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Gavin Houston as Jeffrey Harrington

Jeffrey Harrington is a character on the series, The Haves and the Have Nots.  He is played by Gavin Houston.
Jeffrey Harrington
The Haves and the Have Nots
Family Harrington


Jeffrey is the son of Judge David Harrington and Veronica Harrington, an attorney. When we first met him, he was a life coach, working with family friend, Wyatt Cryer who was ambivalent towards him, despite them knowing one another for a number of years.

However, Jeffrey developed a crush on Wyatt, who did not reciprocate it and viciously told him that he was not gay, or even bisexual.  Jeffrey did not realize that his mother, Veronica, had been trying to derail any budding crush towards Wyatt by bringing back his former girlfriend, Laura. 

In the final episode of the first season, Jeffrey finally came out to his parents. Veronica was appalled and unleashed a vicious homphobic tirade against her son, even going so far as to say that the children she had aborted should have lived and not Jeffrey.  David, on the other hand, accepted Jeffrey as he was and embraced him, to his wife's dismay.

Jeffrey gained a friend in Candace Young and they bond over their issues.  For a time, Jeffrey stayed with Candace and he returned the favor after she was evicted from her apartment.  Veronica is intent on turning her son straight and having him date women, women he has no plans on even dating.  He gets over his crush on Wyatt, (especially after Wyatt takes his car and uses it in a hit-and-run accident, which kills a little girl and seriously injures Benny Young, the brother of his friend, Candace) and is entranced by a worker named Landon, who works at the campaign headquarters of Jim Cryer who wants to become governor of Georgia. 

Veronica is hell-bent on putting a stop to any notion that Jeffrey is gay; and that is what forced David to temporarily leave her and move into a hotel. When Veronica gets into a fight with Maggie Day, and Veronica and David fight over a supposed affair, she goes to Jeffrey's apartment and totally blames him for what his father did. She is so hell-bent on dominating Jeffrey that she even sends Candace's former boyfriend, Quincy, who she allied herself with against Candace, to beat him up.

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