J. R. Ewing
Portrayed by Larry Hagman
Created by David Jacobs
Duration 1978-1991, 1996, 1998
First appearance April 2, 1978
Diggie's Daughter
Spin-off appearance Dallas: The Early Years
Knots Landing
Dallas: J. R. Returns
Dallas: War of the Ewings
Gender Male
Date of birth September 1935 (age 81)
Residence Dallas, Texas

John Ross "J. R." Ewing, Jr. is a fictional character from the CBS series, Dallas. The character was portrayed by Larry Hagman since April 1978 when the series made its debut until the series finale on May 3, 1991. Hagman also appeared as J. R. in the 1986 prequal movie, Dallas: The Early Years. In the series finale in 1991, it appears that J. R. was shot and killed at the very end of the episode. However, in the first reunion movie, Dallas: J. R. Returns, it is revealed that someone was shooting at J. R.'s reflection and he was actually alive. Hagman returns as J. R. in the second reunion special, Dallas: War of the Ewings. Hagman also guest starred on the primetime spin-off, Knots Landing from time to time.

Character History

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