David Harrington is a character on the series, The Haves and the Have Nots. He is played by actor Peter Parros.
David Harrington
The Haves and the Have Nots
Family Harrington


Peter Parros as David Harrington


David is a judge in the same Criminal courts division in Savannah, Georgia that Jim Cryer is also associated with.  He is also Jim's business associate and one of his closest friends.  He is also in the running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.  He is more honest and less furtive about his actions than Jim is, although him doing Jim's bidding has also given him his share of headaches. 

He is married to Veronica Harrington, an attorney; and they have a son, Jeffrey.  In a sheer inverse of how the Cryers parent their children, Veronica insists that Jeffrey be a certain way; while David insists that Jeffrey be himself.

When Jeffrey came out as gay, David accepted him immediately and offered his support while Veronica outright condemned their son for being something she did not want to have happen.  David has become more and more upset with Veronica and her behavior.  Whenever she pushed too far, he was there to stop her from causing way too much damage, but at present, her behavior has become such that David had moved out of their home and is living in the Sarandon Hotel, a local hotel in Savannah. He is also the target of affections of his campaign manager, Maggie Day.  Maggie is wanting to be with him, but David is still hoping to get Veronica to see reason.

Veronica, by now, totally beyond contempt, tries to kill her husband by setting fire to the mansion they share. David escapes, but Veronica succeeds in destroying her home. He also gets into a blistering confrontation with Jim, after it was revealed that Veronica had his son, Wyatt, raped! He is persuaded by Veronica to run for Governor....against Jim, but that doesn't help matters, when he, Jim, Katheryn and Veronica are all arrested for covering up various crimes.

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