Kirk Cameron "K.C." Guthrie is a main character from the Canadian drama,

Degrassi. He was first introduced in the prequel series to this arc, Degrassi: The Next Generation, as a freshman in seasons 8 and 9. He quickly changed from being one of the show's protagonists to a primary villain.

Degrassi: TNG Season 8

Degrassi: TNG Season 9

Degrassi: Season 1


  • Clare Edwards:
  • Start Up: Danger Zone
  • Break Up: Heart Like Mine
  • Reason: Clare and K.C. only made each other angry. Also, K.C. and Jenna were crushing on each other, no matter how hard they tried to ignore it.
  • Jenna Middleton:
  • Start Up: Heart Like Mine
  • Break Up: Tears Dry On Their Own
  • Reason: Jenna was pregnant and couldn't get an abortion (nor did she want to). K.C. didn't want to be involved with her or the baby.

Second relationship with Jenna:

  • Start Up: Halo
  • Break Up: Lose Yourself (because KC cheated on Jenna with Marisol and Tyson was really the only thing keeping them together)

Marisol Lewis:

  • Start Up: Dirt Off Your Shoulder
  • Break Up: Lose Yourself (because KC felt guilty for cheating on Jenna)

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