Lila Quartermaine
General Hospital
Portrayed by Anna Lee
Created by Douglas Marland
Cross over The City
Duration 1978–2003, 2012
First appearance 1978
Last appearance November 21, 2012
Spin-off appearance Port Charles
Family Quartermaine
Gender Female
Date of birth April 29, 1918(1918-04-29)
Date of death July 14, 2004 (aged 86)
Occupation Creator/Founder of Pickle-Lila
ELQ Shareholder
Residence Quartermaine Mansion
(66 Harbor View Road)
Port Charles, New York

Lila Quartermaine (née Morgan; previously Tolliver) is a fictional character from the original daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


The character first appeared in 1978 being portrayed by actress, Anna Lee. Meg Wyllie temporarily stepped into the role in 1994. A young version of Lila was play in 2003 and 2004 by actress Juliet Grainger. The character was written off canvas in early 2004 and died off-screen on July 14, 2004. In 2012, after Lila's husband Edward died, the ghosts of Lila and Edward appeared onscreen played by unknown actors.



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