Ewen Keenan
Nathin Butler as Dr. Ewen Keenan
General Hospital
Portrayed by Nathin Butler
Created by Garin Wolf
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Duration 2011—2012
First appearance October 21, 2011
Last appearance September 5, 2012
Gender Male
Date of death September 5, 2012
Occupation Psychiatrist
Residence Wyndemere
(Spoon Island)
Port Charles, New York

Dr. Ewen Keenan is a fictional character on the American daytime soap opera, General Hospital. He has been portrayed by Nathin Butler since October 21, 2011.



Though his identity has yet to be revealed, Ewen Keenan is first seen as the mysterious stranger who rescues Elizabeth Webber after she is thrown off a cruise ship. Ewen revives Elizabeth and suddenly disappears leading many people to believe she was hallucinating about her savior. Meanwhile, Ewen is hiding out at the former Cassadine estate, Wyndemere on Spoon Island which is being investigated by Ethan Lovett. Ewen along with the Woman in White, Cassandra have been secretly living in the tunnels of Wyndemere.

On December 13, Ewen is seen at Shadybrook Sanitarium where Elizabeth has just checked in, painting in the room across the hall. The two share a drink and have a brief conversation before Elizabeth notices something familiar about him. However, before she can figure out what it is, Dr. Matt Hunter warns her to stop fraternizing with random patients. Elizabeth continues to be intrigued by Ewen and is curious as to why he won't let her see his painting. Ewen catches on to Elizabeth's scheme to manipulate her ex-husband Lucky Spencer into taking her back. She is even more shocked when Ewen introduces himself to Lucky as the new therapist at Shadybrook.

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