Flo (the late Doris Roberts) fights with her son, Tim (Sal Viscuso) and his fiancée, Corinne Tate (Diana Canova)

Flo Flotsky was a character in the second season of the soap sitcom, Soap. She was played by television veteran, Doris Roberts.

The woman was crazy!

Flo was the mother of Father Tim Flotsky (Sal Viscuso), a priest in the town of Dunn's River, Connecticut. She was so proud when her son, whom she was abnormally close to, became a priest, because she did not want him to be married at all.

She was like most mothers where no woman was good enough for her son. So, it was absolutely shocking for her when Tim announced that he would be leaving the priesthood for his long-time childhood girlfriend, Corinne Tate.

She was quite angry.  To the point where she would attempt to strangle Corinne for taking her son out of the priesthood. She would refuse to bless the marriage, instead, she CURSED it!

At the wedding itself, Flo made a complete fool of herself, by ranting and raving that Tim had promise as a Bishop or even a Cardinal, but because he had married the she-devil daughter of a murderer and a philanderer, his life was ruined.  She was ushered out by the groomsmen, and, pretending that he did not hear her ranting and raving; the presiding priest, married Tim and Corinne.

During their honeymoon, Flo tried to destroy that, by demanding that Tim come to her bedside. After he came, and she again cursed them, she died in her bed. 

In the next season, her curse took effect when Tim and Corinne's son, Timmy, was possessed by Satan. With the aid of Jessica, the demon was exorcised, and Timmy was a normal little boy. Tim would eventually annul the marriage and return to the Priesthood, and Corinne and Timmy would later move to California to begin some semblance of a normal life, away from the craziness of Dunn's River. 

After Soap

The late great Doris Roberts was already successful in television for many years, in both drama and especially comedy; although she was familiar through her "Black Flag" insecticide commercials, when she became Flo. She would later star as Theresa Falco, the mother of Angie and Marie Falco (played by Donna Pescow and Debralee Scott respectively) on the TV series, Angie.

Doris and Debralee had worked together on the soap parody Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Doris played faith healer, Dorelda Doremus and Debralee was featured as man-mad Cathy Shumway. 

After playing motherly secretary Mildred Krebs on the long-running detective series, Remington Steele which starred Stephanie Zimbalist and a pre-James Bond Pierce Brosnan; and some guest appearances on the series Alice playing Linda Lavin's on-screen mother, Mona Spivak, she would become recognized as Marie Barone, the overbearing and interfering mother of Raymond Barone (Ray Romano) on the long-running situation comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond.  Doris Roberts died in 2016 of a stroke at age 90. 

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