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1st Generation

  • William Horton, I
  • Adelaide Horton
  • Sidney "Sid" Grayson
  • Abigail Grayson

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

6th Generation

  • Scott Banning II
  • Claire Brady
  • Arianna Grace Horton
  • Thomas Jack Deveraux

Family trees

Tom Horton
Alice Grayson
Tommy Horton
Kitty Horton
Ben Olson
Addie Horton
Doug Williams
Marie Horton
Alex Marshall
Maggie Horton
Mickey Horton
Laura Horton
Bill Horton
Kate Roberts
Sandy Horton
Steven Olson
Virginia Stanhope
Julie Olson
David Martin
Hope Williams
Bo Brady
Jessica Blake
Josh Fallon
Melissa Horton
Unknown man
Sarah Horton
Mike Horton
Robin Jacobs
Lucas Horton
Sami Brady
Jennifer Horton
Jack Deveraux
Spencer Olson
Trish Clayton
David Banning
Shawn-Douglas Brady
Belle Black
Zack Brady
Ciara Brady
Nick Fallon
Nathan Horton
Jeremy Horton
Will Horton
Allie Horton
Abigail Deveraux
JJ Deveraux
Scott Banning
Claire Brady


William Horton (deceased)
m. Adelaide [maiden name unknown] (deceased)
  c. Tom Horton (born 1910; died 1994)
    m. Alice Grayson [1930-89 (invalid); 1989-94]
      c. Tom Horton, Jr. (born 1931) [twin]
        m. Kitty Horton [pre 1953-69; divorced]
          c. Sandy Horton (born 1952)
      c. Addie Horton (born 1931; died 1974) [twin]
        m. Ben Olson [widowed 1971]
          c. Steven Olson
            a. Virginia Stanhope (deceased)
              c. Spencer Olson
          c. Julie Olson (born 1949)
            a. David Martin (died 1967)
              c. David Banning (born 1968)
                m. Trish Clayton [1977-81; divorced]
                  c. Scotty Banning (born 1977)
                m. Renée DuMonde [1982-83; divorced]
                  c. Unnamed child (miscarriage; 1983)
            m. Scott Banning [1969-73; widowed]
            m. Bob Anderson [1974-76; divorced]
              c. Robert Anderson, Jr. (miscarriage; 1975]
            m. Doug Williams [1976-79; 1981-86; 1994-present; married]
        m. Doug Williams [1972-74; dissolved]
          c. Hope Williams (born 1974)
            m. Larry Welch [1984-85; divorced]
            m. Bo Brady [1985-95; divorced]
              c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
              c. Shawn-Douglas Brady (born 1987)
            m. John Black [1999-2012; divorced]
            m. Bo Brady [2000-12; invalid]
              c. Zack Brady (born 2000; died 2006)
              c. Ciara Brady (born 2006)
      c. Mickey Horton (born 1932; died 2010)
        m. Laura Spencer [1967-74; divorced]
        m. Maggie Simmons [1974 (invalid); 1975-83; 1986-2012; widowed]
          c. Melissa Horton (adopted)
            m. Peter Jannings [1985-87; divorced]
            m. Unnamed man [divorced]
              c. Nathan Horton (born 1994)
          c. Sarah Horton (adopted by Mickey)
        m. Bonnie Lockhart [2004-05; invalid]
      c. Bill Horton (born 1940) 
        r. Laura Spencer
          c. Mike Horton (born 1968)
            m. Margo Anderman [1978-80; widowed]
            a. Robin Jacobs
              c. Jeremy Horton
        m. Laura Spencer [1975-93; divorced]
          c. Jennifer Horton (born 1976)
            m. Lawrence Alamain [1990-91; annulled]
            m. Jack Deveraux [1991-93; divorced]
              c. Abigail Deveraux (born 1992)
            m. Peter Blake [1995-96; divorced]
            m. Jack Deveraux [2003-11; divorced]
              c. Jack Deveraux, Jr. (born 2004)
            m. Frankie Brady [2006-07; divorced]
        a. Kate Roberts
          c. Lucas Horton (born 1975)
            a. Sami Brady
              c. Will Horton (born 1995)
                m. Sonny Kiriakis (April 2014) 
                  c. Arianna Horton (born 2013)
            m. Nicole Walker [1999-2001; invalid]
            m. Carrie Brady [2006; annulled]
            m. Sami Brady [2007; annulled]
              c. Allie Horton (born 2007; twin)
            m. Chloe Lane [2009; divorced]
      c. Marie Horton (born 1942)
        m. Craig Merritt [1966; divorced]
        a. Alex Marshall
          c. Jessica Blake
            m. Josh Fallon
              c. Nick Fallon (born 1986; died 2014)
                m. Cassandra Arvin [2007; annulled]
                m. Gabi Hernandez [2013] (annulled)
        m. Neil Curtis [1983; divorced]

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