Jared Banks
Jared Banks is a fictional character on ABC soap opera One Life to Live played by John Brotherton since August 2007. He first came to Llanview to get back at Tess Smith for framing him for robbery after having sex with him. After learning about her illness, he left her alone. He also found his father, Charlie Banks, a recovering alcoholic. He was at first not happy because his father left him and his brother with an abusive stepfather. He started having feelings for Natalie Buchanan but chose to pretend to be Asa Buchanan's long lost son, meaning pretending to be her uncle. They were stil attracted to each other even though Natalie thought he was her uncle. Jared confessed the truth to her and got beat out of telling the rest of the Buchanans by Dorian.

Nash Brennan had just died as a result of Dorian stealing Buchanan Enterprises. Jessica Brennan had blamed Natalie and Jared for what happened and let her alter Tess take control to kill them. Tess had many failed attempts at killing them so she instead got an idea to make them feel the same pain she felt. She decided to lock Natalie and Jared in the same secret room that Viki's alter Jean Randolph used to lock Dorian in. She drugged Natalie and locked her in, learning too late that Tess was in control. Tess had an idea to seduce Jared and have Natalie watch but Jared knew something was going on. He learned that Natalie was downstairs in the basement and tried to rescue her but Tess locked both of them in and put a bomb in to kill them. They were rescued by Viki and Charlie.

Jared proposed to Natalie on Christmas. A date is not set yet because they are too worried about leaving Jessica with her children. Jared and Nataile are now married.

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