Declan Coyne first arrived at Degrassi C.S. in the 2007-2008 school year's second semester as a rich player. The son of a diplomatic father, he has been to many private schools around the world with his younger twin sister, Fiona. Declan was introduced as a bit of an anti-hero, as he is a bit of a girlfriend-stealer. However, he is currently recognized as a good person deep down. It is likely that the Coyne family was introduced to gain more viewers, as they resemble the stereotypical rich and attractive characters of soap operas.

Degrassi: TNG Season 9

Interview with Declan promo:

Declan and his sister as introduced as spoiled kids in the 11th grade. They moved to Toronto from NYC, and are quite unused to public school life. While Fiona is seen mainly as a supporting character (even though she is considered a regular, and has more storylines than her brother in the next season), Declan is given many storylines, which mainly revolve around relationships.

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