Cara Theobold as Ivy Stuart, the kitchen maid of Downton Abbey.

Ivy Stuart is a character on the series Downton Abbey. She is played by UK actress Cara Theobold.

Daisy's replacement as Kitchen Maid, and her rival

Ivy is the Kitchen maid of Downton Abbey, a job which she took when former kitchen maid, Daisy Mason became the assistant cook and worked closer with Mrs. Patmore. She would also make a rival of Daisy when she would fall in love with Alfred Nugent, a footman. 

We first meet Ivy in episode four of the third season; and she lasted through the fourth season. 

She was also interested in learning a trade and a skill, although she also caught the eye of Jimmy Kent, another footman, who had a crush on her. However, Ivy did not like Jimmy, and she too was in love with Alfred, which made Daisy annoyed.

However, when it came to Lady Rose MacClare's season in London, Ivy would receive the chance of a lifetime, given to her by Daisy of all people. She would be given an opportunity to leave Downton to move to America.

Daisy had refused the position because she didn't want to leave the people she loved and cherished most (Mrs. Patmore and her father in-law, Mr. Mason) and she did not want to move so far away from them. 

So, she offered Ivy her chance, and she moved on to become the cook to Harold Levinson, Cora Crawley's brother.  Presumably, she would be called Mrs. Stuart (following the tradition that the Mrs. was a courtesy title for all cooks and housekeepers, whether they were married or not).

The offer was made to Daisy by Ethan Slade, the valet for Harold, but since Daisy turned it down, she convinced him to have Ivy take the job. Ivy knew the dishes as well and was as good a cook as Daisy was. 

With Ivy leaving, her former duties had been taken by a village girl named Gertie; and Daisy and Mrs. P ruled the roost of the Downton Kitchen, their professionalism intact.

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