Erica Kane
All My Children
Portrayed by Susan Lucci
Created by Agnes Nixon
Duration 1970-2011
First appearance January 16, 1970
Last appearance September 23, 2011
Family Kane family
Gender Female
Date of birth November 2, 1962 (1962-11-02) (age 54)
Residence Pine Valley, PA

Erica Kane was one of the central characters of the long running series, All My Children. She was played by actress Susan Lucci from the first episode through to the final episode. She, along with Ray McDonnell (Dr. Joe Martin) were the only two original characters to stay with the show all the way through to the end.

Starting out as a devil-may-care girl who wanted marriage to get her away from her stick-in-the-mud mother, and ending up as a very powerful and successful businesswoman, Erica was the heart and soul of Pine Valley. She was a mother, with two daughters, Bianca and Kendall, and a deceased son, Josh; and a grandmother as well, of Spike, Gabrielle and Miranda; but was always one of the most successful businesswomen of all time.

Her late mother, Mona, always tried to keep her on the straight and narrow, but often failed; and even though Erica rebelled, she truly loved her mother, as was evident of her overwhelming grief when she passed away. After her death, Mona's friend, Myrtle Fargate, stepped in to become her surrogate mother, and became the surrogate matriarch of the Kane family until she too passed away.

She was always a proper daddy's girl, always worshipping her father, Eric Kane, until she realized that he had given her over to a rapist named Richard Fields, a movie actor, and from him she gave birth to Kendall.

She also had a pills and alcohol addiction which led to an intervention led by her family and friends.

Erica's many marriages include Jeff Martin, a doctor; Phil Brent, the former boyfriend of her ex-sister in law, Tara; Tom Cudahy, a former professional football player, who threw her out after he discovered she had been taking birth control pills; Adam Chandler among others, but the true love of her life was Jackson Montgomery. She had been with his brother, Travis, and she gave birth to her beloved daughter, Bianca.

With her children, Bianca was her most beloved, while Kendall was reviled; although time had tamed that and Kendall and Erica bonded as mother and daughter.

Erica's mettle as a mother was tested when she comforted Bianca after she had been raped by a vile man named Michael Cambias. Erica made plenty of mistakes as a mother, but her love is quite evident. Quite a change from her early years as a devil-may-care woman, who was usually giving her mother grief.

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