Jenna Middleton

Jenna Middleton was a new student in the second semester of her freshman year (2007-2008). She is known for being a boyfriend stealer, even though she appears to be nice. She was first introduced in Degrassi: TNG season 9. She is also one of the show's antagonists. Most of Jenna's storylines deal with love and despair. She is played by Canadian singer Jessica Tyler. Jenna is best friends with Alli Bhandari, and is good friends with Dave Turner, Sadie Rowland and Adam Torres. Her enemies are Marisol Lewis and Clare Edwards.

Degrassi: TNG Season 9:

In Season 9, Jenna just moved with her half-brother from the Albertan Oil Patch, where her dad is currently working. Her mom lives in the States. She is a freshman getting ready to begin her second semester in the 2007-2008 school year.She appears to be very nice, happy, loves music and smart.

In Just Can't Get Enough, Jenna arrives at Degrassi and Clare Edwards and Mr. Simpson welcome her. Many students, even Holly J. Sinclair, comment on how she has talent playing the guitar and singing. However, Alli is jealous that Clare seems to be finding a new friend, and she treats Jenna badly. Later, her and Jenna become friends when she tells Alli that she can come with her to Clare's house. However, she asks which boys are 'off-limits", as she was a boyfriend stealer at her old school. Alli and Clare exchange worried glances when Jenna calls K.C. "cute".

In You Be Illin', Jenna is seen comforting Alli Bhandari a lot when Alli thinks that she might have contracted HPV from Johnny. She even goes with her to the doctor's office, and promises to keep this between them. Jenna also helps Alli play pranks on Johnny, trying to get him to expose his STD secret by flirting with him. He reveals that he likes Alli, however, and the prank goes wrong. Jenna remarks that it is cute how Johnny likes, but Johnny and everyone else soon find out that everything was being said under a microphone.

In Wanna Be Startin' Something, Jenna gets a job babysitting for Holly J. and Jane, and seems to love it.

In Beat It, Dave crushes on Jenna and asks him to go to the fair with him. She thinks that he means as friends, but he wants her to be his girlfriend. When she gets tired of playing along, she tells him when he asks her out on a movie date. He is heartbroken, but she says that she can help him keep his rep. Later, in gym, she tells the cheersquad that he dumped her, and fake-cries. Clare tells her that she'll find a guy for her someday. When K.C. arrives, saying that the guys accept Clare, Jenna smiles at him, and he smiles back. Clare feels nervous.

In Heart Like Mine, Jenna and K.C. are seen flirting with each other after he wins a basketball game for the team. At a Degrassi car wash, Clare, who has been nervous about Jenna's reputation all along, embarasses Jenna, saying that her buttcrack is showing. Jenna's half-brother also says that Jenna always talks about K.C.. Jenna doesn't make a big deal about the embarassment, but K.C. gets upset that Clare doesn't trust him and that she embarassed her friend. Later that day, K.C. talks to the coach, who asks if he likes Jenna. K.C. admits he does, and with encouragement with the coach, he dumps Clare, admitting that he tried not to like Jenna, but could no longer hide his feelings for her. Clare is upset, but K.C. and Jenna continue to flirt. At the banquet, K.C. is named the star athlete, and he hugs and kisses Jenna. Hoever, Alli finds out and tells them that Clare is not happy about this. But they ignore her, and the coach gives them the key to his hotel room. They make out there, until the coach arrives, and Jenna leaves shortly afterward. The next day, K.C. and Jenna find themselves shunned by Alli and Clare. K.C. tells Jenna to ignore them, and they continue to go out. However, Jenna notices that K.C. is changed. When K.C. tells her that he got drunk in the hotel room (where he stayed) last night, and throws up in public, Jenna is mad that he lied to her. But he tells her to be glad, as the coach is the reason that he dumped Clare.

In Start Me Up, Clare tells Alli that she wants to go to the mall instead of watching Jenna and K.C. flirt at lunch. She also says that she plans to get K.C. back from Jenna.

In In Your Eyes, Clare wants to be friendlier with K.C. and Jenna. She begins tutoring K.C. in math, and when Jenna sees them in The Dot, she kisses K.C. and hugs him. A jealous Clare leaves, and Jenna tells K.C. to cheat off of her during the upcoming math test, since she is a friend. K.C., not ready for the test, asks Clare to do so. Clare feels guilty at first, but lets K.C. cheat off of her. Later, she finds out that Jenna and K.C. used her, and gets mad at them. When K.C. says that all of his problems started with the coach and Jenna, Clare tells him that he can never take the blame. She tells him that she'll see him next year. The day before, K.C. came clean to Armstrong, and got a C on the test after going to the principal's office.

In Keep On Loving You, Jenna is in the school play as Peter's lover, and a lavender alien. She sings a song with Peter.

In The Rest of My Life: Degrassi Takes Manhattan (known in the U.S. as Degrassi: The Heat is On), Jenna applies to be a new waitress at The Dot. She tells Spinner that she used to flip pancakes where she used to live. Spinner tells her he'll consider it, but the restaraunt burns down later due to a grill accident caused by a newly returned Emma.

Degrassi Season 1:

It is now the 2008-2009 school year, and Jenna is ready to make tenth (10th) grade her best year yet. But Jenna is noticing some major changes with her body, and she wonders if it has to do with her sleeping with K.C. over the summer. In the promo for this season, she and K.C. are holding hands and standing in front of a sign that says "the girl who doesn't know her own secret.". The couple turns around to read the sign, and K.C. lets go of her hand, leaving her. Jenna looks sad, upset and nervous.

Jenna & K.C.
In Breakaway, Jenna overhears Clare chatting with Alli about getting surgery to improve her looks. Clare, who got a haricut, is really telling Alli that she plans on getting eye surgery so that she can get rid of her glasses. However, Jenna thinks that Clare is talking about getting a boob job. When Jenna tells K.C. this, he says that Clare looks better with the haircut, and that she will look even better with bigger boobs. Jenna becomes suspicious of K.C., but he tells her that he is over Clare, and heads off to tell his friends about Clare's surgery. Jenna doesn't want the rumor to spread, but soon Dave, Wesley, Connor and a bunch of other kids at school hear about this. When Clare is talking about how girls in magazines negatively affect girls (making them want to change their image), Jenna tells Clare off, saying that she's a hypocrit. Later, Jenna begs Clare not to change her looks, but Clare says that she lost her chance to tell her what to do when she stole K.C.. When Wesley touches Clare's boobs after asking, Clare discovers the rumor. She then puts socks in her bras and asks if Jenna notices anything different. When Jenna says yes, and that now she will try to steal K.C. from her, Clare pulls out the socks, and tells Jenna the truth. Clare then says that if she wanted K.C. back, she wouldn't need big boobs to get him. Jenna looks uncomfortable as Alli laughs. Jenna offers to tell the school the truth, but Clare lets them think what they want.
K.C. and Jenna

In 99 Problems, Jenna and K.C. go to the group home. Because of K.C.'s good grades while having a girlfriend and football, he gets his curfew extended by one hour. The couple is happy about this. Later, at a football tailgate, K.C. is chatting with some girls who think that he's cute. When Jenna shows up, she tries to get him away from them, thinking that he will dump her for one of those girls. She continues to show signs of jealousy, and also begins to make out with K.C. on the steps of the school. But K.C.'s phone keeps ringing from texts, and Jenna asks who that is. K.C. is reluctant to tell her, and she uncovers that he gave his number to Marisol, a cheerleader. She walks away, mad, when he tries to kiss her. The next day, K.C. is with Jenna at lunch, telling her about Marisol. She becomes even more jealous when Marisol calls away K.C.. Jenna takes this opportunity to look at his texts. They say "I miss you so much!", and "If you don't call me, I won't be able to sleep!". Jenna calls the phone number, surprised to learn that K.C.'s mom was the caller. She tells her that she goes to Degrassi with him, and that she called the wrong person. Jenna hides the phone in her pocket when K.C. returns. In MI class, Jenna is informed that K.C. lost his phone, but the phone goes off from another text in her pocket. K.C. is upset when he learns that she went through his phone and called his mother. He tells her that his family issues aren't her business and orders her to sit somewher else. When he gets ready to go to the football game as a wide receiver, Jenna comes to him and apologizes for snooping. She asks about his mom, and K.C. tells her that she got out of jail 8 months ago. When she wants more information, he walks into the bus for the game.

In Better Off Alone, Jenna and K.C. win the football game and cheersquad practice. But K.C.'s mom arrives, after having watched the game, and chats with him. Jenna is seen comforting him and talking to him. She is constantly telling him that he should meet his mom, and that being mean and ignorant towards her, and running from his past, will never change anything. She acts very friendly towards Ms. Guthrie. Later, she sees him with a bottle of gin and discourages him from drinking it and blaming it on his mom. The next day, she finds him drunk with Fitz and Bianca in Bianca's car. She tells K.C. off for hanging with losers like them. She leaves, but they later reconcile.

In I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself, Jenna begins to worry about her weight. K.C. always comments on how she eats whatever she wants, instead of being an annoying girl that worries about her weight. But Jenna is concerned when she doesn't fit into her Powersquad uniform. Alli tells her that she is not a fat girl, and Jenna continues to accept the comments from K.C., but she really starts to worry. She talks to the other girls on the team, and is seen being jealous that Anya, and some of the others, can eat what they want and stay skinny. She begins to work out a lot in the gym, and K.C. begins to feel like he's done something wrong by telling her that he loves that she eats what she wants. After hearing Bianca making snide comments to some cheerleaders, and telling them that they need diet pills, Jenna goes to her. When Bianca turns down a drug dealer, due to Oregano being used instead of weed, she asks Jenna what she wants. Jenna says that her friend wants diet pills, because it is turning into a big problem for her. Bianca asks if this friend knows that the pills are only for obese people. Jenna says yes, and Bianca says that she must pay upon delivery. The next day, Jenna and Alli are discussing how annoyingly excited everybody is about the Powersquad photoshoot. K.C. brings in a cheeseburger, and Jenna takes a bite. Just then, class starts, and Ms. Oh reminds everyone that no food is allowed in class. Jenna swallows the bite and takes a diet pill immediately after. At the Powersquad practice, Jenna tells Anya that she has already lost 3 pounds form the diet pills, and Anya asks is they were prescribed. Jenna sees her strange look, and Anya says that they have gross side effects. Jenna says "short term pain for longterm gain", to which Anya doesn't respond. While practicing for the photoshoot, Jenna gets on top of the pyramid, but gets nervous when she starts farting. Everyone is disgusted, and she begs them to let her down. She rushes to the bathroom, having had diarrhea from the diet pills. She poops in her pants, and everybody starts talking about it. An embarassed Jenna gets sweatpants from K.C. and explains herself. He tells her that he loves her body, and begins kissing her neck and lips. Later, at lunch, Jenna tells Alli what happened, and that she has given up the pills. Instead, she ordered a new, bigger uniform from Chantay. Alli notices that she is comfortable with herself, but also notes that she is acting strange by craving banana in ranch dressing.

In You Don't Know My Name, Jenna is seen throughout the episode giving Alli relationship advice on Drew. She asks when K.C., Jenna and Alli are going to double date with Drew, and K.C. asks if she ever gets sexy with Drew. Alli looks uncomfortable, as she and Drew are not yet official. Jenna also tells Alli that doing Drew's homework for him won't solve anything.

In Tears Dry On Their Own, Jenna begins feeling sick quite frequently. Alli suggests that she's pregnant, as her books says that Jenna has all of the symptoms. Jenna denies this, even though she and K.C. have slept together without any protection. She refuses to take the test, and says that she has to go to rehearsal for The Next Teen Star anyway. When she asks K.C. if he can come, he tells her that he has football practice, and that she'll just dump him eventually for "some Bieber guy". At The Dot, she meets her half-brother, Kyle, and he tells her that she should make an appointment with a doctor, as it wouldn't be good if she was barfing all over the judges at the audition, but she says no. When she arrives, she feels uneasy, and tries to perform, but throws up in a trash can, and runs away. K.C. meets her there, encouraging her, and she gets a second chance with the judges. They tell her that she is exactly what she is looking for, and she gets in. She and K.C. celebrate, and she takes a pregnancy test at her house with Alli later. The test has two red lines, and she says, "Oh crap" in shock. The next day, she and Alli are talking, and Alli suggests that she inform K.C., as he is the father. Jenna doesn't want to do it, but later, she tries. However, this attemp fails, as she sees how happy he is right now. Later, at The Dot, she tells K.C., and he says that she should get an abortion. Jenna doesn't want this, and later she goes with Alli to the headquarters of The Next Teen Star. They ask a lady about what someone pregnant would do on the show. She tells Alli and Jenna that although this would be good publicity, it wouldn't be a good idea to carry a baby around on tour. Jenna goes to the doctor with Kyle to get more information on abortion, but they are shocked to learn that this baby is 5 months old, and getting an abortion at this time is very risky. Jenna decides not to go through with it, and tells K.C.. He gets mad at her, saying that he is too young to be a father. He then dumps her, and she tells her brother in the car that she will keep the baby and remain in the running for The Next Teen Star.

In All Falls Down, Jenna is seen with Alli at Clare's house, getting ready for the A Night in Vegas Dance and complaining about the pregnancy. Alli says that when she wins The Next Teen Star, she won't need K.C.'s help with the baby. Clare comes in, talking to them. This implies that Clare might have let go of her grudge against Jenna when she learned that K.C. dumped her.

In Don't Let Me Get Me, Jenna is seen performing at The Next Teen Star with a fellow competitor, Haley. Jenna talks to Haylie about how hot it is under the lights, but Haylie asks why she doesn't remove her sweater. Jenna doesn't want to in order to hide her pregnancy. She lies, saying that she has no shirt underneath. Jenna says that viewers may like that though, and Haley tells her to do whatever it takes for more votes. Jenna says that everyone at Degrassi is voting for her, and Haley says the same. Haley gives her a tip: singing isn't the only way to win. Jenna decides that she needs to be more than ordinary, and is interviewed outside Degrassi the next day. The reporter tells Jenna that she has no story, and that her competitors have something special about them. Jenna summons Chantay to tell the reporter something about her. Chantay begins talking about Powersquad, but the reporter leaves, uninterested. Jenna is the bottom 2 for the competition, but manages to beat her competitor. She is also unable to hide her belly at school anymore, and K.C. stops her. He offers her his sweater to hide her belly, and accepts. She tells him that he's running out of time when he offers to help her. K.C. then gets mad and leaves. Chantay is confided in by Jenna, but tells her that she's becoming bland. She tells Jenna to bring the drama, so Jenna tells the audience about her pregnancy. In the second half of the episode, Jenna just finishes talking to Chantay when her ex arrives. K.C. says that he didn't have a say in her decision. He is angry with her. He said that she knew that his mom watches the show. Jenna says that he shouldn't care, as he did't want to deal with their child and dumped her. K.C. replies, saying she just did it to stay on the show, and she says, "I'm taking care of me. Deal with it." Later, at the competition, Jenna has received more fans and support, and she gets a text from K.C., saying that they need to have a chat. She goes to The Dot and sees K.C. and his mom, Lisa. Lisa tells Jenna that raising a child on your own is hard, but Jenna uses smart-aleck remarks and doesn't want to listen to them. Jenna tells them that she'll win the competition, and get a contract for singing, but she is, once again, in the bottom 2. Jenna is eliminated from the competition, and is convinced that she's a statistic. The host tries to cheer her up, convincing her to get help form Lisa and K.C.. Jenna swallows her pride, and tells K.C. at school that he doesn't hav eto be a part of the child's life if he doesn't want to be. But he gives her a book that his mom bought for baby names. He tells her not to name it Kevin, or it'll be bad luck because his jailed dad's name is Kevin. She walks away, their friendship rekindled.

In Halo, Jenna, in a good mood, walks up to Degrassi. An event for the Make-A-Wish foundation is happening, and Jenna goes up to Chantay and Sav at the table to make a donation. Sav tells her that Degrassi musicians will be allowed to perform. Jenna accepts his offer of doing a duet, since nobody would ask her anyway. Later, Jenna is sitting by Sav talking about how bad her pregnancy cramps are. She complains about the pregnancy and K.C.. Sav tells her that K.C. is just scared, and that she should give him a chance. Jenna remarks that she, too, is scared. Sav says that K.C. might be a good dad. Jenna sees K.C. at the locker, and they awkwardly ask how each other are doing. Jenna gets a shooting star from Chantay, who says that she can't reveal who sent them. Jenna thinks that K.C. sent it to her, and gets her hopes up. K.C. just smiles at her. At lunch hour, Jenna seats herself beside Drew and K.C., and thanks K.C. for the star. K.C. smiles awkwardly, and she tells him to come to her prenatal class after school. He just smiles, and she leaves. His new love interest, freshman Jessica Martello (Jess), looks away, kind of sad because she thinks that K.C. really sent Jenna the star. Drew also believes that K.C. likes Jenna. Jenna waits at the meeting place for K.C., but he doesn't show up. Sav reveals that he sent the star because he felt bad for her. He tells Jenna that they can go together as friends, and she is relieved. However, she begins to crush on Sav, not knowing that he doesn't feel the same way. At the prenatal class, Sav asks questions about what happens after birth, and the teacher says that loss of sex drive occurs. People assume that Sav is the dad, but he says that he is just a friend of Jenna's. He goes with some of the others to help with learning how to bathe the baby. A mother there tells her that the baby daddies aren't the only ones who can make good parents, and that moms shouldn't have to deal with this alone. Jenna gets her hopes up with Sav. Later, she asks Holly J. her opinion about Sav while preparing for the event, not knowing that Sav and Holly J. are secretly dating. Holly J. says that he's a dork in a good way. Jenna asks if he was supportive of Anya's pregnancy, as she didn't know that it was phony. Holly J. lies, saying that he was completely supportive and would be a great dad. At the event, Jenna and Sav sing a song called Whitehorse together, and backstage, as she talks about being lonely with her and her guitar, she kisses him, He is surprised, and Jenna just thinks that she is getting somewhere. Holly J. calls Sav for help with putting away the table, so he leaves. After the party, Jenna is sweeping the floor and looking happy and humming. Holly J., who's taking down posters, asks what she's happy about. Jenna admits that she's falling for someone, and Holly J. is surprised to hear that it is Savtag. Holly J. tells Jenna that she is dating Sav. Jenna, surprised, tells Holly J. that he is into her, and Holly J. asks if her medication is making her crazy, because Jenna is not Sav's type. Jenna informs Holly J. that her "thing" is to steal boyfriends, and that Holly J. will just have to sit by and watch. The next day, she is seen with Chantay trying to sell shooting stars, and she mentions that she kissed Sav. Jenna glares at Sav and Holly J. talking and tells Chantay that Sav is into her. Chantay is unsure, because she thinks that the couple is into each other, but Jenna doesn't think that this is the case. K.C. comes up to them, demanding that Jenna give him a second chance because he felt bad for standing her up during the baby-mama appointment. Jenna mostly ignores him and stares at Sav and Holly J., and tells her that he thinks that Sav and Jenna aren't gonna work out, no matter how much they like each other. Jenna tells him that he needs to leave, because he is just in the way and Sav helped her more than he did. K.C. says that he was just trying to help because he was ashamed of how he acted when he heard the news, but he leaves. In the music room, Jenna sees Sav coming and flirts with him. She tells him that she knew he'd come for her, not Holly J., but Sav sits her down calmly and tells her that he is happy with Holly J., and thinks of Jenna as merely a friend. Jenna calls herself stupid and thinks that her pregnancy is making her crazy. Jenna starts hyperventilating, and Sav gets her water to calm her down. Later, when Sav and Holly J. joke about it, Holly J. becomes honest with Sav, telling him that she had sex with Declan when he visited because they're still in love. Sav breaks up with her because he realizes that they do like each other, but he is hurt when he ignores her calls. Jenna sees him on the steps and knows that he's upset. She thinks that she screwed up their relationship, and offers him help when he tells her the truth, but Sav says that she did enough. Jenna misses the bus because of her conversation and starts crying due to her hormones. K.C. is waiting for the bus as well, and tells her that he made a mistake leaving her, and that he wants to go back out. Jenna falls into his arms and the begin dating again. She becomes determined to fix her mess with Sav and Holly J. She goes to the restaraunt and makes her boss let Holly J. off early so that she and Sav could go to the secret party. They take Anya and Wesley's limo to the party and Jenna pretends that she's in labor so that Sav and Holly J. reunite, which they do after they're locked in the limo together. Jenna and K.C. dance, flirt and kiss during the party.

In The Way We Get By, Jenna and Sadie are cheering during a basketball game for their boyfriends, K.C. and Dave. When they win, they go to celebrate at K.C.'s with a party, but Drew doesn't want to go without a girlfriend. Later, after another victory, the four are discussing where to celebrate the team's victory, and Drew suggests Little Miss Steaks, where Holly J. works. When Bianca joins them, Jenna remarks that she doesn't want her to come and Drew leaves with her, saying that they aren't wanted.

In Jesus, Etc., Jenna and K.C. sit at lunch. K.C. wants her to have more fun, but she says that he isn't being serious enough about the whole situation. Jenna says that they have a big parental class that afternoon, and K.C. says that he willbe there and be ready. Later, K.C. beats Jenna in a competition of who can put on the diaper on a fake baby faster. Jenna feels like she'll be a bad mother, and Blair, the leader of the group says that she won't, allowing her to practice by babysitting her 6-year old son Caleb tomorrow afternoon. K.C. is a bit nervous, but Jenna says that this will prepare them. The next day at the park, Blair brings Caleb over to Jenna and K.C. He is shy and doesn't say much, and Jenna sings for him and plays the guitar. Caleb starts being bad, and says that he'll cheer up if he eats a hot dog. Jenna and K.C. disregard his mom's rules and buy him one, though they tell him to keep it a secret. When Blair returns after a rainstorm, Caleb tells Blair that he ate a hot dog. She is upset because she is overprotective and wants her kid to eat only organic foods. She is annoying, but takes Caleb away. Jenna and K.C. laugh about the whole ordeal and feel ready to be parents.

In Drop the World, Jenna and Alli are cleaning up at K.C.'s after a baby shower. Alli asks is K.C. is being supportive, and Jenna says that he is, because he built the crib earlier and she let him go play basketball with Dave and his buds. Alli points out that the crib was never built and is still in the box. Jenna gets mad and goes to the school's basketball court, yelling at him. K.C. tells her that she told him to go play basketball and continues with his game. The next day at school, Jenna brings in a breakfast sandwhich as an apology, and K.C. teases her. He says that he wants to be involved, and reassures Jenna that she isn't a momzilla. K.C. leaves to go to class, and promises to build the baby's stuff later. Jenna calls over Dave, who doesn't want to be yelled at, and asks him to throw K.C. a boys' baby shower, no rules, but not to tell her what happened. Dave agrees, and Jenna tells K.C. to just be there for the last dance with her at the Spring Formal. Jenna is at the dance later with Chantay, waiting for K.C. to show up. Suddenly, her feet are wet, adn Chantay asks if she urinated on herself from drinking too much lemonade. Jenna says that her water broke, and Chantay calls an ambulance, as well as her cousin Dave, so that K.C. can come to the hospital. Chantay accompanies Jenna on the ambulance. Jenna gave birth in the ambulance, but Drew, Bianca, Dave and K.C. are at the hospital waiting for her. Jenna says that she didn't think K.C. would show, but he says that it was his duty. Everyone smiles at the young family, taking pictures. The baby boy was named Tyson.

Degrassi season 2:

Jenna comes back to finish her tenth grade year and start her junior year at Degrassi. She may lose K.C. to Marisol.

In Spring Fever, Jenna and KC are on spring break, and go to see a Keke Palmer concert with Alli, Sav, Drew and Bianca.


In LoveGame, Jenna is doing schoolwork at home so she can take care of Tyson, and KC can go to school. But she feels overwhelmed, and misses her friends. She clears out her locker and tells Alli. However, KC blows Jenna off to hang out with his friends at The Dot, so Jenna brings Tyson there, and tells KC to do his share. KC leaves with the baby, giving Jenna a chance to hang out with her friends. But Jenna falls asleep, and Alli wakes her. Jenna cries and says that she needs to be with Tyson and leaves. She goes home and sleeps in KC's arms. They wake up the next morning, and Jenna goes to take a shower, but asks Lisa Guthrie which shampoo she can use. KC lets her move in with Lisa and himself, and Jenna drops the shampoo, crying tears of joy. She hugs them both.

In What's My Age Again?. Jenna is frustrated and feels like KC still isn't doing his part with taking care of baby Tyson. He is constantly sent to buy diapers for Tyson. KC comes home, saying he got a job at Little Miss Steaks. Jenna is happy with him.

In Lose Yourself, Lisa helps with Tyson, so Jenna returns to Degrassi. Dave points out that Jenna is lactating during Mr. Perino's class, causing her to be embarassed. Jenna helps Sav write the music score for Love Roulette. After school, Jenna is changing Tyson's diaper and comes up with a great tune and lyrics for the play. She puts Tyson down on the changing table to pick up her guitar and write down the lyrics, but Tyson falls off of the table. Jenna is horrified, and rushes Ty to the hospital, fearful that he has a concussion. She and KC argue over the incident, and the doctor comes over. She says that the baby is fine, but Child Services heard about the incident and will check in with the couple to assess the care for Tyson. KC and Jenna are both shocked. The next dya at school, Jenna asks Alli if she has seen KC, but Alli has not. Dave comes up and informs Jenna that Alli is his girlfriend. Suddenly, they see KC get in Marisol's car. Jenna is suspicious, and asks Dave if anything is going on between KC and Marisol. Dave tells Alli and Jenna that Marisol is dating KC, and they are mad at Dave for keeping the secret. Later, they forgive him though, but are shocked at what KC has done. At home, Jenna confronts KC about his relationship with Marisol, but he tells Jenna that he dumped Marisol recently. They get into an argument, and KC says that Jenna is a really bad mom. Jenna hits KC in the face with her guitar, sending him flying into a table. The Child Services woman arrives just then, believing that perhaps Jenna is abusing KC. KC doesn't want to lose the baby, and tells the woman that he merely slipped in the shower. She is disbelieving, and continues observing their care of Tyson. The woman tells both of them that they may take Tyson away, shocking the two teen parents. Jenna leaves Tyson in KC's care as she takes a walk. The next day, Jenna is changing Tyson's diaper as the social services woman watches. The lady tells them about adoption, and Jenna agrees, but KC doesn't like the idea. Later, KC comes home to find Jenna playing with Tyson. Jenna breaks up with KC, and talks about Tyson's options. KC says that if the baby is adopted, then she has no reason to live with Lisa and him anymore.

In Extraordinary Machine, Jenna and KC are both pretty sure about letting Tyson be adopted, as it seems best. Later, KC admits to his mom that he wants to keep the baby. He tries to convince Jenna to stay with his mom and him, but Jenna declines, telling KC that if it weren't for Tyson, they wouldn't be together. KC and Jenna talk to potential parents, with the woman present, but KC questions them frequently. He decides that he doesn't approve and ends the meeting. KC realizes his mistake the next day, and tells Jenna that he has called the parents back, and Jenna is happy. The two play with the baby one last time before the parents pick him up, and they tearfully embrace. Jenna leaves after the embrace.

In Drop it Like It's Hot, Jenna and Adam play poker with Alli in the JT Yorke memorial Garden, and later at lunch. Jenna discusses Alli's obsession with poker and relationship with Dave. She has moved in with Alli, since her brother is now working with her father in Alberta.

In Don't Panic, Jenna is in the cafeteria where Mo, Marisol and Katie give their speeches for school president. Katie calls Marisol a homewrecker, as KC cheated on Jenna with her while he had a baby to take care of. Marisol denies this, but Jenna tells everyone that Katie is right. Jenna claps for Mo a few moments later.


K.C. Guthrie:

Start Up: Heart Like Mine

Break Up: Tears Dry On Their Own

Reason: K.C. found out that Jenna can't get an abortion, and doesn't want to. He wants nothing to do with her or her unborn child.


Start-Up: Halo

Break Up: Lose Yourself (they realized that Tyson was the only thing keeping them together, and KC cheated on Jenna with Marisol.)


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