Drew Torres
Drew Torres
Portrayed by Luke Bilyk
First appearance What a Girl Wants (1)
Gender Male
Date of birth 1994 (age 22–23)

Andrew "Drew" Torres, is a main character in the Canadian soap opera, Degrassi, when he transfers to the school as a new student. He begins a relationship with Alli Bhandari, but he puts that at risk when he receives oral sex from Bianca in the boiler room. Although he is kind to some people, he is considered one of the antagonists of the show, having cheated on Alli to get a blowjob from Bianca , and blackmailing Riley to become QB1. Drew also nearly outed Adam to Fiona in order to go out with her, but decided against it and let Adam have her.


Alli Bhandari:

~Start Up: You Don't Know My Name

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