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Harold Levinson (Paul Giamatti), Cora's hopeless brother.

Harold Levinson was a guest character on the UK-US period drama, Downton Abbey. He was played by American actor, Paul Giamatti.

Cora's Yacht crazy brother

Harold is the son of Martha Levinson and the younger brother of Cora Crawley, the Countess of Grantham. We first hear about Harold when he is hauled in front of Congress dealing with the real-life Tea-Pot Dome scandal. He would only get a reprimand. We first learn about him from his mother, when she describes his "idee fixe" as Yachts, all kinds of yachts. He was also a playboy who would always be dating women.

At the final part of the fourth season, he would accompany his mother to Rose's London season. He would meet a young woman named Madeleine Allsopp, who was the daughter of Lord Aysgarth. Despite his reticence, he and Madeleine would become friends. He would also become enamored of British cooking (something he would never have thought would happen) and would try to convince Daisy Mason to leave Downton and come to America to cook for him.

Daisy was recommended for the post by his valet, Ethan Slade. However, Daisy, although she was flattered by the idea that her cooking was good enough for someone to hire her away from Downton (and by an American, who never really ate British food, no less), couldn't see herself leaving the place she loved (her superior, Mrs. Beryl Patmore and her father in-law, Mr. Mason lived there, and would sorely miss her), would turn the post down, but would suggest that the kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, who also knew how to make the dishes that he would like, and would still have a British cook, to take the post.

Ivy did and although there was no real kitchen maid anymore (most of the kitchen maid duties would be taken over by a village girl named Gertie), Daisy and Mrs. Patmore ruled their domain and worked beautifully together.

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