Hope Brady
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Kristian Alfonso
Created by William J. Bell
First appearance January 14, 1974
Gender Female
Date of birth December 24, 1964 (1964-12-24) (age 53)
Occupation Police officer
Residence 1552 Copperlantern Drive
Salem, USA

Hope Alice Brady (née Williams, previously Welch) is a fictional character from the original NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives. Born on-screen in 1974, the character has been portrayed by actress Kristian Alfonso since 1983.


After marrying Doug Williams in June 1972, Addie learns she is pregnant. However, Addie's age would lower the chances of her having a healthy pregnancy. To make matters even worse, Addie is later diagnosed with Leukemia. Addie falls into a coma and awakens to give birth to her daughter, Hope Alice Williams on January 14, 1974. On June 28, 1974, Addie is killed pushing Hope's carriage out of the way of oncoming traffic, leaving Doug devastated. Hope is taken in by her maternal grandparents, Tom and Alice until Doug reclaims her in 1975. In June 1980, Hope is shipped off to boarding school.



A teenage Hope returns to Salem in the spring of 1983 crushing on Roman Brady. Hope's advances catch the attention of Roman's rebellious brother Bo. The two soon fall in love and Doug disapproves and pushes his daughter to marry the crooked District attorney, Larry Welch; Larry eventually blackmailed her into marriage in June 1984. The marriage didn't last and Bo and Hope finally married on May 23, 1985 at Westminster Abbey in England.

After moving into Victor Kiriakis's mansion, Hope noticed Bo was changing to please his crime lord biological father. Hope miscarries their unborn child and the two separate briefly until they learn she is pregnant again. In April 1987, Hope gave birth to a son whom the couple named Shawn-Douglas, after both their fathers. Weeks after welcoming their new son, the couple packed up and went sailing around the world.

Bo and Hope returned in the spring of 1990 with Shawn-Douglas. However, the couple soon got entangled in the dealings of Ernesto Toscano and Hope was presumed dead after an explosion.