Fraternity Row

Fraternity Row final title card, circa 2010-2012

Created by Agnes Dixon
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 11,078
Executive producer(s) Jerry Davis (1969-75)
Steven Harrison (1975-81)
Jonathan Long (1981-86) Deanna Williams (1986-89, 1991-98)
Harry Moran (1989-91)
Madeline McPherson (1998-2003)
Felix McLean (2003-09)
Vernita Belle Brown (2009-12)
Producer(s) Jerry McCanton
Location(s) New York City, New York
Running time 30 minutes (1969-76)
60 minutes (1976-2012)
Original channel BGC
Picture format 480i SDTV (1969-2009)
1080i HDTV (2009-2012)
Original run January 6, 1969 – January 20, 2012
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Fraternity Row is an American soap opera that aired for 43 years from January 6, 1969 to January 20, 2012 on BGC. The show was created by Agnes Dixon. It takes place in a town called Billingsley, Pennsylvania. Fraternity Row debuted on January 6, 1969 and was very different from all other soap operas. It shows a lot of diversity; the rich and the middle class, black and white, Jewish and Catholics. The show expanded from 30 minutes to a full hour on July 26, 1976.

BGC announced on July 14, 2011, that it canceled Fraternity Row due to low ratings. The show taped its final scenes on November 11, 2011, and its final episode aired on January 20, 2012. Its spinoff, One Line to Cross, debuted on June 17, 2013 and replaced the now-canceled Our Screams Can Last. Three years later, On March 16, 2015, BGC replaced Fraternity Row with a newly debuted Passionate Dreams spinoff called Rainbow Stories.