Holden Snyder
Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder
Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder
As the World Turns
Portrayed by Jon Hensley
Created by Douglas Marland
Duration 1985-2010
First appearance October 1985
Last appearance September 17, 2010
Family Snyder
Gender male
Date of birth July 1, 1967
Occupation Horse trainer
Residence Luther's Corners, IL

Holden Snyder is an fictional character on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns. Actor Jon Hensley debuted the character back in October of 1985 and has played the character on and off over the years until the series finale on September 17, 2010.



Holden Snyder was born on July 1, 1967, in Luther's Corners, Illinois, to Harvey and Emma Snyder. He was fifth child and youngest son. The Snyder's were a very close knit religious family of farmers, and Holden's closest friends was his cousin Jack Snyder as they were near the same age, and Molly Peterson, a young girl who lived near the farm. Holden's life would be forever changed while still being a young boy, his oldest sister Iva ran away from home for unknown reason after staying with their aunt and uncle in Kansas. Holden's father would die not long after and Emma had to raise the children on her own. Unable to care for them all, Emma would send Holden's little sister Meg to Kansas to stay with their aunt and uncle, while the rest of the children would stay on the farm, eventually leaving for Chicago when they became adults. When Holden became a teenager, his friendship with Molly became romantic and they both of them lost thier virginity together. However, Molly and her family moved away and Holden never heard from her again. Now of age, Holden decided to stay on at the farm and help his mother out as he was only left at home.







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