Jacqueline Tong pic

a recent picture of Jacqueline Tong who played Daisy Peel Barnes on Upstairs, Downstairs.

Daisy Barnes (nee Peel) was a character on the 1970's period drama Upstairs, Downstairs. She was played by actress Jacqueline Tong.

The Under House Parlor maid

Daisy was the most long-lasting of the Under House Parlor maids at 165 Eaton Place, a townhouse in London's fashionable Belgravia area. Daisy, like her mentor, Rose Buck, would later become a Lady's maid with the appearance of Miss Georgina Worsley.

She was a capable worker, although she was not without her faults. In one episode, The Glorious Dead, she unintentionally upsets Rose, who had just lost her fiancé, Gregory Wilmot. Her intents were good, but she still hurt Rose's feelings.

Daisy had fallen in love with Edward Barnes, the footman, and later on, the two were married, and despite the stigma of married servants, they maintained their posts at Eaton Place.

At the end of the series, after a series of dead ends, Daisy and Edward gained posts in the new household of Georgina and her new husband, Robert, the Marquis of Stockbridge, as house maid and butler, respectively.

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