Imogen Moreno is a character on the hit Canadian drama, Degrassi. Imogen is known to be a media whore (someone who will do anything to get attention), and goes so far as to bandage her uncut wrists, or pose as a homeless kid begging for change. However, she is just a normal girl looking for excitement in her life. Her last name was originally going to be Berish. Imogen has been going to the school for a few years now, and is enemies with Clare. She is also friends with Bianca DeSousa and Eli Goldsworthy.

Degrassi Season 2:

Imogen may be Eli's love interest this season. In the summer episodes, she is in 11th grade, but in the weekly episodes, she becomes a 12th grader. She will likely be some kind of villain character who is a bad influence on Eli.

In What's My Age Again?, Imogen is called by the loudspeaker to the front office.

In Cry Me a River,

Imogen & Eli

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