Dinah Marler
Gina Tognoni
Gina Tognoni as Dinah Marler (2004-2009)
Guiding Light
Portrayed by Jennifer Gatti (1986-1987)
Paige Turco (1987-1989)
Wendy Moniz (1995-1999)
Gina Tognoni (2004-2009)
Created by Jeff Ryder
Duration 1986-1989, 1995-1999, 2004-2009
First appearance June 16, 1986
Last appearance September 18, 2009
Gender Female
Alias Dinah Adele Chamberlain Marler (Former)
Date of birth 1970
Occupation Owner of WSPR (Former)
Host of "The Light on Springfield" (Former)
Vice-President at Spaulding Enterprises (Former)
Temporary C.E.O. of Spaulding Enterprises (Former)
Public Relations Specialist at Spaulding Enterprises (Former)
Former Public Relations Specialist and Assistant to Jeffrey O'Neill (Former)
Station Manager of WSPR (Former)
Employee for Lewis Oil (Former)Waitress at Kiyogi Nightclub (Former)
Mowed Lawns for Sally Gleason (Former)
Residence Somewhere in Germany

Dinah Marler was a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light. On June 16, 1986, Jennifer Gatti originated the role, which she held until June 1987. In July 1987, the role was recast with Paige Turco, and remained with the series until February 1989. After a six year absence, the role was recast once again with Wendy Moniz, who remained with the series until February 4, 1999. On July 7, 2004, Gina Tognoni took over the role, remaining with the series until it aired its final episode on September 18, 2009.

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