be around him anymore and tries to leave. Eli gives in though, and suggests that he take her for a ride in his car. Eli says that during the past spring break, his girlfriend Julia and him got into a bad argument one night. She left his car and wanted to ride home on her bike. However, Julia was not paying attention due to her anger at Eli, and a car hit her, killing her. Eli says that he likes Clare, but feels responsible for Julia dying, and that he doesn't deserve her. Distancing himself is the only way to avoid hurting her. Clare looks shocked the whole time, and Eli says that he shouldn't be happy because it is not fair. The next day, Eli, Clare and Adam turn in the original taping where Clare and Eli kiss. Clare and Eli are on good terms again, still flirting. She agrees to give Eli some time to consider his Julia issues.

In Purple Pills, Clare waits for Eli at the Dot when Adam talks to him first. She also is talking to him at lunch when Adam arrives, and blows them off. Later, Clare and Eli tell Adam that his plan for fighting Fitz is dumb. Alli and other sophomores are writing an important exam in the gym, and Clare lights a stink bomb and rolls it into the gym, thus stopping Eli and Adam's confrontation with Fitz outside. The smoke alarm is set off and the school evacuates.

In All Falls Down, Clare and Eli are hiding from Snake because he is questioning people about the stink bomb incident the day before. Eli comforts her, telling the principal that Fitz set off the stink bomb, and Clare goes along with his story. Eli tells Clare that she has to repay him for lying for her, and Clare asks what he has in mind. Eli says "I don't know..." before deeply kissing her. They stand there awkwardly, but happily, and Eli tells her that he has a French mid-term now. Clare jokingly says that he probably just passed it. Before her own exam, Clare tells Alli about her official relationship with Eli, and how fast she should go with him. After the tests, Clare asks if Eli and her are now a couple, to which he says that they are. They decide to go to the Vegas Night dance later that day and are about to kiss, but Fitz interrupts them and yells at them for blaming him for the stink bomb. After Clare buys tickets, Fitz comes up to her and says that if she goes to "A Night in Vegas" with him, he'll stop bothering Eli and Adam. Clare agrees, though Adam finds out and tells Eli. They are both upset at Clare for doing this. Jenna, Alli and Clare discuss the situation at Clare's house while getting ready for the dance, until Eli comes over, He tells Clare to put some Ipecac poison in Fitz's drink because Eli believes that Fitz will try to sleep with her. Clare says that she doesn't like Fitz, and declines, saying that poisoning Fitz wouldn't stop the violence. Eli feels betrayed by Clare, who says she doesn't know which "side" to choose. That night, Clare finds Fitz by his locker with a corsage, since his mom told him to give it to Clare. Clare smiles, and tells Fitz that she will not have sex with him. He says that he was joking with Eli, even though he does like her, and that he wouldn't try anything on her unless she wants him to. Clare declines, and suggests that this feud between Eli and him stop. Fitz says that the condition will be met if Eli apologizes. Clare finds him in the room with two cups of punch, and Eli apologizes, though Fitz doesn't believe it to be sincere. Clare tells him that he got what he wanted, but Eli gives him a cup of punch to toast. Fitz takes it, but a suspicious Clare tells them to switch cups, giving the excuse that it is an ancient Roman custom. Fitz drinks, but vomits and runs to his locker. Eli laughs, and Clare gets mad at him. Eli puts the blame on her, since she made him switch cups, but she tells him that whatever Fitz does for payback, Eli deserves it. Clare goes to find Fitz as Eli just looks watches her go. Clare says that she is upset for what happened to Fitz, but becomes aware that he has a knife in his possession. She leaves, and Fitz doesn't know that she saw him opening the knife. Clare goes back into the danceroom, and asks Adam where Eli is. He tells Clare that Eli is searching for her, and Clare tells him that Fitz is armed and dangerous. Adam is worried that Fitz might use it, and is ordered by Clare to inform Snake. The school is put on lockdown and the cops arrive. Clare goes to Eli's locker and takes his Ipod away, informing him of the situation. Eli tells her that he refuses to be scared of Fitz anymore. The bully comes down the hallway, and tells Clare to shut up when she advises that he leave. Eli apologizes for what happened, but Fitz pushes him against the wall, and nearly stabs him. Clare and Eli both scream out, but Fitz only stabbed the wall, causing Eli to sink to the floor in anxiety. Fitz teases Eli, but the cops arrest him. Everyone begins to leave the dance, and Eli tells Clare that bullies have bothered him since he was 9, and he couldn't avoid it. Clare tells him that he is older, but Eli says that so are the bullies. Fitz glares at them as he is shoved into a police car, and Clare tells him that she refuses to be with him if this is how Eli handles bullies. Snake comes out and asks what happened. Clare confesses that they lied about the stink bomb, and that Fitz wanted to get even. Snake tells them that there will be consequences. Just then, Holly J. and Sav are escorted by a female officer, who tells Snake that Holly J. was stripping for Sav. The couple stands next to Clare and Eli, and Snake tells them that he is SO disappointed in them. He says that everything will change when they return for the second semester.

Degrassi uniforms

Clare and Alli return to school in January 2009 in new uniforms.

In Don't Let Me Get Me, Clare and Alli are discussing the new rules and the Vegas Night lockdown in front of the school. Clare tells Alli to stay strong as Drew approaches. Drew comes up and pulls Alli aside to apologize for what he did, and to ask for a second chance. Alli wants to avoid him, and tells Clare that she needs a fresh start as they walk into the school. After hearing the new rules on the morning announcements, Clare is frustrated by the new rules, claiming that the administration is overreacting. She also says that Eli was suspended because of his actions during the dance and that Clare is going to be questioning her sanity for being with him when he returns. Alli looks forward to the new rules giving her a clean slate. Later, Clare and Alli discuss feeling good and giving Drew another chance when Snake comes up to them and tells Alli to go to the office. Clare comes up to Alli after that to continue the discussion about her relationship status. Clare warns Alli, saying that Drew might cheat on her again and that he can't be trusted. Later, Alli decides to transfer to another school, saying that she is a bad friend. Clare reminds her of the real Alli she knows, the "funny, nice and sweet Alli" and that they'll always be friends. Clare sheds a few tears as she watches Alli dump Drew and take her last walk down Degrassi's halls.

In Love Lockdown, Clare forgives Eli for fighting Fitz when he returns to school (out of dress code because he wasn't aware of the new rules). He wants to make everything up to Clare by taking her out on their first real date. Eli says that he got tickets to see an author named Chuck Palahniuk (someone they admire) speak, but Clare has to go to the Grundy Awards (for the Space Awakening play last year) that night at school, and her parents agreed to stop fighting to go with her. It is revealed that her parents are still arguing quite a bit. Clare tells Eli that she will try to go to the talk with him after the awards, but her mom says that it is past her curfew and that Clare and her parents have to talk. Clare goes to the Awards, but her parents are distracted by fighting when Clare gives her winning speech. She goes backstage to meet Eli and tells him that her parents are still arguing, so they run across the stage and go see the author. Clare misses her curfew and ignores their calls. Clare kisses Eli at dinner, becoming comfortable with her wild side, and they get matching piercings. Eli says that he loves this Clare and that she should stay this way for their second date. Clare says that they are still on their first date. Her dad calls and Eli suggests that she go home. Clare distracts him a little. When Clare gets home, her parents are mad at her for getting the piercing and worrying them, but Clare doesn't care. Her parents are skeptical, and Clare is glad that they are mad at her for a change. The next day, Clare and Eli says hi, and Eli asks if her parents are mad at him. She says that they don;t know him yet, but Mrs. Dawes gives him a detention for being out of dress code. Clare suggests that he come over for dinner later that night so her parents get to know him. Eli agrees. At taco night, Clare's folks ask Eli questions, but Clare answers for him, trying to make him seem like a bad influence on her with information Eli wasn't comfortable with sharing. Still, her parents don't seem to care, though Eli is annoyed. The next morning, Clare arrives in her old ripped "St. Clare" uniform, with a gothic slutty look, with part of her hair dyed black. Eli is surprised and tells her that she will get a detention. Clare says that she thought Eli would like it, and implies that she doesn't care by saying "C'mon, live dangerously". Eli tells her that he doesn't like this side of her anymore, and she reveals that she wants to make her parents think that if she is acting out, they need to stay together to fix her behavior. Eli is upset at Clare for using him and leaves. Clare comes home, saying she needs her parents to sign a detention slip. Her parents argue over her being a "delinquet" or "harping on her" based on the shock of her attire. Clare yells at them to stop, and her mom gives her a hug, saying that they are divorcing. Clare starts crying on her mom's shoulder.

Clare in wintertime

Clare in Jesus, Etc. (season 1)

In Umbrella, Clare walks in on her parents selling a big part of her childhood: her house. Clare also finds them getting rid of some antiques, like the watch her father taught her how to tell time on. Clare grabs the watch and goes to school. She talks to a religious boy from her church about it, and he tells her that he is there to support her through her family issues. Clare meets up with Eli and informs him about the situation. Eli tells her about his friend whose parents went through a divorce. The friend stayed in the house and his parents moved out. Clare thinks about this and tells her parents, though they don't believe that it will work. Clare storms out and goes to Little Miss Steaks, where she meets Eli and his parents. Eli's parents suggest that Clare stay at their house, in Eli's room. Eli tells his parents to leave, adn tells Clare that he had sex with Julia. Clare says that she doesn't want to sleep with him, but Eli says that even though he wishes she did, he is fine with it. Clare thinks that they're too different and they'll argue, but Eli assures her that they are nothing like her folks. Clare leaves and at school, talks in her religious group about her divorce. She begins to doubt her faith, and Eli walks in. Eli remarks that "Jesus' plan sucks". The religious leader gets mad, so Clare and Eli leave. Clare cries in the hallway, saying that she is losing everything she has known. Eli tells her that he is still there for Clare. She goes home and comes across her mom sorting through things. Clare's mom happens upon a picture of Clare, Darcy and her dad skiing in Maine. Clare's mom says that she regrets not taking risks when it came to family and relationships. Clare says that she has to go and tells Eli she wants to stay in his room. Eli says that this isn't who she is and tries to tell her she needs to go home. Clare says "I don't know who I am!" and refuses to leave. She begins to hold Eli's hands, but he jerks back, and she gets sad. Clare goes home, mad about Eli rejecting her and deciding to avoid him. However, the next day at his locker, she demands that he give back her dad's watch. She also is confused why Eli wouldn't have sex with her, but he says it is because of her religion. They get into a heated argument, and Eli refuses to give her watch back and walks away. Clare tells Adam the situation, and wants Adam to tag along during lunch to get her dad's watch back. When there, they make an excuse to Eli's dad, Blaine "Bullfrog", that Eli sent them to fetch his English homework. Bullfrog says that Eli never lets anyone in his room, but Clare says that he gave them the combo. Adam says that he's never been in Eli's room before, and Clare tries Eli's school combo. Adam gets nervous and suggests that they leave, but Clare says that she is staying so Adam remains there. Clare is told by Adam that it might be the death date of Julia, and the combo, much to Clare's surprise works. They enter Eli's room to find that it is extremely messy. Clare decides that he is simply embarassed of being messy and cleans out his locker. Eli has trouble talking and is upset. Clare says that she was only trying to help, but Eli rummages through the recycling bin for his stuff, shouting "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!". Clare walks away, confused, as Eli continues his search. Later, Clare's parents agree that Clare can remain in the house and that they will move out. After her parents go out, Eli knocks on the door and sits down to talk with Clare when she lets him in. Eli says that since Julia died, he feels that someone, maybe even him, will die if he throws things away. Clare tells him that he is a hoarder, and Eli says that his mom tried taking him to a therapist, and that he wants help. Clare supports him, and he asks if she can always be there, because she is the only thing that can keep him calm. The two hug, and later, Clare helps Eli decide what to discard and what to keep in his room. Eli returns Clare's watch, but she tells him that she has to get rid of some stuff as well, and that he can keep it. The two go on Eli's bed and kiss.

In Halo, Clare and Eli hold hands, but Adam shouts "suspended for PDA" which means Personal Displays of Affection, so the couple let go. They laugh about it when Adam comes up, and Eli asks if Adam likes anyone. Adam admits that he likes Fiona, and Clare wonders if she

When love takes over

Clare and Eli flirting in When Love Takes Over (season 1)

knows that he is transgender. Adam says she doesn't and wonders if she is out of his league. Eli says that "missing some parts never stopped you before". Eli and Clare take Adam to their secret romantic hideout, and Adam loves it, asking how they came across it. Clare says that they were on one of their urban adventures, and Eli jokes that he deflowered Clare here. Clare jokes and says that they shouldn't talk like that in a place of worship. Eli corrects her that it is an abandoned place of worship. Adam decides to throw a secret, anti-crackdown party, and Eli is hesitant. Adam says that he wants to cheer up Fiona, which makes Clare gush while Eli rolls his eyes. The three decide to make it a New York City-style party for her. Clare helps her boyfriend and Adam clean it out, and stands next to them, admiring their work. Later, she lays in a hammock with Eli, expressing their worry for Adam and flirting.

Eclare confronts Fitz

In When Love Takes Over, Clare and Eli watch Fiona's audition for the school play and agree to let her in. Adam is overjoyed. She goes onstage later as Adam talks to Fiona. The next day, Clare and Eli are waiting for Adam and Fiona to show up for rehearsal. Clare suggests that Adam bring Fiona to sit with her and Eli at the Lover's Lunch, and Adam agrees. The group gets back to work. At lunch, Clare waits with Adam and Eli for Fiona to arrive. She comes and tells Clare that she has pretty eyes and that they should go shopping, since Clare's uniform doesn't look good on her. Eli tells Adam that she is drunk, and Fiona says that they shouldn'y whisper. Adam takes Fiona aside to talk to her. Clare and Eli look for Adam after he cancels practice, and Adam apologizes for the lunch incident. Clare tells him that he doesn't have to apologize, and Eli jokingly says that "women are trouble". Clare says, "even me?", and Eli says especially her before pulling her close. The couple stares at each other for some time. Adam says that we wants what Clare and Eli have, and Eli says that one day Adam will have that. The trio prepares to leave, but Fiona arrives, thinking that there was practice, and Clare and Eli leave Adam to talk to her. Clare is seen with Eli at The Dot later when Adam arrives, heartbroken after Fiona tells him she wants nothing to do with him. Clare says that Fiona will change her mind. Adam goes to sulk when Holly J. arrives to tell him something. Clare and Eli begin talking at their table.

In Jesus, Etc., Eli teaches Clare how to drive while discussing his story submission to a comic book. She jokingly trades her editing skills for Eli's driving lessons, and they briefly kiss. As Clare begins to drive, they see Fitz and skid to a stop. Fitz wants to talk to them, but they keep driving, shocked. Clare and Eli discuss the return of Eli's arch-nemisis. Clare theorizes that Fitz escaped juvie as she ponders why he wants to chat with them, and wonders if he is still dangerous. Eli doesn't think that Fitz escaped, and thinks that Fitz wants to get even with Eli. While editing Eli's story outside at the lunch tables, Fitz comes up to Clare, saying that they need to talk. He apologizes, but Clare threatens to inform Mr. Simpson that he is on school grounds. Fitz tells her that while he was gone, he became religious, but runs away when he spots Eli's hearse pulling up. Clare packs up and gets in the car, ready for driving lessons. Before she begins driving, she tells Eli (who noticed her distraction) what just happened, and he gets mad, since Fitz is dangerous. Eli points out that Fitz was tricking Clare with his religion talk, and that Clare is making it hard for him to do his job. Clare asks what that means, and he says that he needs to protect her, since he is her boyfriend. Clare gets upset and leaves, feeling overprotected. The next morning, Eli is leaning on his hearse by the buses. Clare asks what he is doing, and he says that he is keeping a lookout for Fitz. Clare just walks away. At The Dot later on, Clare tells Adam that Eli is great, but is smothering her. She points out that he is worth it, despite being overwhelming. Adam sees Fitz working at The Dot, and is surprised. He says that they should leave, but Clare protests, saying that since this is their hangout, Fitz should leave, and that she is staying. Adam walks out and Clare goes up to Fitz. She asks why he is working there, and Fitz tells her that is is convenient. She warns him to stay out of her way, but Fitz gently grabs her wrist and apologizes again for Vegas Night. He asks for forgiveness, and Clare decides to put the incident past her. Fitz says that he also has to make amends with Eli, to which Clare says that she will help Fitz accomplish his goal. Eli pulls up outside and sees what is happening. He walks in and shoves Fitz away from Clare. He tells Fitz to back off, and asks Clare if she is OK. Clare says she is fine and that they were just chatting. Eli demands for Fitz to tell him, so Fitz tells Eli that he is sorry. Eli just says "whatever" and pulls Clare by the elbow, but she stands her ground. Clare asks if that is all Eli wants to say, and he says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with the bully. Eli asks if Clare is coming or staying, and Clare goes with Eli. Things are tense between the powercouple after this incident, but they make up. Eli is excited that Clare will assist him with his story, "Stalker Angel", and she goes to the computer lab to check her e-mail. Clare finds that Fitz has been sending her chain mail about G-d and religion. Clare goes to the diner and asks Fitz to stop cyber-stalking her in the middle of the night, and Fitz says that he is worried about Eli. Clare tells Fitz to leave it alone. She goes home later, alone in the house, when it starts to rain heavily. She helps Eli on the phone with his story, but Fitz shows up at her doorstep, injured. Clare lets him in and he tells her that he fell off of his bike. Clare allows him to stay until the storm passes, and offers to dry his clothes. Fitz pulls up his shirt, and Clare sees a large bruise on his stomach. Clare demands to know that truth and Fitz says that Steve, his druggie step-brother, was beating him after he got out of juvie. Fitz tells her that Clare is the reason he made it through juvie, saying that he has changed and she should dump Eli for him because Eli is stubborn and will never change. Clare tells him after he begins eating and watching TV that he can leave, since the storm is over and his clothes are dry. Her mom wouldn't like it anyways. Eli shows up at her house, enraged that Fitz is in Clare's house. Clare explains that Fitz is in trouble and hurts Eli's feelings by saying that he is heartless. Eli goes to sulk in Morty while Clare says that Fitz made a mess and calls Father Greg, his counselor. After Fitz is picked up, Clare goes into Eli's hearse and apologizes for what happened. Eli, in tears, says that he thinks Clare is slipping away, and makes Clare promise to be with him forever. She does and they embrace. The next day at school , Eli happily reads Clare his completed horror story in which the heroine, Rachel (based off of Clare) is killed by her boyfriend Malcolm (punned as Eli), who drinks her blood so that they will be together forever. Eli tells Clare the he loves her, and she just looks weirded out.

In Hide and Seek, Clare, Connor and a lot of other sophomores are waiting for their class to begin when they see Holly J. in deep sleep. She wonders if Holly J. is alright. Later, Clare is seen with other 10th grade students digging up time capsules that they buried in 7th grade (even though she was at a private school during that time and didn't participate in this project).

In Chasing Pavements, Clare is glad that Alli has returned to Degrassi. She decides to prevent Snake from being fired by helping Alli tutor the "bottomfeeders" of 10th grade math to improve standardized test scores. Clare points out that Drew is also in this group, much to Alli's annoyance. The next day, Clare helps and supports Alli in her efforts to raise the test scores.

In Drop the World, Clare is going to school as Eli runs up to her, and tells her that his short story, "Stalker Angel", was published in a goth magazine. Clare is happy, and surprised that Eli gave her credit for just being an editor. Eli hugs her and tells her that their future could consist of being a writing team. Clare acts a bit nervous. Alli walks up and reminds Clare that they need to shop for the dance before spring break. Eli gets a bit worried and asks Clare why she would go to a dance when she was just published. Clare tells Eli that he doesn't have to go to the dance if he doesn't want to. Clare tells Eli about her time with Alli at the abandoned church, and then starts dancing to a corny pop song. Eli tells her to stop, and Clare says that she likes it because it is happy just like the spring. Eli apologizes and tells her that he has tickets to a goth writing convention over spring break for him and his family. He tells Clare that her mom said it would be okay if she attended the conference with him. Clare is shocked that Eli asked her mom before consulting her, but Eli says he wanted to surprise her. Clare tells him that she is planning on going with him, but Eli wants her to be really happy and thinks that she is sad. Clare tells Eli that she is going and that is enough. Eli smiles and things get awkward between them. Clare goes to talk to Alli on a bench in front of the school. Alli thinks that Eli is weird and creepy when Clare tells her about the story and the trip. Clare defends Eli, remembering that 11 months ago his ex-girlfriend Julia died, and that is why he is clingy now. Clare tells Eli to meet at their special bench. Eli arrives there and Clare says that Eli is not totally over Julia. Eli insists that he cares about Clare, and that everything being around the death anniversary of Julia is a coincidence. Clare says that she needs space and time to consider all of this. Eli goes back to the old church and shoots a picture of Julia, blaming her for ruining his relationship with Clare. The next day, Eli catches Clare on her way to Degrassi and tells her he wants to talk. He agrees to give her space and opens Morty. Clare sees the gun in the trunk that Eli forgot about, and hugs him, worried. She tells him to take her to class. Clare sits in English, looking nervous, far away from Eli and Adam. Eli is called to the front office to meet his dad and realizes that Clare called Bullfrog regarding the gun. Eli explains everything to his dad and loses priveleges to Morty. He confronts Clare, but Clare says that she was worried and didn't want to get Eli in trouble, so she just called his dad instead of telling Snake. Eli tells her that he understands and asks Clare to meet him at his special bench tonight if she wants to go on the trip. Clare stands him up and goes to the spring formal with Alli. Alli tells Clare that Clare has to stick to herself and end things with Eli. Clare agrees and goes outside to talk with Eli on the phone. Eli says that she ripped his heart out, and Clare tells him that she didn't mean to. Eli reminds her that she promised not to leave him, and that they should be together on the trip. Clare tells him that they aren't meant to be together, and that she isn't going to the conference because she hates Morty. Eli says that he will get rid of it, despite Clare asking for him to stop because he likes the car. Clare hears a crash and heads to the hospital, where she sees Eli with a bruised face, broken legs and a neck brace. Clare says that Eli could've died, but Eli says that it is okay because Clare came. Clare dumps him, saying that Eli is just deceiving her and scaring her. She returns to the dance and tells Alli she wants to at least try to enjoy the rest of the night.


Degrassi Season 2:

Clare returns after spring break to complete her sophomore year. She also reunites with her old childhood friend, Jake Martin, an eleventh grader, who may be her new love interest.

In LoveGame, Clare is getting dressed for school, and her mom tells her not to be late for dinner. When she gets to school, Clare and Alli discuss Clare's break up with Eli the night of the spring formal, and then Clare sees Eli walking with a cane, recovering from his injuries. Clare goes up to him and asks how he is doing. Eli says with a blank expression that he is doing fine. Clare looks surprised and asks if he would like to talk. Eli refuses. Later, Clare is walking with Dave, Sadie and Alli, and they ask if Clare is going to Above the Dot for a get together. Clare is distracted when she drops a binder going to class with Adam. She asks if Eli can really be over her that quickly. Adam tells Clare that Eli was doing great over break. Clare and Alli are getting ready at Clare's house for the get together, but Clare's mom reminds her that the Martin family is coming over for dinner, so Clare has to stay. Clare tells Alli to report back to her later, but Jake and his dad, Glen, arrive just then. Alli and Jake have a moment, and Clare remembers the last time when she saw Jake. Clare is disgusted by Jake's manners, and they are both bored when Helen and Glen start talking. Clare suggests taking Jake over to Above the Dot to introduce him to her friends, and Helen accepts. Clare introduces Jake to Sadie, Dave and KC. Alli and KC tease Clare and say that Clare should introduce him to Eli. Clare introduces Adam and Eli to Jake, but gets mad when Eli and Jake start chatting, instead of Eli being jealous. She tries to talk to Eli, but then the following scene happens:

Degrassi Love Game - Did You Ever Love Me At All?!00:23

Degrassi Love Game - Did You Ever Love Me At All?!

Clare has a showdown with Eli about their break up at Above the Dot.

Clare season 11

Clare's hair is a bit longer and she is putting flowers and bows in it more for the eleventh season.

Later, on the way back home, Jake tells Clare that she needs closure with Eli, and kisses her. Clare is shocked, but seems to enjoy it. She tells Alli the next day and Alli teases Clare about it. Alli encourages Clare to make Eli jealous with Jake, but Clare wants to apologize to him for causing a scene. Alli disagrees about Clare making an apology and leaves. Clare apologizes to Eli, and he reveals that he has been taking anti-anxiety medicine. Clare realizes that this is why he is so relaxed.

In Cry Me a River, the rules at Degrassi are now more relaxed, so clubs are back in session. In order to avoid Eli and be busy, Clare wants to join the school newspaper. Clare has already been published with her story with Eli and she is a good writer. She talks with junior Katie Matlin about being on the newspaper, and Katie gives Clare an assignment: to write a 100-word article on getting over a break up. Alli critiques the lengthy paper at lunch, but Clare thinks that because she overdid it, Katie will be pleased. But jut one look at the lengthy paper makes Katie reject Clare. Alli and Clare go to The Dot later, and Clare apologizes for making the article too long, but Katie ignores her and walks away. Clare asks Marisol why Katie is being so mean, and Marisol says that Katie doesn't like drama. Marisol calls Clare a drama-queen. Clare continues asking Katie for a second chance, but Katie tells Clare that she ruined her chance and is too dramatic for Katie to deal with. Clare and Alli discuss the situation when Sav overhears, and offers to make Katie allow Clare onto the newspaper. Clare refuses his offer, but Sav says that there aren't enough sophomores on the staff anyway. Katie is forced to allow Clare onto the newspaper, since Sav is school president. However, Katie purposely gives Clare the job of covering the school play, which Eli is in charge of.


In Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Clare tells Eli about her job on the newspaper, and that she needs to interview him. The two are still awkward after their break up, but Eli accepts. At lunch Eli goes for the interview, but has yet to come up with a breakthrough plot and leaves Clare in the middle of their interview. Later, Clare and Jake are flirting in the hallway, causing Eli to go berserk in a classroom. Eli watches Clare in the cafeteria. Later, they run into each other and he introduces her to Imogen. Clare says that they still have an interview to do, and Eli will do the interview tomorrow at lunch. He says "it's a date". The next day, Eli meets her at lunch, saying that Clare is his muse. Clare is glad she can help. Eli says that the play, "Love Roulette", is about a guy who is manipulated by his girlfriend, who happens to be obsessed with a religious psycho. Clare tells Eli that the play, which is based on Eli's feud with Fitz, is a lie. She asks if he is off of his meds, and Eli says he is. He also tells her that he isn't in love with her anymore, and is free. Clare tells him he needs help, and Eli says that he has all the help he needs. Imogen walks up and says "at your service, Eli Goldsworthy". Eli throws away his pills and leaves with Imogen, leaving Clare to look concerned.

In Should've Said No, Clare is talking to Alli on the phone, saying that she never said that Jake is hotter than molten lava. Glen overhears and Clare gets embarassed, ending her conversation with Alli. Glen tells Clare that Jake is in the kitchen, if she is looking for him. Clare walks in to find Jake shirtless. Jake asks why she is staring, and Clare denies that she was staring. She tells Jake that she has to do homework. The next day at school, Clare and Alli discuss the situation, and Alli encourages Clare to ask out Jake. Clare gets home and sees Jake with a shirt on, fixing a leak in the kitchen. Clare says that she is hanging out with her mom, but Helen and Glen leave, giving Jake and Clare money to buy a pizza. Clare goes to her room and calls Alli, asking if she can come over and distract Clare form Jake. Alli says that it is her dad's birthday, so she cannot. Jake comes up and asks if everything is all right. Clare daydreams about kissing him, so the two make out. At school, Katie asks Clare if Jake is a good guy, because the two are attending the Degrassi movie night together. Clare is dismayed, and confronts Jake. Jake tells her that he doesn't do relationships since his mom and dad aren't together anymore. Clare leaves, angry. She has a dream about kissing Jake that night, and falls out of her bed. Clare goes downstairs, hearing her mom kissing a guy. Her mom tells Clare that her and the guy are serious. The next day, Clare calls over Jake, since she has experience with this stuff. Jake says that when his dad first started dating again, he was upset, but it makes his dad happy so he doesn't care anymore. Clare wants her and Jake to be happy, and they make out again. Later, Clare is waiting for her mom, and she gets a text from Jake saying he wants to kiss her. As Clare responds, Helen gets in the car, and says that she isn't with her boyfriend every night. Clare is understanding and wonders if her dad has a girlfriend too. At school, Jake and Clare sneak off into an empty classroom, and Jake wants to hang out with her tonight. Clare reminds Jake of his plans with Katie, but Jake is willing to cancel them. That night, Clare finds her mom's divorce papers, and discovers that the real reason her parents divorced is because her dad was a cheater. Clare tells Jake she can't just be friends with benefits. She and Alli go to movie night, and Alli introduces her to Liam, a fellow sophomore. She kisses Liam, and the two find Jake and Katie. Jake and Clare look at each other, and go for a walk. They discuss their friends with benefits deal, and decide that they really like each other. Clare suggests they take a risk and start dating, and Jake agrees. When they arrive at home, they discover that thir parents are going out, so they need to keep their relationship a secret from their folks.

In U Don't Know, Clare agrees to help Imogen play Clara in Love Roulette, but Imogen must make Clara more sympathetic in return. After Clare helps Imogen, Imogen gives Clare a gift card to Little Miss Steaks. That night, Clare and Jake discuss their relationship at Little Miss Steaks over dinner. Imogen purposely brings Eli over to their table as Jake and Clare kiss, in order to make Eli mad. Eli storms off, and Clare tells Imogen that she would never do what Imogen just did. Imogen scoffs, saying that the "real Clare Edwards" would do anything to get what she wants. Imogen leaves the restaurant.

In Lose Yourself, Clare and Jake walk to class together, discussing Jake's involvement in the school play and how to keep their relationship secret from their folks. He jokingly says that he has found something to do at school. Besides her, that is. Clare asks Adam in science if Eli would jeopardize her relationship with Jake, and Adam makes a joke out of it. Adam says that he doubts Eli would do that. Later, Clare tells Eli not to say anything negative about her to Jake. Eli says that Jake will be out of the picture soon enough, and laughs. Clare and Adam look for his ba, and Clare volunteers to hold Jake's shaky ladder for him, since she thinks Eli is trying to sabotage Jake's equipment. Clare continues to help Jake with the play's contraction work. Clare later sits-in while they are doing a read-through of the play, but Fiona tells her to leave after Clare asks too many questions and starts arguing with Imogen. She tells Jake in his truck what she is nervous about, and Jake says that Eli is too weird to make Jake think anything bad about Clare. Clare and Eli have a moment when Eli tells her he made Clara the heroine, as "she always was".

In Mr. Brightside, Clare gives Katie ideas for the newspaper at a lunch meeting.

In Extraordinary Machine, Clare gives Eli an interview at The Dot, and he insists on paying for Clare's coffee. But Eli can't concentrate, and leaves after Jake walks in. Eli wants to get Jake expelled by planting his anti-anxiety meds in Jake's locker. Imogen offers to help, but puts them in Clare's locker instead. Clare is taken to the principal's office after the cops at the school find the drugs in her locker. Eli yells at Imogen when he finds out what she did. Clare tries to persuade Principal Simpson that he knows her, and she would never sell drugs, but he is forced to call her parents. Eli comes in and says that Clare was merely holding onto his medicine for him. Clare is off the hook. Later, she is interviewing Riley and Fiona about the play, btu Eli asks for a moment alone with Clare, and tells her that the pill incident was meant for Jake, and that he only wants to be the guy she fell in love with. Clare tells Eli that she dumped that guy in a rage. She tells Eli that they will never be back together. She is seen at the play's opening night, looking concerned for Eli. Clare tells Jake the next day that she will meet him for lunch, and watches as Eli leaves school.

In Don't Panic, Clare and Jake argue about barely spending time together. Eli and Fiona "trap" Clare and Jake in a sweat lodge for them to make up, where Eli admits that he is bipolar. Clare and Jake admit their feelings for each other and make out, but Fiona brings Clare inside so Eli and Jake can make up.

In Dead and Gone, Jake comes out in a prom outfit, and the two discuss the fact that their parents are still going out. Clare tells Jake that Helen thinks she is volunteering at prom. Helen asks them if they can all have dinner together, and Jake tells Clare that he'll ask his dad to reschedule. But Glen tells Jake that he ad Helen are engaged, and Jake can't tell anyone. At dinner, the engagement is announced, and Clare objects, revealing that her and Jake are in a relationship. Helen tells them to break up, and Clare leaves. Clare arrives at prom in her normal clothes, and Jake comes to talk to Clare about her storming off. Clare asks Jake to help her stop the wedding, but Jake wants his dad to be happy. Jake dumps her because of the situation. Clare cries when she, Katie, Eli and Drew find Adam lying on the floor, shot on the shoulder, when Vince the thug comes to kill Drew and Bianca at the prom. Drew asks Eli and Clare to accompany Adam to the hospital while he finds Bianca, since Adam is best friends with both Eli and Clare. At the hospital, Eli and Clare comfort Adam and he jokes around with them. Audra Torres shows up, so Eli and Clare give them space. Clare discusses the breakup situation with Eli, who says that he is sorry for what has happened. Clare tells Eli that perhaps her and Jake weren't meant to be, and the two stare at each other.

In Nowhere to Run, Clare and Alli discuss the situation, and Jake wants to talk to Clare alone. She blows him off, and he hides the rose he brought for her. Later, Clare prepares for the wedding, and ignores Alli's problems with Dave. She reads a speech from the Bible about love, and her and Jake glance at each other. Jake wants to be back together, but Clare rejects him, only to realize she made a mistake. Bianca calls for Adam, telling Clare (the next day) about Jake's summer bash at his remote cabin in the countryside. Bianca is surprised to hear that Clare doesn't know about the party, and will drive Clare to the cabin. Clare is nervous about Marisol being there. Clare and Bianca walk up on Alli and Jake kissing by a campfire, causing Clare to get mad and run off into the woods. She trips and hurts her hand, but Eli helps her, saying that he took a bus up here. They smile at each other, and Clare says that she is glad that he found her. Drew and Jake find Clare with Eli, and Jake and Clare go into a room to talk. Clare is mad at both Alli and Jake. Jake tells Clare that Alli kissed him, and that he made a huge mistake kissing her back. Clare forgives him and they get back together, despite the fact that they are step-siblings now. Glen and Helen return from their honeymoon and tell everyone that they will have to go home in the morning. In the morning, Alli tries to apologize to Clare, and asks for a ride, but Clare says that they are all full. Clare tells Alli that Alli has no excuse for kissing Jake, and that their friendship is over. Alli watches as Clare and Jake give Eli a ride home.


  • K.C. Guthrie:
  • Start Up: Danger Zone
  • Break Up: Heart Like Mine
  • Reason: K.C. developed feelings for Jenna, despite trying to be loyal to Clare. Also, Clare and K.C. only made each other mad.
Clare and K.C.
  • Elijah Goldsworthy
  • Start Up: All Falls Down
  • Break Up: Drop the World
  • Reason: Clare felt that Eli was manipulating her, and also was too intense for her to deal with right now. She also believed that Eli wouldn't give her space because a year after Julia died, he was scared of losing her, and wasn't totally over Julia, despite his claims
    Emo Clare

    Clare sporting her new look in The Breaking Point

    that he only loved Clare right now.

Second Relationship:

  • Start Up: In the Cold, Cold Night

Cake fall 2011
  • Jake Martin:
  • Start Up: Should've Said No
  • Break Up: Dead and Gone
  • Reason: Their parents were engaged, and they felt it would be worse if they broke up later.

Second Relationship:

  • Start Up: Nowhere to Run
  • Break Up: Underneath It All
  • Reason: Jake rejected Clare's attempt to have sex, and they realized they were not meant to be.

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