Inga Swenson as Ingrid Svenson

Inga Swenson as Ingrid Svenson ("HA!") confronting Katherine Helmond as Jessica Tate.

Ingrid Svenson was a character on the series, Soap. She was played by actress Inga Swenson.

For a recurring role, Inga delivered a strong performance, and as a result, she was tapped to join Robert Guillaume in the spin off series, Benson, where she played his foil, and later trusted friend and ally, Gretchen Wilhelmina Kraus.

Corrine Tate's real mother, HA!

Swedish born Ingrid Svenson was a bitter former employee of the Gatling family. She had once served as the family housekeeper, and she had carried on an affair with Randolph Gatling, the brother of Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell.

Due to their affair, Ingrid became pregnant, and she gave birth to a daughter. Her former employer, Mrs. Gatling, took the baby from the angered Ingrid, and exiled both her and Randolph off to Quito, Ecuador. Mrs. Gatling gave the baby to Jessica, and she called her Corrine.

Twenty three years later, Ingrid had come to Dunn's River, Connecticut (where Soap was set), and came back into the family's lives. Time had angered and made her bitter, (usually by calling people "yerks" or idiots or morons) to where she wanted to see both the Tate and Campbell families destroyed.

To achieve this end, she slept with Judge Anthony Petrillo (Charles Lane), the judge presiding over Jessica's murder trial (she had been accused of killing Peter Campbell, the Tennis Pro), in order to influence to judge to send Jessica to jail for the rest of her life.

She also had hired a Nazi named Heinrich Himmel (William Daniels) to harass and intimidate the families, until Benson lifted him up and planted his backside into the Strawberry Shortcake!

Ingrid also had an unpleasant habit of always ending her rants and diatribes with a loud "HA!"

Corrine finally saw Ingrid for the hateful woman she really was (after Jessica had confronted the nasty woman about what being a mother was), and finding that she was not willing to give up the hatred that she had for the Tates and Campbells, would eventually move back into the Tate family home, and embraced Jessica and Chester Tate as her parents. While they did not give birth to her, they loved her as much as if she had been theirs.

This setback did not stop the evil Ingrid. She then tried to demolish the Campbell marriage, by blackmailing a woman named Sally (Caroline McWilliams), a secretary at Burt Campbell's construction company, with a film which caught her in some very uncompromising situations.

However, she would not leak the film if she lied to Mary about the supposed "affairs" that Burt was said to have had. Sally then revealed to Mary that Burt had never had an affair and Ingrid was behind this villainy.

After her final defeat, Ingrid was presumed to have gone back to Ecuador, and was never spoken about, to, or ever heard from again. As she deserved. HA!

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