Degrassi season 6

Degrassi: The Next Generation season 6 takes place in the first semester of the 2006-2007 school year. It follows a high school sophomore, 4 high school juniors, high school seniors and college freshmen. This is the first season that depicts the death of a main character.



Archibald/Archie "Snake" Simpson- MI teacher at Degrassi.

Christina "Spike" Nelson- Emma's mom and Degrassi graduate.

Marco Del Rossi- Paige's good friend.

Paige Michalchuk- A diva.

Alex Nunez- Paige's girlfriend.

Jay Hogart- Mechanic from Degrassi.

Eleanor "Ellie" Nash- A military brat.

Ms. Hatzilakos- Degrassi principal.

Craig Manning- A rockstar.


J.T. Yorke- A class clown.

Emma Nelson- Human Rights activist.

Sean Cameron- Emma's ex-boyfriend.

Toby Isaacs- Computer nerd.

Liberty Van Zandt- A nerd.

Manuela "Manny" Santos- An actress.


Peter Stone- A musician.

Darcy Edwards- A good-girl.

Danny Van Zandt- Liberty's lil' brother.

Derek Haig- Danny's best friend.


Mia Jones- J.T.'s current girlfriend.

Trailer and Theme Song:

Theme Song-

thumb|300px|right|Fall 2006 at Degrassi C.S. brings dark changes...


Here Comes Your Man- Sean returns and races Peter; Marco is stressed about beginning college.

True Colors- Sean gets payback; Ellie's newspaper article is rejected.

Can't Hardly Wait- Mia and Manny team up against Darcy; Jimmy and Ashley may have sex.

Eyes Without a Face (parts 1&2)- Ellie dates her editor, Jesse; Darcy posts some suggestive photos online to raise money for the Powersquad; Liberty is jealous that J.T. is going for Mia.

Working for the Weekend- Spinner and Jimmy start a T-shirt business; Alex returns to Degrassi, but is bullied.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Sean discovers what happened between Emma and Jay after he left Degrassi; Danny and Derek are bullied by a teacher.

What's It Feel Like to be a Ghost? (parts 1&2)- Craig returns with a drug problem, and Manny and Ellie are concerned; Liberty starts a feud between Degrassi and Lakehurst because of Mia and J.T.'s relationship.

Rock this Town- Emma and Sean's special night is ruined when a Degrassi senior is murdered by Lakehurst thugs.

The Bitterest Pill- Liberty and Toby connect after J.T.'s death; Ellie tells Jesse about her kiss with Craig.

If You Leave- Marco discovers a sad secret about Dylan; Lakehurst and Degrassi's rivalry grows even more.

Free Fallin' (parts 1&2)- Darcy may give in to Peter's flattery; Paige has a panic attack at Banting U.

Love My Way- Snake catches Emma and Sean buying birth control and condoms; Alex reveals that she still loves Paige.

Sunglasses at Night- Marco gambles; Peter and Darcy heat up.

Don't You Want Me? (parts 1&2)- In the season finale, Alex works at a strip club for money, but Paige finds out about this; Emma tries to stop Sean from joining the army.

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