Echo DiSavoy
Echo DiSavoy
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Kim Zimmer
Duration 1983; 2010-2011
First appearance March 15, 1983
Last appearance October 14, 2011
Gender Female
Alias Susan Turner
(adoptive name)
Occupation Photographer
Residence The Buchanan Mansion
Llanview, Pennsylvania

Echo DiSavoy was a character on the series One Life to Live. She was played by actress Kim Zimmer in 1983, and then left the series for many years, while she played her more famous role of Reva Shayne on the series Guiding Light until the series end. When GL ended its run, Kim returned to play the role of Echo.

Conniving photographer

Echo, the widow of a man named Count Maxim DiSavoy was a real thorn in the side of Victoria Lord. When she first came to Llanview, Pennsylvania, she was out for revenge against Clint Buchanan for the murder of her mother, so she seduced the man she targeted for revenge. She nearly wrecked his marriage to Viki, which made her one of Viki's most hated enemies. Not even her rivalry with Dorian Lord was as bad as her hatred of Echo.

When she returned to Llanview after a long absence, Echo would end up aggravating Viki once again, this time by seducing yet another of her husbands! She seduced Charlie Banks which again caused Viki to snap and go off on Echo. This would cause one of her alters, Niki Smith to come out and aggravate Echo to help Viki.

As an added situation, Echo also seduced David Buchanan, the husband of Dorian. This situation would allow the two women, who were usually frenemies, to unite against the common enemy.

No matter what, Echo would still try to outwit both Dorian and Viki. However, Echo would be humiliated, not by either Viki or Dorian, but by their great-nephew, Sam Manning! Dressed as Spiderman, Sam would spray foam webbing all over Echo, effectively immobilizing her, to Dorian's relief.

It would later be revealed that Echo was the mother of Rex Balsom, and that Clint Buchanan was his father. This angered everyone towards Echo. In fact, Echo was kicked out of Llanfair by Viki when she again put the move on Charlie. Echo's conniving and chicanery would cause Viki to divorce Charlie.

Dorian and Viki's truce would end after Echo was finally destroyed, but they would reconcile once more and they would remain close friends. Echo would fall off the wagon and would get plastered at Cristian Vega's bar. Dorian, still aiding Viki, would taunt her mercilessly, and gave her money to get her out of Llanview and away from Viki and her family for good.

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