Bobbie as Krystal

Krystal Martin (née Carey; previously Chandler) is a fictional character from the ABC daytime drama All My Children, portrayed by Bobbie Eakes since December 12, 2003.

Character history


Krystal and her girls (2007)

Krystal Carey first makes her All My Children debut in late 2003 when Tad Martin goes to Texas to find Krystal, the mother of Babe Carey, his stepson JR's new wife. Tad convinces Krystal to come to Pine Valley to live with Babe, and quickly causes a stir with her fun and crazy attitude.

In the early spring of 2004, Babe and Bianca Montgomery, who are both pregnant, go riding in the middle of a storm and end up getting trapped in the middle of the woods. As the people of Pine Valley look for them, both women give birth (Babe to Little Adam; Bianca to Miranda). But thanks to Babe's sinister ex-husband, Paul Cramer, there is a switch: Paul makes everyone believe that Miranda is the baby Babe gave birth to and that Bianca's child is dead. A few weeks later, Krystal is the first to realize that Babe's "daughter", Bess, is really Miranda. During this trying time, JR and Babe decide to have an official wedding ceremony because their first marriage was invalid. The night before that wedding, Babe puts the pieces together and realizes that Bess is Miranda. After Krystal confirms this to Babe, she convinces Babe not to tell JR, for it will break his heart.

Following JR and Babe's legal ceremony, Krystal receives another shock when she learns that the sleazy town doctor David Hayward is Babe's biological father. All those years, she believed it was another man who is now a doctor. This comes out just as David finds out that Bess is really Miranda. And while all of this goes down, Krystal starts to fall in love with Tad, who has his hands full with Liza Colby and Simone Torres also admitting their feelings for him.

Later, Krystal marries Adam Chandler, but cheats on Adam with Tad, and that results with Jenny Carey. Krystal and Tad move in together with Jenny and Colby. In late 2007, Krystal marries Tad. Now Krystal is getting used to raising Tad's other daughter, Kathy, whom he shares with Dixie Martin.

Krystal loses Babe in October 2008 when Babe is killed by injuries from a tornado. David comes back to town to say goodbye to Babe.

Krystal is trying to move on with her life with her husband and daughter and step-daughter.

Martial status

Past Marriages





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