Emma Mason
Emma Mason
Portrayed by Miriam McDonald
First appearance Season's Greetings
(Degrassi Junior High)
Last appearance Degrassi Takes Manhattan
Gender Female
Date of birth June 1989 (age 28)

Emma Mason (née Nelson) was a recurring character in Degrassi Old School and the main character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Her mother is Spike Nelson, her father is Shane McKay, her step-dad is Snake Simpson, and her husband is Gavin "Spinner" Mason. Emma is portrayed by Canadian voice actress Miriam McDonald.

Degrassi: TNG Season 1:

In Mother and Child Reunion, 12-year old Emma is finishing up summer 2001 with her best friend, Manny Santos. She is excited to be in 7th grade next year at Degrassi Community School, the new and revised neighborhood middle school that her mother attended on the street where she lives (De Grassi Street, Toronto). It is her mother's Class of 1991 reunion, but Emma is more concerned with her online friend, Jordan, who is also a 12-year old 7th grader that is just as passionate about saving the environment as Emma is.

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