Jill Fenmore
Jess Walton as Jill Fenmore
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Brenda Dickson
(1973–1980, 1983–1987)

Bond Gideon

Deborah Adair

Jess Walton
First appearance March 26, 1973
Gender Female
Date of birth September 29, 1949 (1949-09-29) (age 67)
Occupation Executive in charge of Chancellor Industries BioTech Division under Cane Ashby
Former Co-CEO of Chancellor Industries with Katherine Chancellor
Former Director of Marketing for Jabot Cosmetics, division of Chancellor Industries
Co-CEO of Fenmore's Department Stores with Lauren Fenmore
Formerly worked for Billy Abbott at Restless Style magazine/webzine
Former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics
Former Manicurist at Lucky Nails
Former CEO of Chancellor Industries
Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, but still a stockholder
Former Executive at Jabot Cosmetics, Head of the Men's Line
Former Liaison to the Photo Studio at Jabot Cosmetics
Former Management Trainee at Jabot Cosmetics
Former Manicurist at Derek's Salon
Former Manicurist at a barber shop
Former Paid companion to Katherine Chancellor
Shampoo girl and manicurist at Hazel' Salon

Jill Fenmore

Casting & Awards


Jill Foster is born on September 29, 1954 (she was 18 in 1973) in Genoa City.[1] She is raised by her mother, Liz and her two older brothers, Snapper and Greg. The family struggles to make ends meet and things aren't easy when their father, Bill abandons them. Jill must work along side her mother to help put her brothers through college. She works as a manicurist and also has aspirations of being a model. According to a birth certificate shown on-screen in 2003, Jill's birth year was revised to 1957.[1] However, due to her son's aging, and her being 20 when he was born, her birth year has been re-established as 1949.


As of March 1973, Jill is working as a shampoo girl and manicurist. Jill would then befriend one of her clients, billionaire, Katherine Chancellor and Kay would later hire the girl as her personal assistant and paid companion.


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