Jane Elliot (born January 17, 1947) is an American actress best known for her roles as Tracy Quartermaine, on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, as well as the short-lived daytime soap opera The City, and as Anjelica Deveraux on NBC's Days of our Lives.


In 1978, Elliot debuted in the role of Tracy Quartermaine on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, and became a fan favourite. After Elliot left the role in 1980, she won a Daytime Emmy in 1981 for Best Supporting Actress. Elliot moved to primetime television, and landed the role of Judy Trent on the CBC series Knots Landing, which she portrayed from 1980 to 1981.

On March 23, 1981, Elliot debuted on Guiding Light in the role of Carrie Todd. Elliot, who was good friends with then head writer Douglas Marland, was promised an excellent storyline when she joined the series. This resulted in a complex storyline where Carrie was secretly dealing with dissociative identity disorder. Marland had barely into the storyline when Elliot's contract was abruptly terminated, with Elliot last airing on July 2, 1982.

In 1984, Elliot joined the cast of of All My Children in the role of Cynthia Chandler, and remained with the series until 1986. Following her departure from All My Children, Elliot joined the cast of Days of Our Lives in her second most well known role as Anjelica Deveraux in 1987, remaining with the show until 1989.

Following her departure from Days, Elliot returned to General Hospital in 1989 as Tracy and remained with the show until 1993. Following a brief appearence on General Hospital in 1996, Elliot took the role of Tracy over to the short-lived Loving spin-off, The City, remaining with the series until its final episode on March 28, 1997.

On April 17, 2003, Elliot returned once again to General Hospital for a handful of episodes, before returning full time on November 13, 2003, where she has remained ever since.

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