Joseph Molesley (Kevin Doyle), the hapless but always friendly former butler/valet/footman, who later became a teacher.

Joseph Molesley is a character on the series, Downton Abbey. He was played by actor Kevin Doyle.

Former servant who became a teacher

A man who always seem to feel that life had passed him by, Joseph Molesley never gave up no matter what. He could have been considered the Downstairs equivalent of Lady Edith Pelham, as he had similar issues of being overlooked much as she had.

He lived with his widowed father, William, in Downton. He was introduced in the second episode of the first season as the valet and butler of Isobel Crawley Grey and her son, Matthew Crawley.

When Matthew was killed, he lost his job as valet, and then when Isobel told him that she was going to live a lot more simply and not need a butler, he was forced to find work elsewhere, working on roads and delivering groceries for Bakewell's the grocers in Downton.

When former footman Alfred Nugent left the Abbey to take a job in London as a trainee in the Ritz hotel kitchen staff (he would eventually become a sous chef), Molesley became a footman to his dismay.

However, he persevered and he did a wonderful job, although Charles Carson would tease him mercilessly about his being the only footman. When a painting by Pierre della'Francesca, was sold for a large amount of money, Molesley would get another co-worker in the person of Andy Parker.

After helping Daisy Mason prepare for her exams and being there when she passed them, he saw that there was something more to him than being a footman. He found that he had a talent and propensity for teaching. He took his own exams and became a teacher at Downton Village School.

He also became close friends with Phyllis Baxter, the lady's maid of Cora Crawley. He was one of the few people who protected her from the bullying of Thomas Barrow, who wanted to sink Phyllis by using her criminal past against her!

Molesley would later become more involved with the school, as he took over the duties of a retiring teacher, and he also took over a cottage that the former teacher lived in. He and Baxter became even closer, and still saw one another even after he left service.

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