Evin Crowley as Emily

EMILY (real name Aiobhinn, no last name revealed) was a character on the 1970s UK period drama, Upstairs, Downstairs. She lasted for one series (season) and was played by Irish actress, Evin Crowley.

An Irish native, Emily was the kitchen (scullery) maid at 165 Eaton Place, a luxurious townhouse in London's Belgravia area. As she was the lowest member of the domestic staff hierarchy, she was always the scapegoat whenever anything went wrong.

She was usually on the receiving end of being scolded and yelled at by her immediate superior, Kate Bridges. Also, as she was the lowest in the hierarchy of the domestic servants, she was never let to go upstairs, unless she is asked to do so, and that was a rarity.

A constant dreamer and in love with love, Emily's distractions often cause her to mess up her work. In one episode, she is distracted by her crush on a young footman from another household that she puts salt in the sugar jar, which ruins one of Mrs. Bridges' puddings.

She is deeply in love with William, the aforementioned footman, and is understandably brokenhearted when he callously drops her (after he was threatened and bribed into doing so by his mistress, a Mrs. VanGroeben, an overbearing snobbish acquaintance of Lady Marjorie) and in overwhelming grief, she kills herself by hanging herself in her bedroom.

Mrs. Bridges, devastated by her death, becomes gripped by a massive guilt breakdown, and as such, takes a baby from his pram and is only spared a jail sentence due to Angus Hudson saving her.

Emily's position is taken by a woman named Doris; then briefly by Sarah Moffat; and then for the remainder of the series by a slow-witted, but deeply honest, girl named Ruby Finch (Jenny Tomasin).

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